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June 2021 Update
Liam Dawe 20 Jun
Time for another monthly update on what's happening. This was first posted on Patreon.

Sponsors Hiding

With the newer tiers mentioned recently where we now accept 1 single sponsor, we needed the ability again for Premium subs ($4+) to be able to hide them if wanted. This is now live on the UserCP at the top :). So far, no one seems interested in the sponsor tier but we're not even advertising it anywhere anyway right now. Eventually we will but for now we want to see if someone or some company naturally comes along and wants it.


We've switched over to a new skin for the GOL Wiki. This one looks cleaner, more modern and looks waaaay better on smaller screens like mobile devices - hooray! It was about time we gave the Wiki some love huh? Additionally, we've gone through and updated the Wiki to the very latest LTS version!


- We had a possible CSRF security issue on the User Control Panel that was solved. We're now setting a special security token for all logged in users in their PHP session. This is added to certain forms (where appropriate) so they have to match when the form is submitted otherwise - no dice. Should prevent possible issues. For good measure this has been added to posting comments too. Users should see absolutely no difference but it makes us more secure. This security token feature was also added to media uploads for articles, to ensure security there too.

- Fixed a possible XSS issue with submitted articles. We've disabled the HTML Source view for CKEditor4 on submissions to prevent it. We may look into Markdown for user submissions in future to entirely wipe out any possible that CKEditor4 misses.


- We've retired the colouring of the Stadia and Steam Play article tags. It's now been a long time since all we covered is native-only stuff. For people who really don't like topics, we do also nowadays have the tag-blocking feature in user settings. It also feels a bit weird to highlight specific stuff like that now.

- We have a brand spanking new livestream intro! How fancy. We're like a real channel all the kids talk about now. Onwards and upwards! Let's make the channel awesome. Follow us on Twitch here.

- Our main news RSS Feed might have seen issues in some clients, whenever we used a homepage/tagline image that had a space in the filename. This has been solved permanently as spaces are now correctly translated to the required url-escaping "%20" format. Now you have one less excuse for not reading ;).

- To get your Supporter status ($4+) to show up on the website, please remember to refresh your account. We're still testing this being automated but the Patreon API is not great to use and offers no dummy stuff to test against so it all annoyingly has to be done live which is totally ridiculous.

- We accidentally had the NVIDIA 3060 twice in the GPU selection for the PC Info stats gathering, this has been solved. Thankfully only 1 person used the dupe so it hasn't messed with the stats and they've been moved over in the database.

- Did pre-release testing for LIQUIDATION.

- Thanks to the power of HTML5 and a user suggestion, we've replaced our JavaScript spoiler tag for comments / forum posts and articles with a HTML5 version using the Details/Summary tags. Makes it more accessible to all and less reliance on JS. It looks and works exactly the same as we're using the same CSS styling for it.

- We're now doing an additional daily backup of the whole website to another server and MySQL data just to be sure no matter what we're secure :)

- New articles since last update: ~165

- Hours livestreamed since last update: ~11 hours

Lastly, a personal note: I've been through some tough major life changes recently (I'm not sick or anything) but it will mean I'm going to be a bit... erratic at times. The previous mini-update touched on it. Apologies if my attitude swings around a little. I'm doing my best to stay sane and happy but, well, life is tough but let's make the best of it. I remain as committed as ever to you all and GamingOnLinux.
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