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THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games kept to their word, with Desperados III now being officially released for Linux PC and macOS along with the latest update.

"Desperados III is a story-driven, hardcore tactical stealth game, set in a ruthless Wild West scenario. Play smart if you want to succeed. A good plan can make the difference between survival and finding yourself at the business end of a pistol."

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With the Linux release out now, it came along with the 1.4 version free upgrade. This added in one new Baron's Challenge mission along with support for the brand new DLC:

  • One new Baron's Challenge: The Baron dares you to make one last trip to Devil's Canyon to ask yourself: "What if?". Take control of young Cooper and Hector - and meet your nemesis Frank at the chapel for a final stand off. One good shot is all it takes.
  • DLC support implemented: The first DLC is out now! This is the first of three new missions that tell the story of a new adventure called "Money for the Vultures". The story of the three missions take place after the events of the main game. In the first part, the gang reunites once again to hunt down DeVitt's hidden riches.

They also updated the system requirements, which show that the minimum supported GPUs are an Nvidia GTX 560 or the Radeon HD 5850 which is a pretty low bar. You do need at least 8GB RAM (12GB recommended) and around 21GB space ready for it. It's 64bit only too, with Ubuntu being what they're testing and supporting but it should work across any distribution as it's built with Unity.

Feature Highlight:

  • Play five unique characters, each with a very particular set of skills
  • Experience true freedom of choice with countless different ways to overcome any obstacle
  • Defeat large groups of enemies with careful planning and execution
  • Witness the glory of classic Wild West scenarios like frontier towns, mysterious swamps, sprawling modern cities, and many more
  • Choose between non-lethal and deadly attacks, stealth and blazing guns
  • Adjust the game to your playstyle with various difficulty settings and special replay challenges
  • The Showdown mode allows you to pause the game anytime and react to ambushes or surprise attacks

Currently, it looks like it may be an empty download, as they forgot to link up (zero packages linked) both Linux and macOS to any public content packages on Steam. We've let them know to fix it and it's a very common issue we wrote about. It's an easy fix, will update when it's fully solved. Update: should be live properly now.

You can buy it now on Humble Store and Steam. Also on GOG but it's unclear when Linux will go live there.

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poiuz 16 Sep
Well, that simply sucks. But I'm glad that I did not pre-order the game. I really wonder if they had such a bad experience with their other games.
Shmerl 16 Sep
Quoting: PlintslîchoWell, THQ Nordic confirmed on Discord today that there will be no Linux release on

QuoteToday at 4:23 PM

When will the Linux & Mac versions be released on

@crash Hey Crash, there is currently no plans of releasing it to GOG as the amount of users that uses those two systems on GOG is well very low we rather have those systems gathered in one place where it is easier to provide support and help if needed than spread out across multiple platforms where it then would be very hard to provide support and keep everyone on the same page.

I'm not the user who asked the question but take the liberty to quote the correspondence here.

This is an awful response, not something I expected from THQ Nordic and Mimi. Very disappointing to show such disrespect to their users. I'm skipping this one and removing it from my wishlist.

Last edited by Shmerl on 16 September 2020 at 7:23 pm UTC
Cyril 16 Sep
For fuck's sake... too bad.
Quoting: The_Aquabat
Quoting: Perkeleen_Vittupää
Quoting: Eike
Quoting: flesk
Quoting: EikeI loved the original Desperados. Now I tried to play Shadow Tactics, but somehow...
I cannot stand the genre anymore. :-(

I had the complete opposite experience this summer: After finishing Shadow Tactics (in a hotel in Arendal (which inspired Arendell of the Frozen movies)), I tried to play the original Desperados (which is also available for Linux), but I just couldn't get into it.

Oh, I cannot get into original Desperados anymore either nowadays!

I started playing it recently and on the fourth or so map with the hanging. What's yer reason for not getting into it nowadays?
I played Desperados 1 and Shadow Tactics. They are completely different games, on desperados 1 the key to winning is crowding/squeezing the enemies into one spot and gun them with all you characters, 80% of enemies on a map can be killed that way... don't try to play the game all the "stealth" way on desperados 1 because it's too difficult that way.
Desperados 3 has also guns, but it takes some time to reload so you cannot shot all the enemies faster enough, but the "macro" gameplay mechanic looks really good, you can shot quite a lot with the macros.
They removed the machine gun the mexican had on the new one also.

if you need help on Desperados 1 I recommend Helldorado150 channel.

Okay i'll keep that in mind while playing Desperados I. It does seem a difficult game already on the fourth map!
The_Aquabat 17 Sep
Quoting: Perkeleen_VittupääOkay i'll keep that in mind while playing Desperados I. It does seem a difficult game already on the fourth map!
I didn't knew the correct word but I think lure them into one spot would be more precise I think.
g000h 19 Sep
One thing to share that might help to explain the decision to not release a GOG Desperados III Linux build, and indeed any number of other Linux titles:

From my own work in the game development industry, it is common practice to set up automated build and automated unit testing for each version of software, e.g. The Playstation version, the Android version, the iOS version, Windows/Steam, Windows/GOG, Linux/Steam, Linux/GOG, Xbox, and so on. Each of those builds takes a decent amount of time to be compiled and tested on the Build Server, and for each build, it needs to be stored on company's file servers and backup servers.

A typical game gets new revisions daily, and there can be multiple (automated) builds per day. If a game build takes 1 GB of storage, then multiply that by the number of platforms (in my example above, PS + And + iOS + Win + XBox = 5 platforms), then multiply that by the amount of builds per day (e.g. 3 builds) - That's 15GB of file storage and Backup space needed *per day* for a 1 GB game. Not only that, but the processing needed to turn-around each build slows down the overall build progress - Drop one build out of the mix, and the build job is completed and ready to hand-over to QA (Quality Assurance testers) sooner.

The company I worked for is a big company, and they never released any games to Linux. More's the pity.
Shmerl 21 Sep
I think they can figure out a way to make a build that works both for Steam and GOG without a need to set up multiple ones.
Cyril 28 Sep
I wanted to add one thing about the lack of Linux/macOS releases on GOG thought.
Mimimi Productions developed 3 games, all of them are available on Windows/Linux/macOS, but only their first two are fully available on GOG which were published by Daedalic Entertainment.
Their third game Desperados III didn't and was published by THQ...

So to me, it's clearly the THQ's fault, they're not the "Linux friendly" we might think of.
Again too bad, it's a shame.
Avehicle7887 4 days ago
Quick update on this story, I contacted Mimimi regarding this issue a few weeks ago, got their reply this morning and I quote:

QuoteThanks for your email! We always appreciate feedback from our fans. 😊

We understand your disappointment. However, this is a topic that is handled and coordinated by the publisher THQ Nordic. They are in charge of the publishing topics, which also involves the release strategy for the different platforms. We're focusing on making the best game possible.
It's best if you reach out to them directly on Discord or here: The more people let them know that they want a Mac / Linux release for GoG the better!

It seems the blocker is THQ indeed here, not the devs themselves.
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