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Feral Interactive are teasing another Linux port

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Another one?! Yes! Feral Interactive have begun teasing us once again with a new upcoming Linux and Mac port.

On their famous port radar, one they jokingly claim has a mind of it's own, is this new clue for Linux and Mac:

"Flushing Point"

For those interested, here's a higher resolution picture:

They only just recently released Total War: WARHAMMER II, with Life is Strange 2 and Total War: THREE KINGDOMS and Shadow of the Tomb Raider all confirmed to be coming.

I know some of you groan about the teasers, but they're a good bit of fun in my book. They've seemingly started announcing titles quite a bit sooner than before too which is great.

What do you think it will be this time? So many announcements lately, this is fantastic to see. If it's HITMAN 2 or something more open-world, I'm completely sold. Shutup and take my money.

Ps. Apologies to any copyright holders on the image, couldn't find where it's from. Do get in touch if you're unhappy with us including it here…

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slaapliedje 28 November 2018 at 10:07 pm UTC
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jordicomaGreek, "where are we going"? An odyssey... Assassins creed odyssey. Greek with an odyssey.
That would be amazing. There are games, like HITMAN 2, that I want to play more, but I would kind of rather this was AC: Odyssey simply because it's an Ubisoft title (arguably Ubi's flagship series at that) and we've never gotten anything from Ubi before, that I recall, anyway.

I've been playing a lot of The Division (on PS4). I'd say that's probably one of Ubisoft's more popular franchises (and the Tom Clancy ones in general). Would be epic to see the second one on Linux.
Xpander 28 November 2018 at 10:29 pm UTC
Fakeman_PretendnameOkay, so you... flush away a sort of "Dirt", which is sometimes called a "number 2"... and when using decimal fractions we say "two point one" for 2.1 and so on... so we're looking at a sort of Dirt 2 point...

Dirt Rally 2.0

and um, "where are we going", because um, Rallying is based on navigating from point to point on a track which you don't know beforehand... and it has a man with a spear on a flying horse because... um. I don't know.

I hope you are right. Please be Dirt Rally 2
mirv 28 November 2018 at 10:30 pm UTC
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Guestthey have been pretty damn busy this month,i don't think i have seen them put out so many game releases at once like this

They could be using bits of DXVK and really only make sure the rest is also working. I wouldn't blame them for doing anything bad in that regard. Could also be that their own DX to Vulkan is just as easy to implement now, thus reducing resources spent on each game. I really hope something like this is the case, since it would mean this would give them a potential higher margin, which would only increase the amount of games they can port. Would also allow them to take on more "risky" games, like GTA5, The Witcher 3 or similar, since I assume many people on Linux already own these.

Uh....using DXVK? That makes little sense actually, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that they've been at it since before DXVK started.

What we're seeing is their codebase for DX API implementation (or however it's being done) stabilising, along with perhaps games that have engines with which they are already familiar (and so easier to port file system interfaces, threading assumptions, memory handling, networking, input, etc etc etc).
Also, drivers on GNU/Linux have improved substantially of late, in terms of stability and performance, and the debugging tools available have also increased greatly (not to mention that good quality open source drivers help find a lot of problems). Vulkan will make many things easier, but GL4.x was already helping before then too.

I know people like DXVK, it's a good project and indeed under the zlib license, but just because it's working nice with one project (i.e wine) doesn't mean it's suddenly applicable everywhere. It's not really how things work.

Thank you. I am a computer scientist myself, actually. Did I state they were using DXVK? No. I know there is a difference between the two, but to my understanding they don't write their own shaders, but made a layer similar to DXVK that translates the DX calls into Vulkan. As I said, as you said again, they might simply have reached a point where it is very easy to implement. DXVK to me is a clear example that graphics isn't the worst enemy anymore for games. However, all the other proprietary or non-linux libraries are the big hurdle now. This is one of the reasons why many Linux games haven't had cross-platform multiplayer support.

What I am saying is that it looks to me, like Feral is doing something similar to what Valve is doing with the Steamplay whitelist, to some degree. They make sure all the parts of the game is working and provide support as well.
Using DXVK though wouldn't make very little sense. It's a generic translation tool that happens to play very well with wine, but that doesn't mean it cannot be adapted by Feral. The argument that Feral already made their own and thereby wont use it doesn't make sense. That's like saying they should have kept their OpenGL translation layer instead, because Vulkan happended to come after they already made their OpenGL translation layer. Any sane business should always evaluate new stuff and find out how to benefit from it, so not to end as Kodak or Virtual Programming, which appears to be still using an OpenGL translation layer.
Not saying they are using it all, only why they might draw something from it.

With apologies, it just seems that so many people think DXVK is the answer to all the world's problems and that everyone should be using it....and that's just not the case. So I haven't understood why you raised that they could be using bits of it.

Feral have been using Vulkan for quite a while, and while we all believe that Feral do a similar thing in that they'll more or less emulate directx, Feral will do so at a source code level (i.e an API implementation), and can adjust as necessary to the game. There's a lot they know in advance that is needed, and that makes it quite different to the goals of DXVK, and subsequently there's very little that's really (technically) feasible to share between the two. Memory management, threading, resource allocation, shader compilation, all of that will differ because of the different approaches.

What I'm saying is that Feral already have their own codebase to work with, have had it longer, and have different goals to DXVK. Therefore, trying to use any of DXVK would necessarily mean rewriting or adapting their own codebase...and for pretty much no purpose (because they've obviously already solved the major problems they've had to solve).

As for OpenGL, no, nothing like saying that. Vulkan helps Feral achieve their goals in a more effective manner. DXVK doesn't. Unless, perhaps, Feral need to start using transform feedback and can then use DXVK for reference purposes (but still wouldn't really be able to be "using bits of DXVK").
flesk 28 November 2018 at 10:36 pm UTC
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Definitely A Hat in Time or one of the LEGO games this time.
silentprocyon 29 November 2018 at 4:18 am UTC
Yay! I like the Feral radar puzzles

Here's a larger picture of the mural...

Clue shows a mural on the ceiling of the Oran Mor, a restaurant and entertainment venue in Glasgow, Scotland.
The game below actually takes place in Glasgow, and doesn't have a Mac release, which would fit since the clue also shows Mac...

On a more serious note, some possibilities depending on what aspect of the image a person focuses on...

* The mural location is in Scotland. Doesn't Bard's Tale 4 also take place in Scotland?

* "Where are we going?" is a song from music composer Malukah, which was featured in the zombie level, "Mob of the Dead", from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. She also did some of the music in Skyrim.

* The image appears to show Bellerophon (son of Poseidon) from Greek mythology, on top of Pegasus. Only Greek related game that comes to my mind would be the new Assassin's Creed, but I highly doubt that specific game.

* Even though this is highly subjective, clue shows a portion of the right frame from the mural, which appears to represent "death" in the cycle of life. The frame does give me some "apocalyptic" vibes; Darksiders III has an apocalyptic setting.

* Again, very subjective, but perhaps the "flushing point" caption could refer to "flushing" the earth of the sinners/sins? Possibly further backing up the last theory of being Darksiders III.

* Going out on a limb here... Could the flushing refer to a person's face flushing? Redness? The point at which a person's face becomes flush? Illness maybe? Apocalyptic virus? Combined with the phrase being the title of a song for a zombie level and going with the apocalyptic theme for the clue, this could suggest Dying Light 2, but I think Techland ported the first one in-house.

By the way, unrelated to this clue... Poor Bob has not been saved yet and is still stuck on the radar. :-(

Last edited by silentprocyon at 29 November 2018 at 5:06 am UTC
deathxxx 29 November 2018 at 5:59 am UTC
The picture have a horse, like Darksiders Rider. This horse is in the sky and rider is angel(or this wings are from horse), but bellow is the death.
We all going to the graves. So, it's Darksiders III.
Let see more deeply the picture. It's shown what are life. First is born, then is a love and last is the death to the sky and to the underground. So they take the sector which have death.
Salvatos 29 November 2018 at 7:07 am UTC
Since no one mentioned this, a flushing point is also this:
QuoteA flushing point is a capped pipe which is accessible on the surface for maintenance. Blockages can be cleaned or flushed out. They can be found at pipe junctions or where small-bore sewers are connected to a conventional sewerage.
I don't know too much about Bioshock, but I can see how that allusion to an underworld and the art style would call the games to mind.

Any games out there that pertain to Greek sewer systems?

Failing that, perhaps the words are meant to be taken as an access point to the underground more generally, and the image might be intended to represent death/hell/hades. Something to do with the gates of hell?

For what it's worth, Hellgate: London happens to have been rereleased on Steam very recently.
crt0mega 29 November 2018 at 8:24 am UTC
EikeLet's have some flame war...
Why do people keep wishing for Skyrim?
It was released way before Steam on Linux, when most of us played on Windows,
and most people who wanted to play it have it through as many times as they wish - not?
Most, but not everyone. And there's a lot of mods, including total conversions, adding to the "replay value". But I don't care much for a port, "oldrim" (TESV:LE) runs great and their remaster (TESV:SE) seems to run pretty well with Proton/DXVK. It would be cool to have a native port but I'd rather have TESVI on Linux when it gets released.

There's your flame war

Last edited by crt0mega at 29 November 2018 at 8:26 am UTC
evergreen 29 November 2018 at 8:39 am UTC
I hope it's not a card game...
Arehandoro 29 November 2018 at 9:02 am UTC
Happy to see another teaser! And according to all the comments here the possibilities seem to be games that I quite like! Awesome!

I first thought of Darksiders but after reading you Vampyr or Batman could well be options. And I wanted to buy Vampyr for a long time now

Edit: If it's Darksiders, please bring the whole collection Feral

Last edited by Arehandoro at 29 November 2018 at 9:07 am UTC
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