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DiRT Rally GOL League - Class: 1960's
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stan 20 May, 2019

SkullyGermany went well for me. Nice and clean.
I hope everyone is remembering to repair their car after every stage. Seems some people are not making it to the end lately? Is it from crashing out or from not repairing?
Well on the last event the game decided to make my car totally broken during the first race, which prevented me to play any of the other races. That sucked.

Skully 26 May, 2019

Had to reset to track twice in greece. Otherwise a clean and fun run.

Xpander 31 May, 2019

Managed to find time to do this. Was flying like crazy but my setup wasnt too good on the bumps, car behaved really weird. had 2 stages where it suddenly bumped off the road, without loosing too much time on those, but final stage it bumped into the fences on the fast straight, had multiple rolls and car was reset with +15 sec penalty. Still i overall enjoyed it and i feel i drove quite fast also. RWD is so much fun :)

Skully 1 Jun, 2019

Was a fun run. I had a problem with the bumps aswell. So with that and trying too hard to beat Xpander, I had quite a few mishaps. Also bought dirt rally 2 last week. Having a lot of fun with it aswell.

Skully 3 Jun, 2019

FINISHED: New Event 1970's here

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