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Unigine Superposition Benchmark
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pete910 27 Apr, 2019

GuestUnigine Superposition v1.1 works on AMD GPU's with Mesa. The previous version was broken and won't run.

It ran fine for me and others if you look through the results

truebluewoo 28 Apr, 2019

If your wondering what the rtx2080ti benchmarks are like:

Strangely @1080p it almost always performs worse..

My CPU is an old i74k (4th Gen), its probably the bottleneck. GPU is Gigabyte windforce rtx2080ti. I'm not going to upgrade the cpu anytime soon - not until the various meltdown / Spectre bugs have been sorted out and not until DDR5 is available. Also thinking of getting an AMD cpu, its been a while since I got an AMD cpu.

I started scrolling back, damn others already have a gigabyte rtx2080ti as well - but my 4K results are far better than my 1080p results...

Ehvis 28 Apr, 2019

truebluewooI started scrolling back, damn others already have a gigabyte rtx2080ti as well - but my 4K results are far better than my 1080p results...

The 4K test is not at extreme settings.

Btw, why worry about the whole spectre/meltdown stuff? I turned all of the mitigations off. These flaws are completely meaningless to home users.

truebluewoo 28 Apr, 2019

@Ehvis I wouldn't say they are meaningless, I would rather wait for proper hardware fixes (although it seems current hardware fixes are causing a sizeable performance hit).

There is no 4K extreme setting - there is only 4K optimized and 8K optimized, but going by the textures it looks better quality than 1080p Extreme. I have this same issue in Battlefield v - @ 1080p it performs terribly, at 4k I can get near fixed 60fps on extreme quality, at 1080p extreme quality, my fps is around 30fps - I suspect its cpu related, really I want ryzen 3 (I just dont see the point of upgrading cpus right now)

So with some tweaking, mainly doing this:

Quoteqdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor org.kde.kwin.Compositing.suspend
gamemoderun ./Superposition

I'm now getting:

If your wondering about desktop compositor and how to disable it for various desktops:

truebluewoo 28 Apr, 2019

Last one (Slight overclock using GWE 200Mhz GPU / 140MHz MEM), hit over 8000 im done, im happy :

I suspected my cpu - I'm not even sure anymore. 4K is pushing 4x the pixels from 1080p, unless the 1080p is doing something like super sampling, which I don't think it is, its mem usage is less and the textures look better @4K.

The_Aquabat 1 Jun, 2019

I got a new card, more than pleased with this nitro RX570, I have more than doubled my points.

EDIT (updated results)

The_Aquabat 28 Jul, 2019

watch out there is a bug with kernels 5.1.18/19/20, Unigine benchmark goes crazy 90% of the time crashes at the end just about when it's spitting the results. Sometimes fps will dip a lot. I have a hunch that this affecting some games as well.

nesnomis 5 Aug, 2019

Increased powerlimit, undervolt and a slight overclock... :)

i'll contribute

2012 laptop +nvidia 1070

with a very dirty run, i have a ton of stuff open.
but its still within par...

Last edited by catbox_fugue on 25 February 2020 at 7:36 pm UTC

GaGaGaeland 13 Apr

Here is my entry :

Vega 56 undervolted and overclocked, with a ryzen 5 2600 undervolted :)
All of that watercooled
Edit : with a bit more work

Last edited by GaGaGaeland on 16 April 2020 at 3:58 am UTC

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