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Every so often we like to have a chat with our readers, and find out what you've been really getting into lately on Linux.

Since the UK is currently in lockdown, I've been spending some extra time with the mini-me since school is out and I've been trying out everything they're into. This has involved, unsurprisingly, a lot of Minecraft since it's an accessible game. We've recently discovered a few communities than run huge servers, and each have a ton of mini-games. One such mini-game is Bed Wars, and it's actually quite a lot of fun.

Each team spawns on their own little island, giving you time to protect your Bed which acts as your spawn point. Lose your bed, no more re-spawning and it's the last team standing. It can get really quite tense actually! When you're busy gathering material from your team Summoner, to turn around and spot an opposing team quickly building a bridge over to your island and suddenly panic sets in. I've been trying it out on TheHive server, which seems to work well.

I also consider myself something of a Dragon Ball super fan, so I finally caved in and picked up a personal copy of DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT (Humble Store / Steam) and I must admit my intense surprise at just how flawless it runs in the latest Proton 5.0-5 for Steam Play.

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Like the HUD in the top left? That's the brilliant MangoHud covered here on GOL a few times now.

As you can see above, performance is fluid with it on max settings. It's actually a little ridiculous how easy gaming on Linux has become. Now I just need to work on my reflexes for such a fast game…I'm not usually one for fighters like it.

So GOL readers over to you: what have you been gaming on Linux lately and what are you thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments.

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win8linux Apr 5, 2020
Been playing Minecraft and 7 Days to Die with a group of friends over the last couple of weeks. It's been pretty fun so far, although the latter really needs to be optimized more (especially in memory usage).
CatKiller Apr 5, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
With the little one, Minecraft and No Man's Sky (Minecraft with spaceships, essentially). When the little one's in bed, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

In between protein folding, of course.
Expalphalog Apr 5, 2020
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

3.5 was the edition of D&D that I fell in love with so I knew that, mechanically, Pathfinder would be a good fit for me. I still didn't expect to love it as much as I do. I used to adore big meaty cRPGs, but have found that I had been bouncing off of them for the last 10 years or so. But not this one. It's giving me that same feeling I got the first time I played Baldur's Gate II way back when it first launched.
soulsource Apr 5, 2020
I've been playing a little bit of this and that.
o) Stellaris after Federations DLC was released. Awesome new DLC, I love the Galactic Community mechanics, even though it's a bit buggy still...
o) Cursed Lands by Winter Wolves. I like the story, but both battles and micromanagement feel less rewarding than in Loren or Tales of Aravorn.
o) Big Pharama. Having a bit of fun curing virtual diseases, because there's little I could do about the real-world one we are currently facing. And yes, I'm fully aware that's silly.
o) Two point hospital. I had it on my Pile of Shame forever. Well, it's Theme Hospital with better graphics, so I didn't play it long. I've had my countless hours in Theme Hospital already...

Edit: For the protein folding I let my computer do the work. It's set to run [email protected] whenever nobody does any input for more than 3 minutes... Perfect during the loooooooong home office Zoom meetings.

Last edited by soulsource on 5 April 2020 at 6:20 pm UTC
Xpander Apr 5, 2020
Warhammer Online - Like the last 4-5 months, great PvP MMORPG. Return of Reckoning server.

DOOM Eternal - Since the nvidia 440.66.07 performance is great. runs extremely smoothly. Cutscenes are bit annoying at times but rest of the game is amazing.

Last edited by Xpander on 6 April 2020 at 5:10 am UTC
WorMzy Apr 5, 2020
Mostly Dwarf Fortress, Long Dark, and Microtown.

DF is going good, I have most of my industry going now after seeing off the alligators.

Long Dark, I'm currently squatting in the mountaineers hut and looting all the cargo plane storage. Just finished crafting my survival bow, but I only have two arrows (need to track down a forge to make more arrow heads). Quartering corpses seems to be a cool new feature added since I last played, so making lots of use of that.

As for Microtown, I just started playing a couple of days ago. So far it's pretty fun, but I'm not sure about it's replay value at this point.

I also span up Citdes: Skylines a little while ago, need to get back into that. As usual I'm trying to shun fossil fuels in favour of green energy. It's working okay so far, but I'm not an the big city stage just yet.

Last edited by WorMzy on 5 April 2020 at 7:26 pm UTC
etam Apr 5, 2020
Diablo 2: LotR via Wine. Playing a summoning necromancer. On laptop with i7-6500U, HD Graphics 520, when having screen full of summoned skeletons, attacking monsters and opened map on top of that, video starts to get choppy. Still fun though.
F.Ultra Apr 5, 2020
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Just finished No One Lives Forever two days ago and are in the middle of No One Lives Forever 2. Both great games that still holds up very well even though they are far from flawless.
herc Apr 5, 2020
The few hours I've managed to squeeze in have been put into the demo of Project: Gorgon (Steam). It's an MMORPG that doesn't hold your hand and you need to pay attention when it comes to questing. I love it so far and I will probably buy it within the next week.

The reason I found out about it is because someone mentioned they put over 1500 hours into it last time you did one of these "What have you been playing".
ixnari Apr 5, 2020
I've just finished DUSK. Before I bought it, I kept hearing how good it was, but it STILL caught me off-guard. I thought it was going to be one of those games that emulates an older title, but in the end winds up way worse or completely different from what you've imagined (looking at you, Strafe).

Not DUSK. At first glance you might think it's just Quake + Blood, but no, DUSK is its own beast. Everything is just so good: the movement, the soundtrack, the way the guns sound. I thought the level design was excellent too. The graphics look chunky, but then, they're supposed to, because DUSK is clearly a love letter to 90s FPS games. The only negative I can think of is that it takes quite some time to load on my PC, like over a minute. But that might just be me.

If anyone misses the likes of Quake, Duke Nukem 3D et al., they should give this game a shot. I would recommend going in blind, though, because this game has surprises and secrets galore.
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