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The upgraded ivoler Steam Deck Docking Station is another good choice

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Don't fancy buying from JSAUX and don't need the charger + extra expense of the official Steam Deck Docking Station? ivoler are another good choice.

They sent over their newer refreshed model, which has an aluminum casing compared with their original plastic one. It also now has gigabit ethernet, with the previous model not having ethernet at all.

The upgraded JSAUX Docking Station is great, however the ethernet sticking out of the side really does annoy me. Here with ivoler, that's not a problem since it sits nicely at the back so I can position it around my desk or TV unit a lot easier. Honestly, that one change alone makes me like it ever so slightly more than the JSAUX offering. ivoler's choice design here just helps keep all the wires out of sight and out of mind.

Not the only major difference though. In terms of bulk, the ivoler version is slimmer and honestly just looks better but it is slightly longer but not by an amount that really makes any difference.

ivoler bottom, JSAUX top.

One other difference here and another improvement, is that the ivoler dock blocks none of the air intake on the back of the Steam Deck which JSAUX do. It's never been a problem for me with JSAUX as the intake pulls air in just fine but having the entire thing uncovered is obviously best and so ivoler wins again here.

From the official specs:

  • [One is Enough] ivoler 6-in-1 aluminum docking station for Steam Deck, equipped with 1000M Ethernet, an HDMI 4K@60Hz output, a PD 3.0 fast chargering port, and triple USB 3.0 port. USB-C power delivery port support 90W, which supports fast charging for steam deck and most mobile devices, also compatible with iPads and Android phones with USB-C ports. [❗Note: Charger, HDMI cable, not included.]
  • [4K@60Hz HDMI Output] The Steam Deck dock stand comes with a 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 output. Advanced built-in chips, plug and play, supports HDCP 1.4 to play protected content from iTunes / Netflix / DirectTV etc. When you connect an external 4K monitor (1080P), it can provide you sharper and smoother visual experience, so you can enjoy the visual feast on your games.
  • [Full Charging Speed for Steam Deck] ivoler Steam Deck docking station supports 100W Max power input and 90W Max power delivery, which is sufficient to charge your Steam Deck at full speed when paired with the original charger. [❗Note: the MAX charging speed of Steam Deck is 45W.]
  • [Portable & Lightweight] This is A Perfect Combination for the Steam Deck. ivoler all-in-1 Steam Deck docking station blends Hub and stand together perfectly. You don't have to buy a regular hub and a stand base for your Steam Deck, which is not only easier for you to use, but also keeps your desktop neat and organized.
  • [Safe & Reliable] ivoler USB C Hub block built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. ivoler is a brand dedicated to providing customers with high quality product. When you encounter failure in use, please contact us, our customer service team will reply you and provide support within 24 hours.

Hard to say a whole lot about it without needlessly padding the article here. It's a Steam Deck Docking Station with a good price, good features and it just works.

I can happily recommend this one if you're after a Steam Deck Dock that works well, doesn't cost a fortune and has a good design as well. A no-frills Docking Station that just gets the job done and stays out of your way, what more could you want? You really can't go wrong with this and it quickly replaced the JSAUX dock on my own desk.

On pricing without discounts, it's the same as the upgraded JSAUX version at £49.99 / $49.99.

You can buy it easily on Amazon:

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Spyker Oct 11, 2022
At least this one does not obstruct the ventilation.
Purple Library Guy Oct 11, 2022
Huh. I thought ivoler would just be for people who use the iVole, a sort of Apple-branded mouse you use with your elbow.
Pengling Oct 11, 2022
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  • Supporter
Quoting: Purple Library GuyHuh. I thought ivoler would just be for people who use the iVole, a sort of Apple-branded mouse you use with your elbow.
Nice one.

My favourite word-salad names for some of these seemingly fly-by-night type companies that I've seen recently were "HEYSTOP" and "FASTSNAIL". I assume that they just throw words into some algorithm or other until it comes out with things that are pronounceable.
scaine Oct 11, 2022
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
So close Ivoler, so close...

BlackBloodRum Oct 11, 2022
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: scaineSo close Ivoler, so close...

Looks good to me
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The comments on this article are closed.