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DIABLO on Linux
legluondunet commented on 3 April 2019 at 2:31 pm UTC

GOG now uses setup compression format that are no more compatible with innoextract.
You can try one of this three solutions:
1) download the latest innoextract development version from here:
2) install Diablo with Lutris
3) install Diablo with Wine

pseudocidal commented on 4 April 2019 at 12:41 am UTC

How do I run devilutionX once I copy diabdat.mpq into the build folder?

legluondunet commented on 4 April 2019 at 5:35 am UTC

open a terminal in the build folder, then type this command:

AJenbo commented on 6 April 2019 at 9:50 am UTC

The 64bit builds are now good enough to enter the dungeons (except caves), but I would still recommend the 32bit builds for now.

legluondunet commented on 6 April 2019 at 5:39 pm UTC

AJenboThe 64bit builds are now good enough to enter the dungeons (except caves), but I would still recommend the 32bit builds for now.
Is Diablo fully playable with DevilutionX 32 bits?
For the moment I prefer to play the Belzebub version, more stable, more features and less buggy.

Dedale commented on 11 April 2019 at 5:45 pm UTC

I am afraid i just had an epiphany.

So, the belzebub mod is a windows one, right !? No Linux build ? And the people running it are fiddling with wine ? And the other Linux native projects are in their alpha stage ?

And me, like an idiot sweated to extract my DIABDAT.MPQ from my old iso...

legluondunet commented on 4 May 2019 at 6:46 pm UTC

QuoteAnd me, like an idiot sweated to extract my DIABDAT.MPQ from my old iso...

I compiled today the last DevilutionX github source, the 64 bits version becomes more stable, test it.
I played Diablo with this version without big problem during one hour.
The dev work hard on this multiplatform port of Diablo, like he said: "The goal of Devilution is to be identical to Diablo 1.09b, DevilutionX is the port for modern operating systems." DevilutionX will support mod and could become the multiplatform Belzebub mod.
You can read more about his plans on this discussion posted recently on Gog forum:

legluondunet commented on 4 May 2019 at 7:26 pm UTC

For people that are interested the Belzebub mod (not native), I read a very good news:
the project was dead but a new dev resumes development, look at his announce on reddit:

I just installed, it's Belzebub with multiplayer and a lot of new features, with a new name: Tchernobog (another name of a demon).
I played it one hour single, then I would like to test multiplayer.
As I hadn't a friend to play Diablo Tchernobog with, I follow instructions on Tchernobog official discord, channel #zerotier-network.

If you want give a try:
1) install Tchernobog and put the original Diablo DIABDAT.MPQ file in the same folder as the Tchernobog executable.
2) download install zerotier-network here:
3) in a terminal type this command:
sudo zerotier-cli join 83048a0632f8afda
sudo zerotier-cli info
4) launch Tchernobog and choose "Multiplayer", "Game list", click on a game to join

First time I play Diablo in multiplayer mode and it's on Linux .

Dedale commented on 5 May 2019 at 1:09 pm UTC

*Grabs MicMac*

How kind of you dear Gluon Du Net to try to help nooblets like yours truly. I can compile Hello_World.cpp but that is about it so i do not think i should fiddle with source code right now. But i keep an eye on the project. I did try it on a windows machine and it worked well.

I will say more a little bit later, i am in a hurry right now but thank you again.

legluondunet commented on 18 May 2019 at 3:34 pm UTC

I wrote two Lutris scripts to install "automagically" Diablo Gog edition on Linux.

First install Lutris:

then go to the Lutris Diablo page:

and click "install" at one of this script name:

- Wine GOG + Devilutionx win32 version
for an original Diablo playing experience
- Wine GOG + Tchernobog version
for an advanced playing experience: widescreen, multiplayer
To find others players for online games, ask on Discord:

I will try to maintain this two scripts, so you can send me questions or report issue to my github Lutris scripts page:

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