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What are you playing this weekend? We're Linux distro-hopping

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Time to brew a cup of your favourite and chat in the comments, let's see what GOL readers have been enjoying on their Linux boxes recently.

This week we saw Children of Morta gain official Linux support and wow—what absolutely stunning artwork it has. I'm constantly finding myself just appreciating the detail that went into it. Children of Morta could quite easily be my biggest surprise of this year. Not only that, the introduction with the narration is simply incredible.

Pictured: actual in-game Children of Morta shot on Linux.

I will no doubt have more to say about it in the coming days/weeks. We're also going to have our livestreamer take a look too, so be sure to follow us on Twitch.

We've also been doing a little extra of Drink More Glurp, because it's honestly just hilarious. You control a funny little character, with each stick on a gamepad being an arm and you need to progress through randomized events. Playing it with others is pure joy, as you're all laughing away at how ridiculous it is, which is aplified by it being a hot-seat game so you're all watching or being watched. Do check it out, brilliant game.

I've also done the great distro-hop of 2020, moving over from Manjaro to EndeavourOS. Not only that, I've also moved from the KDE Plasma desktop environment to MATE, so it's been quite a disruptive day. Sometimes, change is just needed. This brings me that little bit closer to a standard Arch Linux install, although I do like my easy install options so EndeavorOS made that quite simple. A little NVIDIA headache aside (nomodeset in GRUB was needed), it's running smoothly now.

Thanks to the Ventoy app, doing it was super simple too since I could just download the ISO and dump it right onto the USB and reboot without any fuss.

MATE is far less flashy than KDE Plasma, but also runs a lot smoother, especially on NVIDIA where Plasma has a lot of rough edges and random slow downs and occasional momentary freezes. As a side effect of the move, it seems my keyboard is also no longer randomly disconnecting so that's a bonus.

Anyway, that's enough Linux distribution talk…

Stuck for something this weekend? There's plenty of deals going on:

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately? Give over your suggestions on what's hot.

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micha 30 Aug, 2020
Control - Really enjoy it a lot. Probably near the end of the main story line already with ~11h. I love games with such a length especially when there filled with lots of variation (.e.g. plenty enemy types). And the side missions are great two..

Children of Morta - Didn't play that much but like it so far and friends love it so will certainly continue..

Spiritfarer - Also only a little further from last week but I love it. Will be me once or twice a week relaxation game for the next time.
Boldos 30 Aug, 2020
It was Saturday evening, at it was raining the whole night..
So, Cloudpunk
(It has awesome cyberpunk atmosphere...)
toivop 30 Aug, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
I've been playing Total War Saga: TROY, it works just fine using Lutris to install Epic Store and then using it to install the game. Needless to say I got it via the free deal.
minkiu 30 Aug, 2020
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  • Supporter
So I've been playing DRAG which is hard (just going thorugh the first challenge) and was planning on playing Dead Cells but for some reason the game doesn't fully detect the Steam controller and I inadvertently removed my saved game so I didn't even start 😂

Might do some 7 Days to Die or Team Fortress 2.
undeadbydawn 30 Aug, 2020
Tore my way through Dead Space 1 & 2, the latter now being one of my favourite games ever. On to Deus Ex Human Revolution Dir Cut. While it's a terrible PC port, I'm struggling to put it down with 18 hours played over the last few days.
While I've been long frustrated by the sheer number of unplayed games in my Steam Library, I'm glad I waited until I had a beefy gaming PC. So worth it.
Liam Dawe 30 Aug, 2020
Quoting: minkiuSo I've been playing DRAG which is hard (just going thorugh the first challenge) and was planning on playing Dead Cells but for some reason the game doesn't fully detect the Steam controller and I inadvertently removed my saved game so I didn't even start 😂
In Steam's controller settings, set Desktop configuration to gamepad. It fixes it for everyone I've told. For some reason, whatever tech Dead Cells uses butts heads with Steam Input.
Solarwing 30 Aug, 2020
Quoting: EikeVirtuaVerse. Good point and click, and I love the music!
(How would this style be called, "chip tunes"?)

Good!All I can say is this:"Kein Rauch ohne Feuer und Rauchen verboten!"Just for fun!Otherwise keep on playing games you like!
furaxhornyx 30 Aug, 2020
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No much time to play this week (did a few more runs on Wizard of Legend), but, like Liam, Children of Morta and switching from Manjaro to EndeavourOS are on my ToDo list
TapocoL 30 Aug, 2020
I have been playing 7 Days to Die and Factorio the past couple weeks. Also been playing Starcraft 2 on and off for a couple months now.
anthonyama 31 Aug, 2020
Torchlight II with mods
Farm Together
Was playing CIV VI but it's boring again
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