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The DEMO of Detroit Become Human doesn't work for me via LUTRIS.

The DEMO of Beyond: Two Souls works out of the box...
The DEMO of Heavy Rain works too (with poor performance)

But the DEMO of Detroit: Become Human doesn't work for me.. It just close when the game is loading.... any advise?

CatKiller 25 May

I've tested the Steam demo in Proton and it works... fine. Kinda.

It complains at startup because the Linux Nvidia driver version number doesn't follow the same scheme as the Windows Nvidia driver version number, so it thinks the driver is too old.

It starts, does its shader compilation, automatically detects Ultra settings and the controller and everything works.

Unfortunately, performance is terrible. Around 3 fps. It doesn't go up with lowered graphics settings. The fans aren't even on for the graphics card, so it's obviously not actually working hard. Looks like there's some bottleneck somewhere, which is potentially fixable.

It doesn't work with my GTX 970 but it worked with my RTX 2060 SUPER...

CatKiller 26 May

There seem to be patches floating around for the performance, so hopefully they'll get integrated into Proton before the game is released on Steam.

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