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Introduce Yourself!
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Liam Dawe 29 Aug, 2010

Introduce Yourself!

This post had to be made...

My name is Liam, the owner and main editor of GamingOnLinux "GOL".

Been interested in Linux since i got my first PC many moons ago which came with Mandrake 9!

MaximB 30 Aug, 2010

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hello and congratulations on your new forums, I hope they go well.
Well, if someone don't know who I am...
My name is Maxim Bardin aka MaximB ;)
I'm 27 years old, live in Israel and the editor of the website.
I work as a Linux/Windows System Administrator for a small startup company and basically do nothing all day at work, which gives me the opportunity to post news on LGN.

I already own Eschalon Book 2 which is a great game, so I'm not here for this contest ;)

alexandrius 30 Aug, 2010

Re: Introduce Yourself!

My name is Alexander Pataridze, i'm from Georgia, 17 years old
Firstly tried linux nearly 2 years ago
Nice to meet you guys ;)

qubodup 30 Aug, 2010

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hi! I'm Iwan and I found this forum via LGN's announcement. I'm one of the admins of the FreeGameDev forums.

Hamish 30 Aug, 2010

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hello all,

My name is Hamish Paul Wilson and I am 16 and live on a Canadian Ranch just a few kilometres from the summer village of Seba Beach, which is about an hours drive from Edmonton. I have been using Linux to a certain extent all my life, being introduced to it by my father who was actually part of the original Usenet group where Linus Torvalds originally announced Linux to the world. I have been using it as my main operating system since 2007. I have been a serious gamer since I first played Doom when I was seven, and it was also Doom which inspired me to start programming and working on games of my own.

As of the moment these are my Computer Specifications:
Operating System: Fedora 13 Linux
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 3650
Memory: 4 Gigabytes
Processor: AMD Sempron CPU 2.7 Ghz
Hard drives: 71.6 GB and 35 GB

Alongside game programming and general fiddling, I also spend my time working on several other projects. I am an administrator of three Wikis and am in a large part responsible for much of the Linux gaming coverage that can be found on Wikipedia. When I have time I will make a general portfolio of my work on my page. I hold both Canadian Citizenship as well as New Zealand Citizenship by descent. Well, I think that is more than most people would care to know about me, so for now I will leave it at that.

tweakedenigma 31 Aug, 2010

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Most know me as Tweakedenigma, at least anyone from the Ubuntu Forum.

My real name is Kory 26 and I am from Atlantic Canada. Have been using Linux for years and I am happy to see a lot more games coming out.

Pyux 8 Sep, 2010

Re: Introduce Yourself!

Hello i am pyux. Also known as pooks. I have used linux scince 2004. I only really used mandrake, mandriva, and ubuntu. I dont like using command line ^^

I only really play online games with other peole cause i get bored playing on my own ^^

JDShu 29 Mar, 2011

Hey! Didn't notice this thread until now. I began using Linux in 2003, but stopped when I went to college in 2005. When I came back to it in 2009, my mind was blown by how much better it was! Anyway, I'm an economics/financial mathematics graduate turned aspiring developer studying towards a MS in CS in Massachusetts. I've written some simple games for practice and involved myself in some open source projects, although for now nothing super significant.

MyGameCompany 4 Jun, 2011

Dang! You people make me feel old!

I'm Troy, an independent game developer and owner/operator of My Game Company in San Diego, CA. I'm also a proponent of Linux gaming. I've written some articles on about commercial Linux game development, I've helped a number of other indies with their initial Linux ports, and I'm always advocating Linux game development in various developer forums where I participate.

luntan09 8 Jun, 2012

Hello!Welcome join us!

Cheeseness 8 Jun, 2012

Oops. I just realised I haven't posted here yet!

I'm Cheese. I've been using Linux as my working environment since 2003 and exclusively since 2005. I often write stuff about Linux gaming on my "Cheese talks to" site, and I've also just started as a guest writer here on Gaming On Linux.

In my spare time (depending upon how you look at it), I'm also a photographer, programmer and graphic designer. I use open source tools for all my work. Huzzah!

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