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Favourite Linux IDE?
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F.Ultra 2 Sep, 2017
Quoting: mirv
Quoting: F.UltraNever felt the need for a full blown IDE, but then I don't code GUI applications where perhaps an IDE is very well suited (at least that is what I've heard). So I'm only using Gedit and nano.

Less GUI, more size and complexity of codebase I think. Depends on your definition of an IDE too. I'm still using qt-creator for example (emacs too, depends what I'm working on), but only for the indexing and code completion. All compiling, debugging, etc, is done via command line.

Perhaps, however I wrote a commercial competitor to Amazon EC2 and S3 back in 2007 using nano over ssh (I was forced to use a shitty windows machine at the time and did the coding on a debian machine over ssh). But then games (which I guess is the main programming around here) might have a far more complex codebase than what I as a systems programmer normally experience. Could be a language difference as well, I mean most Object Oriented projects that I have seen seams to consist of many small files.
krisguy 11 Sep, 2017
To add to the mess, I alternate between Atom and MS Visual Studio Code for my coding needs. Since I use Python at work and Python, Perl, and node.js for personal projects, both work well. The only thing that keeps me coming back to VS Code is built-in terminal and a cleaner look out of the box.
khalismur 27 Sep, 2017
JetBrains's IDEs are great.

I use Rider and PyCharm.
stretch611 27 Sep, 2017
Without a doubt... Sublime Text. Their homepage has a short visual demo. Lightweight and fast... multiple languages supported, easy to use config files, add-ons, the ability to edit multiple lines at once... my favorite editor since I found it. The best feature... you can open files the normal way with the full open/choose directory/choose file... but instead, hit CTRL-P type a partial filename and all matches from the entire project are displayed as you type.

Technically, a text editor instead of a full blown IDE... but with the add-ons it does everything you will most likely need.
spoonie_au 1 Oct, 2017
I'm just starting out programming (a bit of career change).

Atom C++
QT Creator (QT5 C++)
Ninja-IDE (python).
Trump 2 Oct, 2017
Figured I'd update my old response as now days I use NeoVIM+Tmux+tweaked config file and also Atom text editor with several packages to make it feel more comfortable like NeoVIM.
Also I use either editor for C++ or web-dev stuff.
natis1 3 Oct, 2017
I'm definitely in the minority. My projects are in c++ and for that I use Kdevelop.
still-dreaming-1 4 Oct, 2017
I - Integrated = init.vim: My Neovim config file that integrates everything I want into Neovim exactly the way I want
D - Development = Neovim: My primary development tool
E - Environment = Solus: My current favorite Linux distribution.
diego2311 5 Oct, 2017
I use neovim for everything (Mainly Ruby, HTML, Javascript, C++).
Kam 16 Jan, 2018
vim + grep + ninja for C/C++ dev.

I tried different ide, but find myself more efficient with simple tools I control than with tools that tries to help me and take control.
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