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The Witcher 3 in Wine
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Pangaea Feb 27, 2019
I've added more info to the post over there, including a link to the savegame. If it's a bug with the game, I suppose they'll figure it out? Will keep an eye for this occurring anywhere else.

The game actually runs really well, some small niggles aside - my main problem with it is the camera and controls. Have died many a time to those "monsters" :D
Avehicle7887 Feb 27, 2019
Quoting: PangaeaSince you found a video that shows the issue, presumably on Windows, maybe it's a bug with the game itself?

Thankfully I had a manual save not too far away - just a long swim across from the "love" scene for Geralt :P
Hopefully this upload works:

Here is a picture of the blue-ish tearing as well. It doesn't always happen, and it can occur on the sides too. Not very pronounced in this screenshot, but you see it at the bottom. Maybe best to view it by opening the image in a picture program and then zooming out. Shows up clearing with black on the "outside" too. In-game, it's very visible when it happens, though.

I just finished testing out my savegame on the GTX 760 + 415.27. The issue isn't present in any of the dialog.

I also tried your savegame on my main system and the visual bug is there. It seems to be an object of sorts but I can't make out what it is, nevertheless it's not too different from the one in the youtube video. It's safe to say that this a game issue not a DXVK one.

As for the blue line, I see what you mean in the screenshot but never saw it myself.
Leopard Feb 27, 2019
That Keira bug didn't happen for me. I guess it is very rare.
Shmerl Feb 28, 2019
Also, some game bugs are hardware specific. Like that dwarf with missing arms. Only happens on Nvidia and not on AMD.
YoRHa-2B Feb 28, 2019
I was able to reproduce the Keira bug on AMD (with dxvk, wined3d, as well as native windows 10 - just happens everywhere), they probably screwed that up with one of the patches. Blue line doesn't happen on my end though.
Pangaea Mar 1, 2019
So the Keira bug was a game bug then. Good to have that confirmed.

Despite using the tsched=0 command in /etc/pulse/ as mentioned previously, I've had some more sound issues lately. A cutscene (one of those rare ones with a storyteller) was crackling all over the place, and a few other times it has started crackling during normal gameplay. Have anybody else experienced it, and how did you solve it?
Shmerl Mar 1, 2019
Quoting: PangaeaA cutscene (one of those rare ones with a storyteller) was crackling all over the place, and a few other times it has started crackling during normal gameplay. Have anybody else experienced it, and how did you solve it?

It's possibly just a buggy audio hardware / ALSA driver combination. One option is to find a dedicated audio card supported on Linux if you have a free PCIe slot (besides just upgrading to some modern motherboard).
Pangaea Mar 1, 2019
The motherboard isn't that ancient, and in any case I won't be purchasing new hardware as a test to see whether it works better or not. I'm not that rich. Thankfully the sound issue doesn't happen very often, and when it does I can just restart the game and it's back in working order. I was thinking it might be a driver issue, or unideal settings somewhere, but I'm sadly not knowledgeable enough to try to figure it out myself. But like I said, it's okay the way it is really, just figured I'd ask here if somebody else had similar issues.

It's a joy to play, and I'm very glad DXVK works as well as it does :)

Funny little thing I came across; probably another game issue, and not Linux/DXVK/whatever. I found a few flying drowners. Walk a little closer and they drop into the ocean, but I found it amusing.

Some scenes in the game look utterly gruesome. This one actually made me a little sick.

Avehicle7887 Mar 1, 2019
I took a screenshot the last time I was testing the Keira Metz bug:

4 years later and this game looks one of the best I've ever played.
Pangaea Mar 1, 2019
It is head and shoulders the most gorgeous-looking game I've ever played. Admittedly I haven't played a lot of new games since they are often either tied to steam or not supported on Linux, but I am genuinely impressed by what I'm seeing. Especially the faces and details in facial expressions. Or the level of detail in general. Yesterday I was down on a beach in the evening, with the sun setting, and suddenly I notice some crabs scurrying across the sand, walking sideways. Incredible.

Some more pictures that I really enjoyed (yours look fantastic). The first one actually made my stomach turn (I'm not comfortable in heights), which is unheard of in a game.

Would look better had I turned off all the UI, but I do like the minimap (although it should be more zoomed out).
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