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DiRT Rally GOL League - Full Season
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Edmene 23 May, 2017

darkszlufhalf of the community crashed during the first stage ha.
thats monaco alright, probably the community pushed too hard at some corner and ended in tragedy, as myself in stage 4.

Xpander 24 May, 2017

EhvisThere's definitely something up with the mechanics. I can't get anything close to the repairs I get in normal career or custom events.

there has to be a bug with that then. Stupidly i can't edit the season anymore so we have to push it like that.
I didn't notice this because for me it was clean drive pretty much except the drive into the people which didn't damage the car.

Xpander 24 May, 2017

first post updated

sadly i can't edit league to change back to normal engineers

so we have to keep pushing like that even if there's a bug. i checked that career engineers work fine with online events, so i really hope they work fine for the next events also

Ehvis 24 May, 2017

I got by better this time anyway. The six events helped though. :D And I managed to finish. Even if it was last of the finishers.

Kallestofeles 25 May, 2017

Pretty impossible to repair anything... don't crash your car!!!

Kallestofeles 25 May, 2017

My run is done.
Despite a couple of spins and a reset, I'm happy with the result. Bring it on! :D

tuubi 25 May, 2017

I'm done as well. Did fine, could have done better. Two penalties, so many spins and trips to the wilderness I lost count. Those snowbanks... I absolutely loathe them.

doomwarriorx 25 May, 2017

stage 1 and 3 was ok, the rest....something to forget. But at least came home. Progress right :/

Xpander 25 May, 2017

I had no issues with engineers. So its weird that some people have problems, whats the engineers raiting on the management? i have 62 and when i checked repair window then Skill levels for each part were mostly around 70 mark.
i have still last engineer slot locked.

video is coming up soon also, takes some time to upload 13.8GB :D
View video on

Liam Dawe 26 May, 2017

Stupid snow tracks, impossibly to do with a gamepad. Think I will sit it out. Find it far too difficult.

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