Favourite Linux IDE?
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Eike 30 Nov, 2016
I'm using (if I find time and motivation after programming on Windows at work) Eclipse CDT.
edo 30 Nov, 2016
Netbeans is my favorite, definitely. I just have to add a GTK UI configuration to make it looks nice and it make it alot better
SeeK 30 Nov, 2016
Wow.... surprised nobody has mentioned Codelite.

I've used just about every text editor & IDE out there, Codelite is what I've stuck with.
Trump 12 Dec, 2016
For quick or small projects I tend to use Nano with tmux + other crap. Other times I use Atom.io
StackMasher 15 Dec, 2016
xed, make, and gcc
amatai 15 Dec, 2016
I use vim too on a daily basis. I'm surprised so few people here use it.
Corben 19 Dec, 2016
I used to work with Eclipse, but it felt heavy and getting slower with each update. At work we have a special version of micro emacs, which still is an IDE, as you can compile your C programs from it and jump into the code when having errors.
For minor changes on text files, I just use vim... but meanwhile my favorite editor is Sublime Text 3.
I've found a video tutorial online, called Perfect Workflow with Sublime Text, and that showed my how awesome Sublime Text is.
Meanwhile Atom.io might be also quite similar, or even Microsoft's Visual Code... but I still stick with Sublime Text, as I payed the license fee (imho it's totally worth it) and got so used to it, that I don't want to have any other editor again.
It lacks some features big IDEs have, but I can get along with that.
marcus 4 Jan, 2017
Vim for anything bash/c++/python
QtCreator for larger C++ code
Grimfist 23 Jan, 2017
I've been using Eclipse what seems like forever for every type of project I work on, mostly because I use it at work. But I recently tested IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and I really love it. Now I own the Complete Pack Subscription from Jetbrains and use IntelliJ IDEA, CLion (cmake based C++ IDE), WebStorm (best JavaScript I ever used) and PHPStorm. The integration of all related toolchains and other external tools is just amazing. I am now trying their issue tracking system Youtrack, cause integrated issue tracking right in the IDE is also very cool.
Given, I have to pay 25 bucks a month, but these tools are totally worth it.
mborse 10 Feb, 2017
QtCreator for C++, VIM for everything else.
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