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Metro Exodus is still planned to release for Linux and macOS

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4A Games have confirmed in an official 10th anniversary update post today that Metro Exodus is still going to release for Linux and macOS as well.

They gave a small overview in the post about what's been going on like celebrating the first release of Metro 2033 which arrived back in March 2010. Not only that, they recently got acquired by Embracer Group who also control Koch Media, Saber Interactive, THQ Nordic and others. Specifically, 4A Games are now an independently run subsidiary of Saber Interactive.

For people waiting on official Linux support for Metro Exodus, there's good news. While it has been confirmed for a while now, they have been somewhat quiet on it. When mentioning about bringing it to the latest consoles with the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 they also said this:

Aside from these enhanced versions for Gen 9, we recently brought Metro Exodus to more players through Amazon’s ‘Luna’ streaming service; and we’re also working on dedicated Linux* and Mac versions of the game. We’ll share more information about these closer to release.

*Emphasis ours.

Also confirmed is a new Metro game that is officially under development. They're not sharing anything on that, other than it being built for all modern tech as it's targeting PCs and the latest consoles. 4A also confirmed their commitment to "delivering a great story driven single player experience". On top of that, with Saber's help they're exploring a proper multiplayer Metro title but it's not clear if it will be part of the next Metro game or a title by itself.

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Rooster 27 Nov, 2020
Quoting: scaineIs that contentious though??

I support Godot, Wine AND a tiny handful of indie developers for that very reason! I also support Icculus and it annoys me no end that Ethan Lee only allows GitHub payments, or I'd be throwing him $5 a month too. My Patreon bill is nearly as high as my TV bill these days!!

You would be surprised how many people don't support any of what you mentioned, but buy ton of native Linux games, which they almost never play, but do so to "support Linux gaming". I was one of those people. Now instead of buying games I touch for total of 10 minutes, I only buy games I know for sure I want to play (I still take if game is native or not into consideration, but not so much as before) and spend the rest of the money on supporting open source projects like Godot.

Why do you still have TV man? Isn't it all about that Netflix life now?

Last edited by Rooster on 27 November 2020 at 3:24 pm UTC
Mohandevir 27 Nov, 2020
Quoting: x_wing
Quoting: scaine
  • Ubuntu Unity was among the best DE's in existence

  • This is blasphemy. I should call the Spanish inquisition.

    Please add me to the list of the blasphemers... Unity was awesome, imo.

    Last edited by Mohandevir on 27 November 2020 at 3:52 pm UTC
    Linuxwarper 28 Nov, 2020
    It's a little disappointing that they aren't using Vulkan (with RT). Little because if they use DXVK for Stadia too then it shows them not discriminating against Linux. Simply a business related decision. If you look at Metro Last Light, it's not a quality port. So I think we should lower our expectations in this case. Devs engaging with Linux is better than not doing. Remember Proton and DXVK are forces for good. End goal is to lay the groundwork for sustainable native releases.

    Relying on Proton and DXVK will get them more experience with Linux ecosystem. Perhaps this time around their port of Exodus, even with DXVK, will be of far superior quality than their port of Last Light. Developers using DXVK/Proton will just accelerate the performance of games running through WINE.
    Lanz 28 Nov, 2020
    It remains on my wish list, to be bought once the Linux port is released.
    slaapliedje 28 Nov, 2020
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    • Supporter Plus
    Quoting: scaine
    Quoting: omer666
    Quoting: scaine
  • Atari ST was better than Amiga

  • Agreed with everything you said, except this. And I had both of them!

    Me too! I love them both equally, but I got my ST first, so it's just edging out the Amiga for me!
    It really depends on time frame. The ST was initially better and had the upper hand. Then developers actually started using the Amiga... it went from original games on the ST and ports to the Amiga, to originals on the Amiga and ports to the ST.
    But for professional things, the ST seemed to have the edge on everything but graphics / audio and video editing. The ST just killed for music production though.

    Ha, completely off topic...

    But back to the emulation thing... yes emulation is specifically to emulate hardware. Even DosBox is considered an emulator as it has to emulate earlier x86 CPUs for functions that don't exist anymore. ScummVM is as much as an emulator as Wine is. Hint: it isn't.
    CFWhitman 1 Dec, 2020
    I don't know why it's such a terrible thing to keep using the computer definition of emulator as it originally existed in order to be clear. The computer term 'emulator' was coined to specifically mean 'software that imitates hardware.' Software that imitates software is generally referred to as a 'wrapper.'

    I like keeping the definition of 'emulator' because then I don't have to explain every time I use it whether I'm talking about hardware or software. It's an explanation in itself, unless of course you have people watering down its meaning. So, yes, I insist that emulator means 'software that imitates hardware.'

    Incidentally, Wine for ARM by itself runs Windows ARM executables in Linux. To run Windows x86/AMD64 executables, you need to use an emulator (usually qemu) somewhere in you chain. The nice thing about some of the newer implementations is that you don't have to emulate an entire system but only part of it.
    Shmerl 1 Dec, 2020
    I also don't see why it's such terrible thing to use even more original meaning of the word emulation ;) Hardware emulation doesn't define every other use.

    Last edited by Shmerl on 1 December 2020 at 1:32 am UTC
    slaapliedje 1 Dec, 2020
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    • Supporter Plus
    Quoting: ShmerlI also don't see why it's such terrible thing to use even more original meaning of the word emulation ;) Hardware emulation doesn't define every other use.
    Ha, because there really is no such thing as a hardware based emulator, but a hardware based recreation.
    Let's take for example something like the Atari 5200. It can play 2600 games with an adapter. But if you take this adapter apart, it is basically a 2600 inside a case that wires up the TV output to the 2600 bits. It is all hardware.
    Then we go to the Genesis / Mega Drive and playing sega Master System games. The base converter is just a remap of the cart pins, as the SMS hardware is already pretty much present in the Genesis.
    Same goes for PS3 and playing PS2/1 games for the Phat one, the early ones had actual hardware inside them to run the previous systems' games. The newer versions can't because they strioped that hardware out to be cheaper.
    PS4 / PS5 can only emulate the older systems, which is why you can't just pop any old game into them.
    That is where the distinction is important.
    The wrapper / emulation is a little blurrier, except as said, a wrapper or translator is more about translating API calls to run the software of another operating system. Emulation of course means that there is a layer where the attempt is made to translate machine language of the original hardware into software calls.

    The reason most people get annoyed when people label things wrong is there is a level of effort difference. A lot of reverse engineering and debugging and testing go into each of them, but there is definitely a different level of knowledge when it comes to needing to emulate multiple chips in software.

    But we should all know this, knowing that there is more specific knowledge to really use Linux at a high level too. Well, I know this is a gaming site, so I know I shouldn't assume we all felt the fun of installing Linux off floppy drives and 1200 baud modems. :p
    Shmerl 1 Dec, 2020
    I find annoyance at calling Wine - Windows emulation silly at best. Simply no reason to spend time on splitting hairs with this. Those who want to know what Wine is can find out and would need to do some research anyway.

    It's a complex combination of different tools, so a description that highlights its main goal - i.e. imitation of Windows (emulation of it) is perfectly fine in my opinion.

    Last edited by Shmerl on 1 December 2020 at 7:08 pm UTC
    Whitewolfe80 2 Dec, 2020
    Quoting: scaineI should have known better to raise the emulator thing on GOL...

  • Ubuntu Unity was among the best DE's in existence

  • Glad I got all that off my chest. And it's Friday! Roll on the weekend. Have a good one, everyone!

    I agree with everything you said except this unity is a punishment in some countries but everything else a very articulate ree
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