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Buried in the GOG forum, a staff member has noted that GOG accounts have new privacy options ahead of the release of their own version of user profiles. It seems GOG are continuing to become a little like Steam as time goes on, with their Galaxy client that still isn't on Linux (and isn't a priority last we heard) and now this.

If you head over to the Orders & Settings page when logged in, you will see the newer Privacy section which looks like this:


They didn't give any details on what the new profiles will feature or look like, as they "want you guys to experience it first-hand rather than reading some PR bla-bla".

Naturally, there's already been talk in the forum of how this could turn a little sour, given that they're announcing privacy stuff in their forum. The same GOG staff member who announced this essentially said the people visiting the forum are "the most sensitive for such changes". Strange wording, but I'm sure they mean well. They said it will all be announced in a proper front-page article once the profiles feature is actually live.

Thought you all might want a heads-up too, since we have a lot of GOG fans here.

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sbolokanov 19 Apr, 2018
And as usual, the drama begins… (intended to be read under Shadow-of-war-epic-trailer atmosphere)

Last edited by sbolokanov on 19 April 2018 at 2:49 pm UTC
Arehandoro 19 Apr, 2018
Thanks for the shoutout. Changed them already!
Comandante Ñoñardo 19 Apr, 2018

Sometimes I want to make some gift, but I don't know if the person I want to give the game already have it...
Sometimes I am just curious and I want to know which games have this user..
Sometimes I want to know how many users have this or that game.. With public profiles, a clone of Steamspy is possible.

And I always want to show the world the games I really own...

You really own a game when that game is DRMFREE...

Love You, GOG! Keep growing!
Kithop 19 Apr, 2018
At least they give you the option to change it, even if the defaults are the exact opposite of what they should be.

How about defaulting everyone to completely private, and then a nice little ad on their page or whatever going 'hey, you can show off your game library and/or wishlists if you change these new settings we introduced!', so people can opt-in?

Nah, that would actually be doing the right thing, and we can't have that...
What the hell is with that visibility tick box?

It's unticked and says Nobody can find me, as if you tick it to set yourself invisible, but when you do you get whats in the screen shot above it goes green and says people can find me by email and username.

Do they design their UI while drunk?
torham 20 Apr, 2018
It is a shame GOG doesn't understand the user overlap of those wanting DRM-free and privacy. Not a huge deal but I would have appreciated defaults that respect my privacy.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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