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Witcher 3 coming to Linux :o ?
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melkemind 14 Aug, 2015
Why would CDPR have an obligation to have a SteamOS version by Christmas? I don't think Valve can dictate ports or release dates to developers. A lot of games won't have a port on SteamOS when it launches in November.
QuoteYou might be surprised at what is/isn't there. As for an obligation, you misunderstood. I suspect they have a deal for it on SteamOS and it wouldn't look good for Valve OR CDPR if they didn't have something for the big rollout supposedly coming soon. I'm about to make a big push for the two Indie studios I did work for to make SteamOS versions for that reason.

Or perhaps "obligation" was a poor choice of words. I think it might be motivation, but they can certainly change their minds about anything, even if they were under contract, which I doubt they are.

I think they will eventually release a Linux version though. The Witcher 3 is their baby, and they're going to keep "raising" it for the next several years. It's a long-term investment for them. As for how good the Linux version will be, that remains to be seen.
Shmerl 17 Aug, 2015
I got such e-mail too, quite a while ago. And a few other people. This isn't news. I think now they are still dependent on missing middleware such as Umbra 3D being ported to Linux (note that Umbra still has no official Linux version). So far it's not even clear who is doing the port.

I tried contacting Umbra 3D about their plans for Linux release, but got no response whatsoever.
Cmdr_Iras 18 Aug, 2015
Quoting: ricki42I've heard several people have sent emails to CDPR support and received similar replies. I think shmerl mentioned he got one, that must have been almost a year ago if memory serves. Someone on the CDPR forum got one about 1 or 2 months ago. So nothing new here. As Liam said, I'll believe it when I see it.

Entirely possible that someone on the CDPR forum was me, I certainly had a very similar response from CDPR when I enquired a couple of months ago (And I did post about it on the CDPR forum), reply was again from Rafal, only I had Michal Nowakowski CC'd instead of Jan Rosner.

But it does seem it may be a stock response, although slightly more optimistic about the response than a 'We will consider it' or 'No Chance' would have left me.
Shmerl 26 Oct, 2015
Did anyone try contacting CDPR again lately about this? If they'll indeed release on November 10th, they already should have more information.
Mountain Man 11 Nov, 2015
I'm guessing this is another highly anticipated game that was quietly dropped from Linux.
wolfyrion 12 Nov, 2015
I hope you dont get your ideas about released games for Linux from this article ? :D

I was really impressed when I was reading this misleading article....
I mean seriously ? How people can confuse Steam Store with Linux???

and when they have asked him

October 21, 2015 at 5:07 am

Lego Jurassic is coming to linux?

Gunjit Khera
October 22, 2015 at 5:00 am

It is available on Steam.
damarrin 8 years 12 Nov, 2015
Wow, the guy from the article has no idea what he's talking about, about Linux or otherwise. Mortal Combat? Heh.
Liam Dawe 12 Nov, 2015
And that is why you should come direct to us for news, I know what I'm talking about...usually :P
Shmerl 15 Nov, 2015
I got a recent response from CDPR (on the question about whether they are going to announce any release dates for Witcher 3):


We don’t have any new information unfortunately.

At least they aren't saying that they stopped development.
ricki42 15 Nov, 2015
Every time this thread gets bumped, I get all excited. And then get all sad. :(
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