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Mad Max performance issues near Gastown.
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slaapliedje 4 Dec, 2016
Hey just as a heads up / more testing needed; Seems with nVidia proprietary drivers and Mad Max in the area near Gastown, if you have it set to max settings on everything, the performance is terrible even on a system with an i7-6700k, 32gb of ram and a Asus 1080GTX. It seems to run fine under Windows 10, but chokes under both Debian and Arch, unless you lower the Land Debris down to Very High (Ultra High and Max are the highest two settings).
Xpander 4 Dec, 2016
Didnt have problems near Gastown and i'm pretty sure i had everything maxed. i completed the game. but i had huge Framerate drops in some camps. contacted feral also about it and they said:


This is a limitation of how the engine works, as OpenGL runs slower than DirectX causing these dips. The reason the CPU is starved is due to the OpenGL driver on CPU side.

This issue is made worse with AMD CPUs, which lack the performance in certain situations that an Intel CPU has.

I hope this explains the reasons for these drops in performance and hope that you still enjoy the game."

other than that ran perfectly fine near the Gastown areas for me.

AMD FX8320@4,4ghz, 16GB Ram, EVGA GTX 1070
tuubi 4 Dec, 2016
If the game is so CPU-bound, it could have been a prime candidate for Feral's first Vulkan port. But I guess they ported it just a bit too early.
Xpander 4 Dec, 2016
Quoting: tuubiIf the game is so CPU-bound, it could have been a prime candidate for Feral's first Vulkan port. But I guess they ported it just a bit too early.

its not only this game, most opengl games seem to be, if you check different benchmarks, mid to high end cards perform pretty much same and the framerate difference comes from the CPU used.
stan 4 Dec, 2016
  • Supporter
Mad Max worked very well for me, besides these rare dips in framerate. You don’t have to play on max settings.

Oh and do yourself a favour and disable the depth of field :).
edddeduck_feral 5 Dec, 2016
As mentioned via our support this is indeed a limitation of OpenGL and the drivers that can bottleneck due to the large overhead when issuing certain draw calls compared to DX.
g000h 5 Dec, 2016
As this is a good place to mention it (for Mad Max / Linux users), just sharing that I am giving my PC a hard time, running Mad Max, but it is managing. I don't have the best machine for gaming, because it has an AMD CPU *and* I am trying to run all my games at 4K resolution.

CPU: AMD FX 8350 (8 core at default 4.0 GHz) - note that AMD isn't as good as Intel when games are mostly single-threaded.

RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600MHz - not the best, but it is running in dual mode (2 x 8GB)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 - generally I've needed this spec to run games at 4K and reasonable framerates
- examples: Rocket League, Dying Light, Mad Max, (Doom,Watch Dogs 2 - Windows)

With these specs, at Gas Town, I've had no noticeable slow-down issues. I have my graphical settings reasonably high. If you are especially interested I can check further and share those. Note that I've played the full way through the game (entire main quest, and more than 50% of all the rest) taking about 79 hours so far, at 4K resolution. I did tweak the graphics to get a good mix of performance and quality.

Generally I've been okay with Mad Max. I do get a bit of slow-down from time to time, when the screen is busy (i.e. fighting 8 war boys at once) but I'd blame 4K + AMD/single threading for that.
Blurps 6 Dec, 2016
I only had performance issue during gastown race mission. It was terrible.
I noticed some framerate drop during the game but still playable and some rare crash.

I started with low settings. Updating nvidia driver to 367.44 makes the game playable with medium settings. My PC barely fits the minimum requirement.

It's all I can say after 48 hours
pete910 13 Dec, 2016
To be honest, I don't think it's the fault of the game or OpenGL, The 10xx series cards in general are pants in linux. Have a 1080 myself.

At the moment they are nowhere near as the performance bump from the 9xx or the 980 in my case that they should be, and don't get me started on driver issues!
slaapliedje 17 Dec, 2016
That's a definite possibility, that it's just the drivers are pants for the 10xx cards. I have a i7-6700k, I ended up just turning down the amount of Landscape Debris and it worked fine. It's just a 'Windows performance vs Linux Perfmance not matching' issue that irritates me..
I know this thread is 5 years old, but even on a Ryzen 3900x and 6800xt I can't manage playable frame-rates around gas town. I suspect it is a CPU bottleneck, because reducing all the graphics settings to low still doesn't get 2k (or 4k) running at 60fps. The rest of the game I can run at 120+ fps on 4k.

Pretty frustrating, because this is a fun game and I'd like to finish it.
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