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damarrin Mar 15, 2021
Thimbleweed Park

I was looking for an old school adventuring fix and it delivered in spades. Not quite on the level of the classics (though that may just be my rose-tinted glasses talking, as I bounced off Last Crusade very hard recently), it still manages a good story and interesting characters. I'm not a huge fan of the huge head Maniac Mansion art style.

A couple of weeks well spent, I'm off to do the free Delores mini adventure right away.
Plintslîcho Mar 15, 2021
Recently I finished If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers, which left me deeply impressed.

Other than that I mostly only play Battlefield 1 at the moment.
Mezron Mar 15, 2021

Dell Cells & All DLC (all endings) - GOG
Little Nightmares (100%ed) - Stadia
SuperHot - Stadia
SuperHot: Mind, Control, Delete - Stadia
Indivisible - GOG
Tonight We Riot -
Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition - GOG
Brigador: Up-Armored Deluxe - GOG
Hellpoint (all endings) - GOG
Shining Force II - Steam
Tanglewood -

Currently working on Little Nightmare II, Jupiter Hell (recent update), Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Underhero and Lenna's Inception.
InhaleOblivion Mar 16, 2021
Working on Diablo 3 Season 22...neverending ARPG, through Lutris service game through Steam
Shadows of Mordor...Steam almost finally done with that one.
damarrin Mar 17, 2021
Was it? Oh, I was looking forward to playing it sometime.
whizse Mar 17, 2021
I finished the first (free) episode of Tell Me Why, the newish game from Dontnod. It's not lacking in drama, and I quite liked the characters and setting but the story and gameplay moves quite a bit slower than Life is Strange.

I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the episodes but will probably wait for a sale. Still a little bit miffed about their other new game, Twin Mirror, being an exclusive on Epic...
robvv Mar 18, 2021
Just finished a playthrough (and several replayed episodes) of Dark Nights with Poe and Monroe. Really good fun though it is rather short at about 4½ hours.
damarrin Mar 18, 2021
This is the perfect length! I’ll be voting for it in the weekly Saturday evening entertainment contest.
WorMzy Mar 19, 2021
Following on from OpenMW, I finished both the Oblivion main quest and the Shivering Isles DLC. I'm part-way through the opening Knights of the Nine quest, but I'm feeling a little burnt out on Oblivion now. Pretty busy at $DAYJOB too, so I might just jump into Skyrim once things die down...
denyasis Mar 19, 2021
Finished Opus Magnum a little while ago. It was nice. Starting in Shank a bit now. Looks fun.
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