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Go tell Bungie you want Destiny 2 on Steam Deck / Linux

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Destiny 2 is one of the biggest and most popular shooters around and sadly it doesn't work on Steam Deck / Linux. Now is your chance to give your say and maybe Bungie will listen.

A little while ago I wrote about how Bungie had given Steam Deck a pretty firm nope, and sadly the situation simply hasn't changed since then. They took notice of people requesting it, and then issued a statement where they once again gave us a pretty firm nope.

Now, there's a dedicated place on the Destiny 2 Reddit where you can give your feedback on it. This comes in the form of what they call a Focused Feedback post titled "Focused Feedback: Linux and Alternative Platform Support". Writing about why the post was made, a Destiny 2 Reddit moderator noted in a comment:

For some additional context on why this was selected as a Focused Feedback topic, despite lack of recent popular threads about it, posts discussing official support for Destiny 2 on Proton (read: Steam Deck) have been automodded to Bungie's official stance on the matter (listed below) for a while now because - until very recently - there was nothing to discuss besides people expressing that they wanted Proton support and/or whether or not Bungie's rationale for the Proton prohibition is valid.

Given that, in the past week, we've had the announcement of Stadia's planned demise AND a Destiny 2 team lead expressing their love for Steam Deck as a hardware choice for playing Destiny 2 (they were playing D2 on Steam Deck in a manner which is allowed by Terms of Service), there is renewed public interest in the discussion and the decision was made to make it this week's Focused Feedback topic. This way, the discussion can be had and Bungie is provided with fresh, organized feedback on this issue from the DestinyReddit community.

Their comment about the Destiny 2 developer enjoying the Steam Deck is probably this post from Tom Farnsworth, the Senior Design Lead at Bungie, who had to use Moonlight to stream it from a PC to their Steam Deck. Sure would be nice if we didn't have to do things like that huh?

Since the Steam Deck is doing so well (like apparently shipping over a million now), players shouldn't need to resort to installing a different operating system or streaming from a PC to play their favourite games. Hopefully more developers, like Bungie, will start to take notice if the player base on Steam Deck continues growing.

Head over to the Reddit Post to give your say.

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damarrin 6 Oct, 2022
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As a rule, I'm not so keen on the begging. As these things go, usually there's a huge outcry which gives the game publisher unreasonable expectations and then support is dropped a couple of years later because actual players never materialise.

It only serves to reinforce the general opinion that Linux isn't worth investing in. I hope I'm wrong.

Last edited by damarrin on 6 October 2022 at 7:36 am UTC
Solarwing 6 Oct, 2022
There's a much bigger chance to have snowfall in hell than to get this game working on Steam Deck/Linux. Eh what a joke. I mean I don't believe that this will happen in near future but maybe some day
Corben 6 Oct, 2022
Added my 2 cents as well. I don't consider it as begging, but as expressing interest. If Bungie still doesn't want to do it, because they're afraid of supporting a user base of 1 million+, okay (I know not every Steam Deck owner will get this game).

I had access to Destiny 2 now since a while via Stadia... and did not really play it. At least for me it wouldn't matter too much, but it still would be nice to have the option.

Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: dziadulewiczPlease maybe put the ACTUAL link to Reddit more visible and outstanding; i had to look a long time through the many links in midst of the text
The ACTUAL link is in there, in quotes with the full title of the post. I really don’t see how that’s hard to see.

Sure, if you read close enough, you'll find it. But maybe you've already heard about it, see the post here, don't wanna read the whole text, but still wanna add to the request and are just parse the text quickly for a reddit link... then it helps to have the "non-hidden" link somewhere. Media has trained people this now for years...
Liam Dawe 6 Oct, 2022
Okay, understood on the link. Added an extra one by itself at the end.
Zelox 6 Oct, 2022
I was always speculating that Google was behind the hate on linux and no Steam deck support.
Now when Stadia has died this only confirms my speculation even more.
Im not saying this is anything I can confirm just some speculation.
Kuduzkehpan 6 Oct, 2022
Quoting: StoneColdSpiderWhat if you dont want Destiny 2 on Steam Deck / Linux???
Pengling 6 Oct, 2022
Quoting: damarrinAs a rule, I'm not so keen on the begging. As these things go, usually there's a huge outcry which gives the game publisher unreasonable expectations and then support is dropped a couple of years later because actual players never materialise.

It only serves to reinforce the general opinion that Linux isn't worth investing in. I hope I'm wrong.
This is why I haven't contributed to this, even though I know that getting games like this working on Linux is a good thing, and even though I fully support the contributions of those who are taking part. (There's also the fact that, though that's clearly not the case this time, people's port/support-begging tends to be something that gets leveraged by corporations in order to get people to post what amounts to free promotions on social-media for their products.)

For me, it would be dishonest to make a support-post for a game in a genre that I don't enjoy and would never play. I'd rather put my money where my mouth is for the titles that I am interested in when they actually do work on Linux by whatever means.

Last edited by Pengling on 6 October 2022 at 1:33 pm UTC
Lachu 2 years 7 Oct, 2022
I do not play Destiny ever, but have reddit account. I must told: I bought too many licenses on Steam and GOG, so I only grab free licenses currently. I have to play in many games, I had never installed.
KuJo 10 Oct, 2022
Done! :)

By the way - over 2100 comments and over 2600 upvotes for the topic on reddit! :)

Last edited by KuJo on 10 October 2022 at 1:20 pm UTC
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