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What have you been playing recently? Come chit-chat with us

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It's been quite a while since we had a community chat post for Linux gaming, so let's get it going again: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

There's so many games releasing all the time, along with cloud gaming very much being a thing that you can game across all sorts of Linux devices now. New isn't always better though of course and I often go back to the comfort of a few "safety" games that I know I will enjoy. Lately, that's been a likely unhealthy amount of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

With the latest Operation named Broken Fang, it pulled in the a Retakes game mode and I have to say, I have been enjoying that massively. It's much quicker to get through, with the T side planting the bomb as soon as a round starts. Smaller levels along with picking your loadout from cards, it really has mixed up how to play CS:GO for the better. The Wingman mode is also a huge amount of fun with quick 2v2 rounds. Well worth looking into if you've not played either modes.

Apart from that, I can't get away without mentioning Valheim, the singleplayer and co-op Viking survival game. It's simply brilliant. I've been happily playing it alone, as I'm just constantly discovering new things and it's a real joy while now and then hopping into the community-run GamingOnLinux servers (info in our Discord) to see what amazing creations people have done with the building tools.

Over to you in the comments: what's been pulling you in lately and are you enjoying it? Give over your latest recommendation to fellow readers.

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Arehandoro 15 Feb
Mainly Cyberpunk 2077, and doing some side-missions on Dragon Ball Kakarot, which I finished few weeks ago. A DnD session with some friends too, even though no strictly a video game, definitely played on Linux due to the online session :D
soulsource 15 Feb
Quoting: ajgpI am currently playing a modded campaign in Stellaris; definately one of my favourite games.

I was reading through the forum, and was quite surprised that nobody was playing Stellaris - and then, the last post ;-)

I'm back at playing Stellaris too. Not modded though. I wanted to try Necroids without any mods first. I wonder what makes this game so captivating. The AI is objectively bad, the events are repetitive, and still I play it over, and over, and over again...
axredneck 15 Feb
Switcheroom 2 wad for Doom 2 with GZDoom
Anders1232 15 Feb
Total War Warhammer 2
I just ended my Sisters of Twilight campaign and I'm on my road to 1k hours on it. My next Campaign will probably be Gor Rok on Mortal Empires.

Divinity: Original sin 1 & 2
Just completed the game 1 for the first time, and loved it! I'm starting a new campaign now on game 2.
riusma 15 Feb
* Desperados III Great work from the developers!
* TRI: Of Friendship and Madness I don't feel like this game has had the success it deserves!
* Superliminal Original and well executed overall but I did not appreciate it more than that in the end unfortunately...
* Kentucky Route Zero: PC Edition A long verbose (and strange) point n 'click but very well executed!
* Insurgency A classic and above all the only tactical military FPS (if your companions are also playing tactical) natively available under Linux!
* GROUND BRANCH Early access and via Proton / SteamPlay but this tactical military FPS is definitely on the right track if you like tactical and slow gameplay (it's still a bit rough, especially in terms of the animations that must be at the heart of the next update, 1032). The good thing about this game is that it is possible to host your own game without a dedicated server and to invite a few friends for coop or PVP (maximum 8 players I think). Runs very well with Proton 5.13-6 on the upcoming 1031 version of the game (tested via the Community Testing Environment) (Warning: small team of developers so slow development).

Last edited by riusma on 15 February 2021 at 3:53 pm UTC
RafiLinux 15 Feb
Dead Cell - GOG

This game is a lot of fun. I don't consider it a Metroidvania, though. In most of those games you can revisit the places you once were and move into areas that were not accessible. In this game, you can not go back to those area unless you died (mind you I have not ended this game so if that is possible you can take this with a grain of salt). I find this game to be more rouge-like than any other rouge-like action platformer with the exception of Rouge Legacy which I ended just recently.


This game is also a lot of fun but once my wife and I finish it, it will be uninstalled. The game uses the sticks to fight which is a fun and innovative way to bring life into brawlers but we prefer to play these type of games on out HTPC using our fight sticks which is not possible with this game. It's very well made, though with lots of angle and enemy types to keep brawler fans very happy.

Tonight We Riot -

Excellent side scroller with unit management as you grow mobs to take on the man. This is a great two player game with plenty to offer as a map expands and you take on more and more challenging foes as you bring the riot to the powers that be.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Stadia

On Saturday's I've been running the weekly events with my family online and it's been great. We also did some horde modes on brutal and got rocked by the regular zombies by the 9th round.

Destiny 2 - Stadia

Rumble - Falling in love with this mode. My friends and family have done all of the other content and so we've been here logging on and talking smack while enjoying the private room modes. I would love to have this or something like it available via of LAN when those open up again.
CFWhitman 15 Feb
The last time I caught one of these threads I had started Children of Morta. I've now finished it. I never expected it to be the time sink it ended up being. By the time I got my hands on all the souvenirs, I had so much experience the last boss was very easy (though the first try I didn't realize exactly what I had to do, so I beat him on the second try). I got every character up to at least level 22. I still tended to kick the most butt with Linda and Lucy (with John not far behind). Just about all the characters have their good points, though, and can be played well once you figure out what their strengths are.

Since then, I played through Superliminal, which is not terribly long, but is interesting and reminiscent of the Portal games, but with a different twist.

I am taking a bit of a break right now, even with my tremendous backlog of games. It's partly just a break, and partly trying to keep up on other responsibilities and hobbies (like playing the ocarina and reading fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novels). I've thought about picking up Valheim, but I'm afraid of it either becoming a huge time sink, or of it becoming just one more game in my backlog. I already have several games in my backlog that I know I like (or would like if I started on them).
rojimboo 15 Feb
Phoenix Point - A solid 100+hours recently put into this gem of a XCOM-like game. I wish I had waited a little to start playing it though, as they only recently added animation speed increase options. THat was pretty much my only gripe playing the game (oh gawd, here the jet rocket heavy goes again for 20 seconds to move). I loved the music, the tactics, the writing and the varied playthroughs if your roleplayed. Played it through legendary (epic) and tkg's wine+dxvk.

Anno 1800 - after above, wanted to finally see the arctic dlc and the new africa dlc. I've never gotten to them before in my 300 hours yet. Get stuck on Crown Falls massiveness and end up burnt out. Until the next playthrough of course. This time I played campaign mode, and I enjoy the story and banter quite a bit compared to sandbox mode actually. Probably the best city building/trading sim game out there. Anno 1404 closely behind. Then Anno 2070. Only then maybe non-ANno games :) Got it working for the first time with a new Wine, since Wine 5.4. It broke after that with some unknown regression, and only started working on wine 6.0rc3. Who knows why what where. Not sure if multiplayer component works though - it used to and now it's greyed out, but I don't really mind, not my cup of tea with Anno games.

Next major game will be Witcher 3 (finally). I tested it and runs beautifully (GOG version with TkG's custom wine plus frills). Nobody spoil it for me!
Lycurgus87 16 Feb
I playing Planet Zoo in Franchise mode since humble sale..and I absolutely loving it. Pretty much hassle-free with proton 5.13, although sometimes you need to kill off PlanetZoo.exe and wine environment at the first start. Other than that it is a nice experience.
lelorrain 16 Feb
I am still trying to learn to play Horizon Zero Dawn with an Xbox 360 controller ... This is the first time I handle one of these, and I do not find it easy!

I always been playing with KB&M on PC, the only console I ever been playing with was the Atari 2600 (Which I still have, with about 30-40 games cassettes!)
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