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Bungie has more to say on Destiny 2 for Steam Deck and it's still a no

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Recently, I highlighted that Bungie gave a very clear no to Destiny 2 on Steam Deck. Seems a lot of people noticed and Bungie has issued an update — but it's still a no for now.

In their This Week At Bungie blog post, they said they would provide "additional information" and went on to reiterate they wish to keep a "secure environment for Destiny 2", going on to remind people they teamed up with BattlEye (which supports Linux / Proton):

Our goal is to maintain a secure environment for Destiny 2, as it features both PvE and PvP combat in an evolving, dynamic world. Maintaining the integrity of our security is a complex and long-term process. In some cases it means teaming with partners like BattlEye and following their recommendations, in others, it means choosing to not support platforms that could provide bad actors with ways of compromising our own Bungie developed anti-cheat security systems. 

Steam Deck continues to be an unsupported platform for Destiny 2, at least with SteamOS 3 Linux which it comes with out of the box. Their wording here is interesting though. It sounds like either BattlEye recommended against it, or they at Bungie specifically chose not to as they think Linux will somehow provide a way for these "bad actors" to compromise their game.

They did say they will continue to investigate but they have no other info. So really, they've not actually explained anything extra at all. How helpful.

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Meanwhile, although no announcement has yet been made, Apex Legends continues working just fine on Steam Deck and Linux desktops with Proton as Easy Anti-Cheat now seems to be hooked up. No one from Valve or EA / Respawn has replied to my emails on it.

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gradyvuckovic 4 Mar, 2022
Quoting: rustybroomhandle"Oh no, we have a cheating problem on Windows, best keep those stinky Linux users out. Everyone knows they're mad haxx0rz that sit in their hoodies in the dark cheating at video games."

That stereotype is completely wrong.
I don't wear a hoodie.
ixnari 4 Mar, 2022
Quote[...]choosing to not support platforms that could provide bad actors with ways of compromising our own Bungie developed anti-cheat security systems.

You mean like Microsoft Windows?
CFWhitman 4 Mar, 2022
To be honest, Bungie are not necessarily being unreasonable here. They seem to be saying that they have their hands full with keeping up with cheating now on the platforms that they support. At this time it is not worth it for them to extend support to another platform with possible new, unknown cheating methods.

Of course, if the market gets big enough, then it may become worth it for them to support the Steam Deck. Also, the effectiveness of client-side anti-cheat is debatable.

Last edited by CFWhitman on 4 March 2022 at 2:01 pm UTC
CatKiller 4 Mar, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: GuestOn the other hand, this news isn't all that surprising, since Bungie is really just Microsoft Game Studios. It was one of the first companies that Xbox Game Studios bought.
Nope. Bungie bought themselves out in 2007. Then they went into a 10 year partnership with Activision, which they terminated early. They're currently in the process of being bought by Sony.
Mal 4 Mar, 2022
  • Supporter
They have the same stance as Epic. They want to spy in the kernel to let you play the game.

Maybe that would be a minor issue on the deck... assuming one uses the deck only for gaming and not for serious/sensitive stuff.

But for generic purpose linux it's way better if spyware remains off limit. The allegedly best solution (for the industry) is worse (for end users) than the issue it pretends to solve.
Beamboom 4 Mar, 2022
This makes perfect sense. No need to get our panties in a knot over it.
LinuxGamesTV 4 Mar, 2022
Quoting: XpanderIm mean they are not wrong. BattlEye might work as expected but their own solution maybe needs extra work and then there are updates on the future etc. Its still a new platform to maintain. Im sure if Deck gets popular and they see there's money to be made, they will change their mind.

Hmm, they did, didn´t?

Stadia? Is Stadia Linux or not?
CFWhitman 4 Mar, 2022
Quoting: LinuxGamesTVStadia? Is Stadia Linux or not?

Stadia is Linux on Google's servers, not on your home machine. That makes a working anti-cheat solution much less of a concern.
Kimyrielle 4 Mar, 2022
I said it in the thread about Fortnite, and I will say the same thing here: Developers assuming that the operating system is NOT under the full control of its user and that they can somehow control their system from the outside have no clue about good security practices. No wonder that their stuff gets hacked all the time, because that approach doesn't even work on closed-source systems.
ElamanOpiskelija 4 Mar, 2022
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Luxury, I say.
Back in the old days, we had to play against hackers all the time, and win anyway.

And we had to clean the mouse ball with alcohol. And all those skyscrapers over there were just a bunch of huts.
And you try and tell the young people of today that, and they won't believe you.
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