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(Poll) Steam Deck
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Poll results: Have you pre ordered a Steam Deck ?
53 vote(s)
46 vote(s)
On the fence?
9 vote(s)
pete910 31 Oct, 2021
Own up, Who's pre ordered a steam deck

Personally haven't as I just don't think I'd use it.
denyasis 31 Oct, 2021
I'm a no. I can't afford it and if I had the money, I'd save up a extra for a proper laptop.
Shmerl 31 Oct, 2021
Not yet, but I'll probably buy one once it ships and more reviews will come out.

Handheld Linux console is a cool idea. Though I'd focus on GOG games on it.

Last edited by Shmerl on 31 October 2021 at 8:25 pm UTC
damarrin 31 Oct, 2021
I’ll use it so much. Just last year I was thinking about a diminutive portable Linux device and now here it is! I’m excited like I haven’t been since I was 7 just before Christmas.
Xpander 1 Nov, 2021
Not getting and wont be planning. If i want to play games, its on my desktop PC with keyboard+mouse or my wheel. Never really been fan of controllers, handheld devices or consoles.
I hope it's sells successfully though.

Last edited by Xpander on 1 November 2021 at 1:50 am UTC
Alm888 1 Nov, 2021
No. I don't even have a Steam account, besides, I'm not given the oportunity -- it is not available in my country and likely will never be (none of the previous Valve's products were).

But why should I? I have a desktop PC and all my daily trips are either on foot or involve riding a bike. No need for handheld consoles.

Last edited by Alm888 on 1 November 2021 at 11:05 pm UTC
eldaking 1 Nov, 2021
First: no one has "pre-ordered", people have placed a reservation. :P

Technicalities aside, no. I would like a Deck, it's probably the first gaming console I'm interested in since the Game Boy Advance, but it's not an option in many ways.

It is not available in my region, so I don't even have the option. But even if I did, this is a huge expense for my standards; I don't tend to use the latest and greatest hardware, I use my devices until they fall apart (sometimes even longer :P ) and getting a new phone or laptop requires careful consideration. I wouldn't buy in to a new device before it is even out, even if I happened to have the money now. And, well, I don't have the money now. xD Certainly doesn't help that exchange rates have skyrocketed recently.

I'll probably try to replace my very old computer and phone before I even start thinking about buying a much more superfluous device like a gaming handheld.
pete910 1 Nov, 2021
Quoting: eldakingFirst: no one has "pre-ordered", people have placed a reservation. :P

So pre order then

Quoting: eldakingBut even if I did, this is a huge expense for my standards

Unfortunately this entire hobby is going beyond a lot of peoples means. The prices are just nuts!
GustyGhost 2 Nov, 2021
I won't be getting one, not because of any criticism of the design or freedom vs non-freedom, but because I've never really been into mobile gaming. Gaming just isn't important enough to me to have on the go.
Arehandoro 2 Nov, 2021
I did place a reservation, and now I'm having mine. Reservations, that is. Don't want to jump in too quickly, and also, I already own a Nintendo Switch, which I love for 1st party Nintendo games, so if I get the Deck its use will have to compete with the Switch. And, honestly, I don't have the time for that. Even if after a post-pandemic world I was to start travelling more often, probably one would suffice. And the price is also something I can't really afford right now without a lot of other compromises. So, yeah, probably I'll pull back from actually pre-ordering for now.
eldaking 2 Nov, 2021
Quoting: pete910
Quoting: eldakingBut even if I did, this is a huge expense for my standards

Unfortunately this entire hobby is going beyond a lot of peoples means. The prices are just nuts!

Back in the days of the Moore Law, we just had to wait for a few years and the cutting edge got cheap. These days that is no longer true, but the big companies still want everything to go obsolete after a couple of years...

Last edited by eldaking on 2 November 2021 at 10:51 pm UTC
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