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What play button have you been clicking on lately?

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Oh, hey! We didn't miss the weekend this time. Time for another community chat and giving out your latest recommendations.

After mentioning last time about my current love affair with the Raspberry Pi 4, that has very much continued. Everything seems to be holding up nicely on it. There's been plenty of Steam Link game streaming, which has been quite the highlight due to how smoothly it has been working.

For actual games though, I'm going to take this moment to totally plug CARRION again (see my review) because it's just wonderfully crafted. I'm now onto my second play-through to see if there are any fun things I missed. Sounds like it's been quite a successful launch too.

Here's a bit of trivia for you: the levels in CARRION were almost entirely made using Tiled, a free and open source general purpose tile map editor.

If you're stuck for something to play, here's a quick reminder on some good deals:

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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Dodger 27 Jul, 2020
I finished Attack of the Earthlings, which was surprisingly fun. After that I started Beyond a Steel Sky.
furaxhornyx 27 Jul, 2020
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I have started a third run on Punch Club

I also played a bit of Left 4 Dead 2 with a friend. We both haven't played this game since a looong time (my resolution was still set to match my old 4:3 monitor, which is now my secondary monitor ), so the first minutes were just us running headlessly everywhere... But it was fun !

I haven't bought Carrion yet, because I had mixed feelings with the demo...

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yokem55 27 Jul, 2020
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I just finished the main storyline of Sleeping Dogs Definitive edition. I had a fantastic time with it. Such a shame the developer couldn't hang on.
Appelsin 27 Jul, 2020
Dishonored DLC: The Knife of Dunwall, and Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition.

For anyone trying Dishonored, and experiencing a slideshow, these launch parameters made it run smooth for me:


  • Turn off logging

  • Enable D9VK rendering

EDIT: Depending on your Proton version, forcing D9VK may not me necessary, but I put it in just in case

Last edited by Appelsin on 27 July 2020 at 4:53 am UTC
PopeRigby 27 Jul, 2020
Just started playing No Man's Sky with my brother and friend. My God it's so good. There's nothing like flying into an entirely new system and discovering a new planet with crazy flora and fauna. Or creating your own mobile base on a freighter. It runs great through Proton, and apparently Hello Games are really cool about making sure it stays that way.
TobyGornow 27 Jul, 2020
Quoting: Thrash_Metal_ComputersDoom Eternal from what I have seen seems to carry on the same systems from Doom 2016, albeit with more movement options, use of the flamethrower for collecting armour etc.

That's right, It's Doom 2016 with Flame Thrower, Ice Cannon, Chainsaw mechanics, Dash and double jump movement with platform level chunks, climbing and pole swinging, a Hub and worst of all... A full fledged story with cutscenes including talking NPC. I know there always was a story in Doom but in 1 & 2 it was a text screen at the end of an episode, never played the third, and 2016, when you wake up, as soon as someone tries to explain the story to you through a screen, the doom guy rips the screen from the wall and the lore is distilled through pickables and text.

To summarize, what I like in Ion Fury, former Doom episode (including 2016) and other old school shooters, heck even Call of Duty, is that it's easy to pickup, in Eternal there's too much mechanics, in my taste, making it far less accessible.

In my opinion, we lost Doom since Eternal.
Acrophobic 27 Jul, 2020
Quoting: Thrash_Metal_ComputersOut of interest, what is the pull for Euro Truck Simulator for you? I know those games have a huge following!

There are several points for me :

  • As I mentioned before, each game session is not too long nor too short.

  • It's quite relaxing. I play using the simplest control with keyboard, so I just need to sit, turn on my favorite podcast, start cruise control and enjoy the scenery. I bet it's quite boring for most people, but imho it's great to rest your mind.

  • Driving truck is more interesting and challenging than I thought, and its double for me since I'm not a really good driver. There are so many blind spot, moving straight backward is almost impossible, turning need to be careful since the trailer might stuck, etc.

FerroTiC 27 Jul, 2020
Deep Rock Galactic
1-4 coop Dwarf mining and shooting madness.
Absolutely lovely game for solo, duo and multi play.

It runs in Proton, but I haven't encountered any problems, except for the universal micrphone not working in Linux and integration with Discord doesn't work. Everything else is just pure awesome.
eloquence 27 Jul, 2020
I recently got into Don't Starve and have so far clocked about 40 hours on it -- quite the engaging game, somewhere between a survival roguelike and a gathering/farming/crafting game :)
Eike 27 Jul, 2020
I got Superhot gifted and played through it. It's good, but I didn't get as hyped as some others. I could relate with one of the reviews: They came up with a good idea, made a showcase... but didn't really turn that into a full-fledged game.
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