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Game server hosting on the Azores?
Julius 2 Jun

As a side project (likely small fee based or with a Patreon etc.) I am thinking about hosting some game servers.

The unique proposition is that due to my location (Azores, a small island chain in the Atlantic) and good fiber connectivity I could host servers with quite level ping times for cross Atlantic tournaments.

From some preliminary testing it appears that I can get down to around 100ms for US east coast, and around 80 for central Europe.

Would that be of any interest here? Initially as I am installing the servers I would need some beta testers :)

I think I will try to use:

But if anyone has some other good suggestions for the software infrastructure, I am open to suggestions.

I remember there was specifically some sort of tournament planning software, but I forgot the name. Can anyone recommend one?

Julius 20 Jun

I have a Xonotic test server up and running if you want to test how well the ping is. Should be easy to find on the server browser.

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