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It was only recently that we picked up the news of both GTA III and Vice City getting a fully working reverse engineered game engine, along with plenty of upgrades. Sadly, and expectedly, it got nuked from orbit.

Even though it required you to own the game assets, so you would have needed to purchase a copy of either to use the re3 and reVC game reimplementations that wasn't enough to satisfy Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., the parent company of Rockstar Games. They've now given it the DMCA treatment, with the main repository and all known forks at the time to be taken offline on GitHub.

Sad but fully expected. Big publishers really don't like these sorts of projects, even though they can help revive their older games and perhaps even get them more sales. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights are a legal minefield at the best of times, so the only way we may get this treatment in future is a fully clean-room reimplementation more like OpenMW for Morrowind or OpenRA for classic Westwood RTS games.

Perhaps now someone can pick up OpenRW again.

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scratchi 22 Feb, 2021
Quoting: popsulfrYou should be able to find a mirror of the repo by searching a bit. I already had it pulled from github before the takedown. Checkout the correct branch if you want to build for Vice City or 3.

This is on Manjaro KDE with Wayland.

At the root level I had to apply:

 diff --git a/premake5.lua b/premake5.lua
index 531f92ea..987e72b3 100644
--- a/premake5.lua
+++ b/premake5.lua
@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ project "reVC"
  if _OPTIONS["with-opus"] then
  filter {}
- links { "libogg" }
+ links { "ogg" }
  links { "opus" }
  links { "opusfile" }

libogg is wrong.

In vendor/librw apply:

diff --git a/src/gl/gl3device.cpp b/src/gl/gl3device.cpp
index b1036c0..5184e17 100644
--- a/src/gl/gl3device.cpp
+++ b/src/gl/gl3device.cpp
@@ -1689,8 +1689,8 @@ static struct {
  int gl;
  int major, minor;
 } profiles[] = {
- { GLFW_OPENGL_API, 3, 3 },
- { GLFW_OPENGL_API, 2, 1 },
+ //{ GLFW_OPENGL_API, 3, 3 },
+ //{ GLFW_OPENGL_API, 2, 1 },
  { GLFW_OPENGL_ES_API, 3, 1 },
  { GLFW_OPENGL_ES_API, 2, 0 },
  { 0, 0, 0 },

To force GLES selection.

I compile it like this:
premake5 --with-librw --with-opus --lto gmake2
cd build
// export your compiler flags like MAKEFLAGS=-j5
make verbose=1 O=. config=release_linux-arm64-librw_gl3_glfw-oal

The binary will be at the root level in bin/ and copy the content of gamefiles/ over your game directory.

I have an overclock for the pi 400:

Also using the pure kms driver:

Awesome, thank you!
Pangaea 22 Feb, 2021
Corporations being evil thunder**** non-shocker.
PublicNuisance 22 Feb, 2021
I'd promise to not buy any more of their games but with the DRM they load them with these days I had already done that years ago.
lqe5433 22 Feb, 2021
After some review, they can't put it back on?
slaapliedje 22 Feb, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: PangaeaCorporations being evil thunder**** non-shocker.
Ha, one of the reasons I enjoy this page a bit more than others is that there isn't a language filter. Sure, there are some people who overly use such colorful words, but occasionally it just needs to be said unfiltered, and I believe this is one of those times.
Cyril 22 Feb, 2021
Ah I hate that kind of moment, but I love it too when I see the community cloning everything everywhere.
dpanter 22 Feb, 2021
I saw these "I saw this coming a mile away" comments coming a mile away, and I don't even use imperial units.
DoctorJunglist 22 Feb, 2021
I've found a mirror of the re3 git, but I'm unable to clone it.
git clone --branch master --single-branch
Cloning into 're3'...
fatal: early EOF
error: Unable to find 7185ba37b55bb8d199fb22043b0b83c2c153c1bd under
Cannot obtain needed blob 7185ba37b55bb8d199fb22043b0b83c2c153c1bd
while processing commit bf7280b55bffd568b00d5145f5799c7f73114ffc.
error: fetch failed.

Could anyone help?
tonR 22 Feb, 2021
Y'all think one of most fierce defender of loot box publishers will allowed their still valuable cash-cow franchise milked without getting their cuts?

These one of reasons why EA is no longer most hated game-related companies.
F.Ultra 23 Feb, 2021
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Quoting: EagleDelta
Quoting: GuestSaw this one coming. I hope Github doesn't get hate for this like they did with Youtube-dl. Github are not to blame for this, they have no choice but to comply with the awful DMCA

So, that's no actually true. I'll have to dig up the appropriate video, but a particular Business Lawyer clarified the DMCA provisions relating to takedowns. There is no requirement to takedown content from a DMCA request. All that provision does is protect the platform owner from liability on both sides. Basically, it protects hosts from being "caught in the middle" of a copyright dispute and facing a lawsuit from the organization requesting the takedown and from the users affected by the takedown.

But, as can be seen with a recent copyright case between Cox Communications and Sony Music, if a company doesn't actually comply with the DMCA takedown, they lose the immunity to lawsuits.... making them liable for an infringement by their users.

Yes if Github does not comply with every single DMCA takedown they will loose their safe harbour status and will instead be liable for every single thing that their end users upload to Github. So in practice Github have no choice but to comply.
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