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Intel Arc A770 GPU releases October 12th

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Along with announcing their new Raptor Lake desktop CPUs, Intel has also finally announced the release date of their Arc A770 GPU for October 12th. This is their top-end GPU, that they claim "delivers 65% better peak performance versus competition on ray tracing".

Coming in at $329, putting it in line with the RTX 3060 which they previously compared it against. They're facing some fierce competition with NVIDIA and AMD already well established in the market although given the insane price on NVIDIA Ada Lovelace, perhaps more will be looking at alternatives?

Very little else was really said about it that I can find, other than what they've previously revealed about it which is pretty much everything with all the specifications already available on their website. As a refresher, their Limited Edition version is mainly the card with the 16GB GDDR6 and they said previously most of their partners will do it in 8GB.

You can find out more on the Intel website. The XeSS SDK is also now available on GitHub.

I'm keen to see how Intel do with their first lot out properly, as a third vendor has been needed like this in the GPU space. With open source drivers too, there's a lot for Linux users to like about it.

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Valck Sep 29, 2022
Quoting: pageroundXeSS is a sweet name, good job whoever came up with that. (I'm choosing to pronounce it as 'excess').
In line with how the "Ex-eon" processors are pronounced? There seems to be some serious disconnect in the marketing department.
And not only there, if I look at the lineup. I can't imagine Intel breaking into a market held by a duopoly by delivering worse performance per money OR watt than the competition, with the performance (and price…) side held by green, and the efficiency side firmly in red hands.
I admit I don't have a degree in economics or marketing. Sometimes I wonder what they teach in business classes though.
CyborgZeta Sep 29, 2022
I'm open to buying an A770 when it releases. Depending on availability and price.
Nocifer Sep 29, 2022
Quoting: ElamanOpiskelijaI want Intel to succeed so bad.
BTW, off-topic but it's just impressive how bad of a game Fortnite and Cyberpunk are. And Cyberpunk, at least, has the excuse of beautiful graphics.

What's really impressive is that even with CDPR's terrible mismanagement of both the game's launch (riddled with bugs and practically unplayable on last-gen consoles) and a great amount of its subsystems (e.g. the open world's AI and immersion factor), Cyberpunk 2077 still managed to otherwise be an absolute gem of a game. Story, characters, aesthetics, environments, gameplay, even its politics (without being either too heavy-handed or too watered down/politically correct), all are superb.

Could they have been even better? Sure, but that goes for pretty much every work of art out there. So, I really don't get where you're getting that "Cyberpunk is bad" vibe from.

Re: Fortnite, I guess to each their own. Never liked it but objectively I can't deny it's a good BR.


Nice GPU cards btw.
scaine Sep 30, 2022
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
"Guardians ot the Galagy"?? Okay, Intel.
dpanter Sep 30, 2022
Quoting: scaine"Guardians ot the Galagy"?? Okay, Intel.
Nice catch! That's hella impressive, Intel truly leading in many aspects.
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The comments on this article are closed.