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Many Linux Games To Look Forward To In 2014

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So Linux has a lot of games now, with plenty more still to come this year as it's early days yet, but I have decided to list a few you really need to keep an eye on. Since we post so much news nowadays I feel that it is a good time to reflect on what we have still yet to come, so you don't get lost in a sea of Linux games.

Edit > Just to make this clear since people like to be silly, this is not a final list of games to come, these are my choice picks for this article. There are hundreds more to come.

For our daily visitors this last may be all too familiar, for the not so daily visitors, you may find some surprises.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I have left a few out on purpose, and there are probably plenty I forgot or plain don't know about; here's the time to give them a shout out!

Not Yet Released For Linux

SOMA - Frictional Games latest masterpiece first person horror is sure to excite fans of the Amnesia and Penumbra games; they sure scare the crap out of me that's for sure!

Scrolls - Mojang claim they are still planning to bring their card-based turn-based strategy game over to Linux. It's built in Unity so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, from what they told me their launcher is made outside of Unity and needs to be ported. The latest update we had from them was in this article at the end of last year.

Paradise Lost: First Contact - A fantastic looking side-scrolling RPG adventure game where you control an alien plant looking to find out why it was captured by dirty humans.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - A reboot of a classic turn based strategy that pits humans vs aliens with crisp graphics and high ratings, this should be epic when it gets released. Check out our article here. Personally, I don't think this one will see a release until mid-year, but I hope I am wrong though!

Halfway - A turn based strategy where you control a group of people whose spaceship has seen a hostile-takeover; time to take it back! See my interview with the developer here. You can also see an early video of it below:

SCALE - SCALE is a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic. I actually covered this game in a video you can see below:

Project Cars - Linux will finally gain a true racing game thanks to Slightly Mad Studios. We covered their announcement of Linux support here, and you can see the trailer below:

Clockwork Empires - Gaslamp Games, the creators of the excellent Dungeons of Dredmor, are hard at work on a a colony building game that is due out this Spring. See their awesome teaser:

Defender's Quest II: Mists of Ruin - The sequel to the awesome first Defenders Quest, it is a RPG/Tower Defence hybrid game with lovely graphics and solid game-play. There isn't any media of the second one available yet, but to get an idea of how it will look, here's a video of the first one:

Two Worlds 2 - TopWare Interactive is another big name that has planned Linux support, with the fantastic looking RPG Two World 2 heading our way. Here's more info from when I had a chat with them.

The Mandate - As the captain of a Mandate starship, you lead a crew through the galaxy where they will adapt and grow as they fight alongside you. This promises to be one of the best space-epics around, check out my interview with them here. Not due until next year, so keep your eyes peeled!

7 Days to Die - An open world, voxel-based, sandbox game blending the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games. They have planned a Linux version since their Kickstarter campaign, their FAQ stated that they hoped the Mac and Linux versions would land two months after Windows, but with the Mac version out now it's only matter of time until the Linux version gets released. See a preview of the alpha here:
Sadly they are currently very quiet on the Linux version, which is annoying.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - The latest generation of Counter Strike from Valve, this FPS is sure to excite a lot of you (me included) for it's solid game-play and polished graphics. Arms Race is a particularly fun game mode where you get a new gun with every kill and it ends with a knife, it does get pretty funny. I expect we will see it in the first half of this year.

Insurgency FPS
A good looking FPS game that cannot come to Linux until CS:GO above is ported as it uses it.
The follow-up game to the award-winning Source mod, Insurgency is highly competitive and unforgivingly lethal, striking a balance between one-life gameplay and prolonged action.

Serious Sam 4 - Croteam are already supporters of Linux with Serious Sam 3 which was one of the first Linux titles on the Steam Linux client. This FPS is sure to be just as insane as the last. They have already confirmed it will come to Linux and it won't be a delayed release either.

Interstellaria - A game inspired by FTL, Mega Man, Starflight, and Metroid; it looks fun. You take command of your own ship and travel around the universe, not unlike Starbound by the looks of it, but with a more adventure game feel rather than a building sandbox. It looks great for space sc-fi fans.

Asylum is a chilling journey through the intricate floors of the Hanwell Mental Institute, in which unimaginable atrocities have occurred in the past. Sounds fun while probably scaring the crap out of you.

The Last Federation
A space-faring RTS game from Arcen Games the same developers that created Bionic Dues, AI War and Skyward Collapse. Check out our linked article for some videos on it!

Check out page 2 for even more and on page 3 we list games that already have a non-stable version out. Article taken from
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adolson Feb 28, 2014
Most of these look really good!

One thing to note is that Defender's Quest 2 will look quite a lot different (better!!) from the original (see the sole screenshot on the linked page). DQ1 is really worth the money, but you can get it free if you pre-order DQ2. I normally don't much care for tower-defense type games and the art style looked really, um, MS Paint-y, but they did something really right with the gameplay because trying the demo turned into an insta-buy, and just thinking about it makes me glad the weekend is about to start. Personally, I'm looking forward to the sequel more than most of the other games in the list.

(No, they didn't pay me to praise it, and I'm not affiliated with them at all.)
lordfragger Feb 28, 2014
Yo're forgetting tropico 5! It should be available in a 2-3 months.

Apparently not the best known series, but imo a great one. I've spent countless hours on tropico 4, which runs really well through wine.
Liam Dawe Feb 28, 2014
Quoting: lordfraggerYo're forgetting tropico 5! It should be available in a 2-3 months.

Apparently not the best known series, but imo a great one. I've spent countless hours on tropico 4, which runs really well through wine.

*sigh*, do I really need a disclaimer on every post that covers a few things...:P

I didn't forget, there are 100s of games I have missed out to keep the post from being 100 pages long.
Jebril Feb 28, 2014
I hope to see more than that this year, Linux needs a big push in 2014 while it's still relevant in people's mind for gaming, otherwise it will slip into neckbeard oblivion once again sadly. :*(
FrasierCrane Feb 28, 2014
Tesla Effect, the kickstarted new Tex Murphy adventure, will also be out soon – judging by the newest update video in April:
View video on
I don't know if the Linux version will be out simultaneously with the Windows and Mac version but I think it won't be too long afterwards.
Angry Mad Penguin Feb 28, 2014
A bit OT! But I'm so upset about Humble Bundle right now.

This IDIOTS have removed Amazon Payment & Google for European Users with introducing that **** of regional pricing **** in the humble store.
DrMcCoy Feb 28, 2014
SOMA is high on my "Looking forward" list as well, but the little life-action teaser clips actually made me wish it was an FMV game. :/

Luckily, it looks like the new Tex Murphy game will fill all my need for cheesy FMV ham. :D

And then's the RPG trifecta of Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity announced for this year (altough I'd bet that the latter will be pushed to 2015). And in 2015, Torment: Tides of Numenera. :)

Also (apart from the onces you already named): Unrest, Harvest, The Maker's Eden, Gods Will Be Watching, Tangiers, Among the Sleep, Dreamfall Chapters, Lords of Xulima, The Diviner, ...

Damn, that's really quite a lot...
AskQuestionsLater Mar 1, 2014
Limit Theory ( looks very interesting and already has high graphical fidelity, procedurally generated spaceships, planets, universe, etc.

Check out the latest update on Youtube at View video on
oldrocker99 Mar 1, 2014
View PC info
  • Supporter Plus
Ooooh! I bought X:COM Enemy Unknown for Windows last year and it only a matter of time before it shows up in my Steam queue! Besides that, there's War For The Underworld (still in bedrock beta), Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, and Torment coming(all Kickstarted games)this year.

2013 was The Year Of Linux Gaming. 2014 is when the floodgates open.
Bricklin Mar 1, 2014
Dreamfall will be out in 2014 be waiting for this game for years.
Defently one of the biggest games on linux in 2014.
View video on
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The comments on this article are closed.