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Steam frequently thrashing hard drive. Seperately Vulkan shader processing every time I launch Warframe.
Maath 29 Mar
I have a couple of issues. First is the fact that Steam frequently thrashes the hard drive for a long time (at least a half hour, maybe a full hour or more). I haven't found much online regarding this issue. I did see some mention of the music library. I turned off automatic indexing, and removed all directories from there and cleared the music database, but still this occurs.

Secondly, I find that pretty much every time I start Warframe, it is processing the Vulkan shaders. I thought the whole point was to do this once, save them, then start up faster the next time. I even see it downloading precompiled Vulkan shaders for Warframe some times when I start Steam, and yet when I start Warframe, it still processes the shaders.

From starting Steam to getting fully into Warframe generally takes 30-40 minutes, every time. I don't think it should take so long.

Thanks for any help you may provide.

Last edited by Maath on 29 March 2021 at 6:47 pm UTC
Maath 29 Mar
I think the Steam thrashing is related to Warframe. When I exit the game, even if I just logged in, did nothing and exited, this thrashing occurs. iotop shows this as the culprit:

steam [CJobMgr::m_Work]

I'm going to try some other games and see if when I exit them they cause the same behavior.

Last edited by Maath on 29 March 2021 at 1:38 pm UTC
Maath 29 Mar
I have tried Tomb Raider (the reboot version), which I think runs native, and did not see that process after quitting. Then I tried Shadow of Mordor, and I did see it, but just for about ten seconds. Finally, I tried Path of Exile, and also did not see it.

So, I guess it is a Warframe issue.
Sigbjorn 30 Mar
(I'm guessing by thrashing you mean Steam getting the hard drive busy. English is not my first language, sorry if I misunderstood.)

I got the same thing (the thrashing, not the shader processing part) with Torchlight 2, which is a native game. I played it recently with friends and maybe every other time when exiting the game the Steam client would get the hard drive busy for maybe 5 minutes. Even if I closed the client, the process would remain open until done. I tried a quick search on the internet but couldn't find anything. I guessed it meant the Steam client was checking the game files, because what else could it be doing for that long? But that's just a guess. I'm not exactly an expert, so not sure where to look for clues. ^^'

Hope it helps. :)

Last edited by Sigbjorn on 30 March 2021 at 8:40 am UTC
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