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Are you designing a game narrative or want to make some sort of text adventure? Even if it's just prototyping or storyboarding the free and open source app Arrow can help. Under the MIT license, Arrow has no barrier to entry and it's quite fully featured. It's also built with Godot Engine, so extending it should be easy enough too.

Some of the features include:

  • 100% Visual Development
  • Free as in Freedom: No royalty, no strings attached
  • Customizable Node System
  • Adequate number of Built-in Node-types including:
    • Content,
    • Dialog,
    • Conditional,
    • Variable Modifier,
    • User Input,
    • Macro (reusables,)
    • and more.
  • One-Click Playable Export
  • JSON Export and Import
  • VCS Friendly

Being able to easily export the entire project into a HTML file to play in a browser is great, makes it easy to share with others and gather feedback. I can see this being incredibly useful to all sorts of different people and it appears to work perfectly for that in my own testing with it.

Check it out free on GitHub. It comes pre-built and ready to go for Linux and Windows.

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TheSHEEEP Mar 22, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Interesting. I'm working on researching and testing algorithms for a game sporting highly complex procedural generation - and part of that will at some point (far in the future) be the need to integrate mixed manual-procedural quests and storytelling (e.g. create a quest "outline" manually, incl. most writing, then let the procgen fill out the details).

And it just so happens I'm using Godot for the project.

I know there are tons of tools for writing dialogue trees, etc. but so far I wasn't aware of any that could be directly integrated into the toolchain I'm using anyway and was halfway content having to write that on my own, as well.
Definitely storing this one in the "to take a look at once it is time" pile.

Last edited by TheSHEEEP on 22 March 2021 at 11:13 am UTC
cbones Mar 22, 2021
Are there any good comparisons between this and Twine?
Tchey Mar 22, 2021
Quoting: cbonesAre there any good comparisons between this and Twine?

I was about to ask the same question.
Siinamon Mar 22, 2021
Ah, this is so lovely, thanks for bringing our attention to it :D
kaiman Mar 22, 2021
This look pretty neat. Though at that point, if I really had a need for something like that I'd probably go with ink.
Siinamon Mar 26, 2021
Quoting: kaimanThis look pretty neat. Though at that point, if I really had a need for something like that I'd probably go with ink.

Holy dang this also looks wonderful! Thanks for linking it. :D
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The comments on this article are closed.