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new features for PCSX2 unstable (but very stable)
legluondunet 29 Sep, 2016

the lastest PCSX2 unstable have very interesting new features and some concern directly linux users:

Linux: Better MESA support (+1-2 fps) and support Vsync

FreeBSD support

all platform: Early support for PS1 games

and more:

For Ubuntu users, you can install the lastest unstable version from this PPA:

I tested it it's very stable and fast emulator.

Have fun!

slavezeo 1 Oct, 2016

Hello there, I maintain an unofficial fedora 24 repository for pcsx2. I updated the package to the current build as of OCT 01 2016. You can find instructions to enable my repo on the official pcsx2 forums, or by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this build of pcsx2.

slavezeo 24 Jan, 2017

My repo is borked up pretty good at this point so it's on the back burner. But here is a Fedora 25 RPM of the latest git pull of PCSX2. It's build 1.5.0-1832 from 01.23.2017.

Download F25 RPM Package

You'll probably want to install it via dnf in a terminal. I've had poor luck with the Software app installing 3rd party RPMs.


Julius 2 Oct, 2017

Anyone else got issues with the official Ubuntu PPA? I.e. this one:
(or the daily linked above)

It seems to want to remove the "notification-daemon" when I try to install the latest version on my Kubuntu16.04 system. As that sounds like a rather important part of my system, I am not sure if that's a good idea :)

slaapliedje 4 Oct, 2017

Ha, noticing this post was made a year ago... and then realizing no one bothered updating the version in Debian yet. Screw the PPAs, let's get it packaged in Debian so Ubuntu can properly 'steal' the new version for the next release.

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