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SteamOS 3.3 and Steam Deck Client updates released for all users

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All the latest Beta and Preview changes from Valve have gone live with SteamOS 3.3 and all the Steam Deck Client updates are now available for all users. This is one of the biggest updates yet, with tons of changes across all parts of the Steam Deck software.

Some of the big changes include:

  • An achievements page in the overlay.
  • A guides page in the overlay.
  • Steam Deck temperature warning.
  • Night Mode scheduling.
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboard.
  • Updated keyboard behavior for improved fast typing on trackpad and touchscreen.
  • The new update selector split between Stable, Beta and Preview.
  • Firefox is now a Flatpak to get updates faster.
  • A VGUI2 Classic Plasma Desktop theme.
  • Various improvements to external displays.
  • Updated graphics driver with compatibility and performance fixes.
  • Updated wireless driver with fixes for WiFi disconnection issues on 5Ghz.
  • Updated controller firmware utilities to support future controller hardware revisions.
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The bug fixes are pretty important too of course like digital reward notifications no longer appearing endlessly, achievement progress notifications should no longer constantly bug you with sounds, the Xbox login window not rendering certain characters properly, several fixes for non-Steam shortcuts crashing, some native Linux games not quitting properly, some Flatpak applications wouldn’t quit properly, a fix for a performance issue with some games when the backlight changes intensity, fixes for multi-channel audio on external displays and audio-out on some capture cards.

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Extra: just note, that there may be some issues with the graphics driver in this, as I showed in a different video. Update: Valve confirmed to me they are looking at the issue now. Update 2: the micro-stuttering issue is now solved.

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Purple Library Guy Aug 3, 2022
Quoting: Supay
Quoting: Supay
Quoting: SupayThe Beta update broke my SD card showing up as inserted. Tried rebooting and re-inserting but would not even show as an available device. Switching to Stable resolved it.

Checked again by switching back to Beta and my SD card is not recognised. Stable works fine though.

And now Stable shows another update and my SD card no longer shows in Stable and is no longer mountable on my desktop. Has worked fine right up to this update installation. I suggest removing it before updating.

Update: My SD card appears to have had its read only setting tripped and is now unmountable and unreadable, and cannot be returned to a usable state. It is an Integral 1TB micro SD and has been formatted and filled to capacity to test, and working fine, so I am certain it is a genuine device rather than a fake. And it only stopped working when I did my Deck update with it inserted, so be very careful and remove your SDs before running any update.

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 3 August 2022 at 4:14 pm UTC
peta77 Aug 3, 2022
QuoteUpdated wireless driver with fixes for WiFi disconnection issues on 5Ghz.
glad they found something to fix it, was really frustrating sitting about 5m from my wifi-router and connection got lost...

QuoteSteam Deck temperature warning.
at least you get a warning now, so you can save your game (if it allows it / doesn't have some crazy checkpoint/save object mechanics)... though it would be more nice if some developers would create better defaults for the steam deck so it doesn't overheat... fantastic pic-quality doesn't matter much if the deck is starting to cooldown itself like crazy after 5mins of gameplay... having to fiddle with settings is something you don't expect on a handheld or console (it pretty much is one.. a mobile one)...
CyborgZeta Aug 3, 2022
Quoting: jrepinWith Flatpak some plugins don't work (like Plasma Integration and KeepassXC) and it is slower and bloated
While the former is true, the latter hasn't been my experience.

I can only speculate as to why Valve switched Firefox to the Flatpak is because it's less maintenance for them. A lot of packages in SteamOS 3.0, I've noticed, are quite out of date. Valve likely prioritizes Arch packages that are necessary for gaming, but nothing else.
bonaparte Aug 3, 2022
Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: Supay
Quoting: bonaparteNo link back to the actual announcement page on the Steam website? For shame.

Isn't that already linked in the first sentence under the link embedded in the words "gone live"?
Yes, the link is right there, always has been.
Oops, thought I'd deleted that before anyone saw my mistaken post, you guys are fast. :-)
Elvanex Aug 4, 2022
You can use the deck itself as a controller while "docked". Just need a long enough cable.

Quoting: Craggles086Think he could be disappointed by the results here, but maybe.. :)

“Updated controller firmware utilities to support future controller hardware revisions.”

“Now personally I'm convinced that the reason the Steam Deck dock has been delayed is not because of the dock itself but because of the fact that you'd need a controller to get the most out of docked mode. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but it seems like a new Steam Controller that retains the Steam Deck's control layout is pretty much a necessity for the dock and the future of the Steam OS/Steam Machine concept. To me a Steam Controller 2 feels more like a question of *when*, not *if*.

But there's really no other way to interpret this, right? Is this basically confirmation that a new Steam Controller is in development?”
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The comments on this article are closed.