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What have you been playing recently?

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It's Sunday and another week has flown by, in part thanks to all the wonderful limited-time demos that have been available for a few days during the Steam Game Festival.

Thanks to the Steam festival, the choice of gaming available has been tougher than ever. Do you jump through your vast backlog of titles or wet your taste-buds with one of the demos? Choices, choices. Here's a reminder of some recent interesting new releases for Linux:

Admittedly, my own time has been spread across a great many titles. Although, thanks to Titanfall 2 now working well on Linux with Steam Play Proton I will admit to having the need to go and play a lot more. Apart from that, I've also been feeling the ARPG call from Last Epoch, now that it's up to date and working very nicely, a proper gem in the rough and could be quite big once fully released. So many skills to master, loot coming out of everything you can fashion into a pocket and so many different types of enemies. Last Epoch is really one that action RPG fans need to take a look into.

Over to you in the comments section: what have you been playing recently?

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grigi 22 Jun
Quoting: Dunc
Quoting: grigiFor me it;s OpenMW 0.46 + a few mods.
I haven't played Morrowind in... a decade?
And I have to say, it's way more fun than Skyrim. The music in particular aged exquisitely.
Just the peoples faces/some clothes... Yech!
Yeah, KOTOR looks like LA Noire in comparison, and it's very nearly as old. :) A good character model replacement mod would be a godsend.

Indeed. better bodies introduces bizarre bugs (and changes the looks too much), and the other "good" character replacement mod (forgot the name) got removed for using copyrighted assets. So I just live with it.
Strange how some faces/bodies looks decent, and some just... ugh.
furaxhornyx 22 Jun
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  • Supporter
Quoting: 2fastHunterI found an old game running again: Battleforge
Discarded by EA and brought back to live as a fan project.
But i could not get the installation work under Linux. Maybe someone could write a Lutris installer out of this and this That would be great :)

Oooh, someone else knows about Battleforge

I tried the game somewhere around last summer (on Windows), but it was quite buggy (stutters and crashes).
I haven't tried it since I switched to Linux though.
ghiuma 22 Jun
Thanks to Steam play / Proton I'm playing Mass effect Andromeda, Dragon Age Inquisition and Outward the soroboreans .... thanks Steam!
Quoting: DuncDo you still need a Gold account to play online? I didn't mind when it was my main gaming machine because I'd probably have had one anyway, but £40 p.a. (or whatever it costs these days) seems a bit steep for the occasional nostalgia trip.

Sadly, yes. Compared to free online play through Steam, Xbox gold is not really worth the price. However, for me personally it has been OK for a few months, just to play with my distant friend! I don't play multiplayer games other than a few co-ops.
robredz 22 Jun
Ion Fury, it works perfectly in Steam play, still life in the old Build engine yet, Amid Evil, but RTX doesn't work. Also been playing the native Quake 2 RTX . Demons Tilt also runs well in Steam Play.
randyl 22 Jun
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Quoting: CsokisGrim Dawn and Summer in Mara. Summer in Mara works only with Proton-5.9-GE-2-MF.
Has anyone tested Summer in Mara with a vanilla 5.0-9 prefix and using the mf-install scripts? Or is there something else in the Glorious Eggroll custom compile the game needs? ProtonDB shows the game as platinum, which I find frustrating because custom compiled wine prefixes should list the game as Bronze, or Silver at best. At least both entries show they used the GE prefix so that can be used as a guide to getting it running.

Other than getting it up and running, how do you like Summer in Mara? It's been on my wishlist for a while and I'm curious how it plays. I like casual sim/builders like Farm Together and My Time at Portia.

Last edited by randyl on 22 June 2020 at 5:01 pm UTC
Kohrias 22 Jun
Started with Quantum Break recently. So far it is really enjoyable ...
Quoting: KohriasStarted with Quantum Break recently. So far it is really enjoyable ...
Out of the box?
Kohrias 23 Jun
Quoting: Comandante Ñoñardo
Quoting: KohriasStarted with Quantum Break recently. So far it is really enjoyable ...
Out of the box?

Click and play with Proton 5.09. Good performance as well ;-) If I remember correctly one of the last wine/Proton releases included a performance tweak ;-)
Shmerl 23 Jun
I should go back and finish the Saboteur (Wine).
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