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What have you been playing recently?

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It's Sunday and another week has flown by, in part thanks to all the wonderful limited-time demos that have been available for a few days during the Steam Game Festival.

Thanks to the Steam festival, the choice of gaming available has been tougher than ever. Do you jump through your vast backlog of titles or wet your taste-buds with one of the demos? Choices, choices. Here's a reminder of some recent interesting new releases for Linux:

Admittedly, my own time has been spread across a great many titles. Although, thanks to Titanfall 2 now working well on Linux with Steam Play Proton I will admit to having the need to go and play a lot more. Apart from that, I've also been feeling the ARPG call from Last Epoch, now that it's up to date and working very nicely, a proper gem in the rough and could be quite big once fully released. So many skills to master, loot coming out of everything you can fashion into a pocket and so many different types of enemies. Last Epoch is really one that action RPG fans need to take a look into.

Over to you in the comments section: what have you been playing recently?

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Patola 21 Jun
I have been playing mostly VR games. Borderlands 2 VR is quite nice, but apart from randomly stopping sound in the game, it has a crash that always happens between 15 and 40 minutes playing the game, which makes progressing through the checkpoints very difficult and repetitive since they usually take more than this. I have opened a bug report for Proton but so far no bug activity. That's the weight of being an early adopter, being a niche of a niche makes you get very little attention and support. Did you guys know that the Valve Index stereoscopic camera is not yet working on Linux inside Steam, even though outside it works perfectly with software like Cheese and guvcview.
Borderlands 2 VR
Serious Sam 3 BFE VR. It is the only native game of my current list. It is surprising that it is native even, Croteam must have had no profit with this one although it works very well. It is a shooter so it is kind of tiresome after a few hours.
Serious Sam 3 BFE VR
I just bought Skyrim VR. I am trying to use a few mods on it but so far it has been frustrating. The thing is, the game is nice but very crude to be played vanilla, specially regarding VR controls which are not that cumbersome, but are too limited -- if you get in a battle with many enemies, you won't want to ruin the immersion pausing it every few seconds to select items and magic and weapons, so you would use mods like VRIK which allows you to use up to 14 "holsters" on your body and gestures to cast magic or shouts. And to get a mod like this one you have a lot of prerequisites, specially an executable addon called Skyrim VR Script Extender (SKSE VR) - And I can't get it to work, not sure how to solve it. When I start a game, the next mod on the chain, SkyUI, says it can't find SKSE, although from the logs it seemed like it was loaded, although had an error "couldn't create codegen buffer. this is fatal. skipping remainder of init process.". I don't think I can create a bug report for this game because the Vanilla runs great, it's not even the mods that are failing but a third-party executable. Note: I am using Vortex from Nexus Mods via lutris to manage the mods. To try and run via SKSE, I have even created a script to be called via proton that calls the skse_loader.exe which in its turn calls SkyrimVR.exe. It works to play the game, but SkyUI complains SKSE is not there nevertheless.

UPDATE: I just found out that for SKSE to load properly, wine (and thus proton) needs a small patch for the memory gap to exist. I will try and have a proton build with that in place. See, if I had a Windows partition I would already have given up on trying to fix this, and never chase the fix for Linux. If that works I can share my findings on protondb and help others have fun while not leaving the penguin. That's why I am a critic of attitudes like sub's which just don't help, dude just stays in Windows (and flaunts it in a Linux gaming site) for a petty little convenience.

UPDATE 2: IT WORKED!!!! YES! I have applied my own HOTAS patch and the memory mapping patch and created a release of Proton for Skyrim VR (probably works with Fallout, Skyrim SE, etc.) that allows Skript Extender to work!! Here it is: -- I have also submitted an entry communicating this on protondb, but it might take some time to be approved.

Skyrim VR. The way the screenshot of a VR game usually appears is an extremely restricted crop of the viewpoint of one eye, which is absolutely non-representative of the majesty of seeing things with a wide field of view and actual 3D.
Also, on the non-VR front, playing lots of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr & Prophecy with Proton, a Warhammer 40K-themed action RPG with short 20-minute levels. I can't quite explain but that game has a very good balance and it is fun and addictive.
Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr screenshot
I have been playing also a VR-only RPG called Karnage Chronicles. Works very well on Linux, and it is interesting to see how companies are trying to make VR-exclusive titles which rely heavily on the position-based haptic controllers, making fights and handling of objects very natural. It is quite restricted, you follow a few corridors and fight enemies, but it has amazing graphics and mechanics, so it's fun.
Karnage Chronicles
I have also been playing three casual exercise days, at least two every day, which are: Synth Riders (sort of a beat saber competitor), BOXVR and Until You Fall. All of them run perfectly well with no crashes and amazing performance on Linux.
Synth Riders

Last edited by Patola on 22 June 2020 at 8:23 pm UTC
riusma 21 Jun
Insurgency (Source) mainly, but also Snake Pass (thx Houtworm) a nice game with unusual controls that works without any problem so far with Proton 5.0-9!
omer666 21 Jun
I am currently playing through Buldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.

Even though I had the original, I never got to finish it, being a much bigger JRPG player.
I've got two "Tales of" games to finish on Proton, namely Zestiria and Berseria, but I just had a sudden urge to play something more deep and complex, and also less action-oriented.
I already went through big troubles and lost much money in resurrection costs, damn those games were quite harsh.

Last edited by omer666 on 21 June 2020 at 2:05 pm UTC
AldoRaine 21 Jun
I have been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulatorusing this script to run multiplayer via proton. It is awesome!
amatai 21 Jun
Total War Warhammer 2 and some decent free renpy porn games that I've found on
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X4 the most.

Elite Dangerous, runs great with Proton.

and the demo Everspace 2 runs great with Proton-5.9-GE-2-MF and the launch option: -dx11
Eike 21 Jun
Demos mostly. :D

Just touched shortly, I fear not being able to move freely is not my thing anymore. :-(
* Slender Threads Demo
Nice light horror, put on wish list
* Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask
Dark horror, lots of myterious talking, little actual game in the demo. So disturbing that I had to fetch a blanket. Supported it on Kickstarter (third backing ever). It gave me some Last Crown vibes - anybody can relate to this?
* The Last Cube Demo
(At first I was confounding this one with Parabox - too many games this weekend. :) )
Nice look and feel, unsure about the puzzling. Following the game.
* DRAG Demo
Nice one but I'm just too bad at racing.
* art of rally Demo
* Nine Noir Lives Demo
Need to play more of it, not too much into this cat thing ATM.
* Patrick's Parabox Demo
Well, when the recursive boxes came, I was captivated. Put on follow list.
* Whateverland: Prologue
Did not really get into it, will take a look later.
* The Long Gate Demo
Nice presentation, but found it a bit too fiddly to try my solutions. And in the end... OR, NOT and AND...? Hm.
* The House of Da Vinci
My go to game at the moment (yes, fell for Proton whitelisted)
Raaben 21 Jun
Night in the Woods - finally got around to it after having it forever. Great art, good story, went in a completely different direction than expected at the end but not in a bad way. It dragged a little at some parts, but nothing too bad.

Estranged Act 1/2 - I did these back to back and it was a nice ride. It's hard to believe these were a one man+ show - the first feels and plays more dated for obvious reasons and isn't bad, but part 2 looks great and performs perfectly. Both are pretty short and easily worth going through.

Other than that, the usual TF2/Underlords timewasting and FF14 - the latter starting to worry me since AFAIK the old launcher is going away this upcoming patch and no progress has been made fixing the new one in WINE.
jasonm 21 Jun
I haven't been playing much lately because I have so much going on now that it's summer but I have played some CS Go. I did just pick up TitanFall 2 because of your article on it ( Thanks Liam! ). I will be sinking some hours into that for sure.
crt0mega 21 Jun
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat and Cities: Skylines. I've completed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Painkiller Hell & Damnation recently.
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