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Logitech F710 controller not pairing?
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Julius 2 Jul
So I happened to come across a super cheap Logitech F710 controller that seems to be in perfect working order... except that it refuses to pair with the wireless dongle.

I tried with three different Linux machines (Manjaro and Ubuntu based) and the dongle does show up in Steam as a "Xbox 360 controller", but I absolutely can't seem to get the controller to pair with it?

Is there any trick to it?

I know that people here said they are using the F710 with Linux...

P.s.: My old F310 usb cable version works fine on the same machines.

Last edited by Julius on 2 July 2021 at 6:46 pm UTC
mirv 2 Jul
The F710 should have come with its own dongle, no need to pair it with anything else. Unless you've lost the nano receiver, or otherwise replaced it?
Julius 2 Jul
Sorry if that wasn't clear... I am using the official Logitech nano-reciever that came with the controller.

Edit: the internet is full of people complaining about a seemingly similar issue on Windows10, which makes me suspect this isn't a hardware issue, but some driver or maybe firmware oddity.

Last edited by Julius on 2 July 2021 at 7:26 pm UTC
mirv 2 Jul
The one thing I do often need to do, it press a button before starting up Steam. Any button, just enough to turn it on have activate the wireless link, then it's all good for me.
Julius 2 Jul
hmm, Gentoo. Hard to say that it isn't just some customization you did. Did you ever install xboxdrv or something like that?
mirv 2 Jul
using xpad, as a module
Julius 3 Jul
I found this thread which sounds exactly like my problem:

And it says:
QuoteFor the Logitech, the trouble was just about the order of when to put in the batteries *after* having plugged in the receiver.
We discovered this point with the Logitech utility which is much explicit.
Also, the device doesn't have any on/off switch... so it feels a bit wrong.

But that isn't very verbose... I tried a few ways of putting batteries in and out... but to no effect. I feel like I am missing something small that is just stupid :(
whizse 3 Jul
  • Supporter
Is it using the same Logitech dongle as their keyboard and mice? If so you should be able to use Solaar to pair/unpair it.

(I don't think it should be necessary if it's brand new. But if you bought it used maybe the seller sent the wrong receiver?)
mirv 3 Jul
The F710 uses a different dongle, when bought matched to the controller, and it's not compatible of working with the same as their keyboard & mouse peripherals.

Theoretically, if the F310 works, then so should the F710. I only have xpad for controller drivers in the kernel, and as a module because long ago it didn't behave when compiled in directly (who knows why). And I have the switch set to 'x'. Even have two of them, works fine (so long as the receivers aren't too close together).

Not sure what more I can do to help, nothing fancy was required other than the aforementioned turn it on by pushing a button before opening Steam (or any game really).
Damn. My just work on Ubuntu Mate 20.04. I don't ever remember having an issue with it. Is there a command that I can run to help you compare the connections and dependencies to assist ya?
Julius 4 Jul
The dongle seems to be fully recognized Linux side, the problem is really somehow with the pairing. I am starting to suspect it might be a faulty unit :(

I just tried it with an Android TV box and there it also doesn't work. I don't have a Windows machine at hand, so I can't check it on Windows.

Last edited by Julius on 4 July 2021 at 1:39 am UTC
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