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Weekend Players' Club 1/13/23
G'Day everyone……. Its your interim host here again...……… Its a very hot and sticky Saturday here…… Well into the 40’s (Celsius)…… Summer has really just started here weather wise and im already over it…….. Bring on the Russian winter……. Its way easier to warm up than cool down….. There are only so many layers of clothing you take off before the police arrive…… Although I have never been to the snow…… I have been in minus temperatures (Celsius) before….. And it is way more enjoyable than this shit……..

This week has been very very quiet……. Way to hot to do much and ive just been at home mostly besides sneaking out for a walk early morning before it gets too hot…….. Besides that I have been hibernating at home with the all the blinds down keeping as much of the heat out as possible…...

As for gaming this week I played…….


Spider-Man: The Videogame (1991 Sega) - Beat 'em up


ESPN NFL 2K5 (2004 Sega) - Sony PlayStation 2 - Sports (Football)
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (1995 Nintendo) - Nintendo Game Boy - Platformer
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (2003 Nintendo) - Nintendo GameCube - Sports (Golf)
Mario Power Tennis (2004 Nintendo) - Nintendo GameCube - Sports (Tennis)
MotoGP 08 (2008 Capcom) - Sony PlayStation 2 - Sports (Racing)
NCAA Football 11 (2010 EA Sports) - Sony PlayStation 2 - Sports (Football)
Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 (2022 - Nintendo Entertainment System - Sports (Football)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (1990 Konami) - Nintendo Entertainment System - Beat 'em up


OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast (2006 Sega) - Sports (Racing)

NCAA Football 11 Steve Austin Road to Glory

NCAA Football 11 uses the ESPN College Football Commentary Team of Brad Nessler, Lee Corso and Kirk Hernstreit…… They do a really good with the commentary and with their pre show and post show segments adds a lot of authenticity to the game…….

Before the start of the each match Lee Corso would pick the winner by wearing their mascots head on the pre show……. It was a very popular gimmick during the pre show broadcast and at one point he had a record of 233 correct picks and 126 incorrect picks……. This gimmick is also carried into NCAA Football 11 with Corso announcing his pick while wearing the mascots head……..

The commentary team of Brad Nessler, Lee Corso and Kirk Hernstreit

Lee Corso picking the Boise State Broncos to beat the Oregon State Beavers…...

After 1 study lesson and 4 days of positional training I put all the new skill points into speed again and then it was time for the game…..

The Oregon State Beavers traveled to Boise State for the first home game of the season at Albertsons Stadium on the Smurf Turf for Boise State and the first time ever for Steve Austin…..

Boise State won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball first……. First play was a screen pass to Austin who broke 1 tackle and the blockers did their job to create a huge hole on the outside for Austin to run 80 yards for an easy touchdown on the first play of the game…..

And that basically summed up the game….. The offensive line just kept making holes for Austin to run through and score touchdowns with ease……. Having almost maxed out speed means that the hole dont have to be open for long….. Just long enough for Austin to run through….. And then all Austin has to go is juke the safety and hes away for the tuddy……

Austin ended the day with 7 rushing touchdowns and 7 receiving touchdowns for the game as the Boise State Broncos ran away with this one again 98-0……

Albertsons Stadium….. Dont adjust your monitors….. Yes the turf is blue…….

Boise State running out onto the field……

First time ever Steve Austin will play on the famous Boise State Smurf Turf…….

Steve Austins first touchdown at Albertsons Stadium………

Austin sneaks in for another touchdown in the corner……

Austin on the run for the endzone……

Steve Austins rushing stats again the Beavers…….

NCAA Offensive and Defensive Players Of The Week…….

Steve Austin #1 on the Heisman watch list……

Campus Gazette issue 5…...

Next game Boise State will be traveling to New Mexico to face the New Mexico State Aggies…..

MotoGP 08 Stone Cold Spider Career

Round 2 at Circuit of Jerez…….

Its time for round 2 of the 2008 125cc World Championship in Spain……..

After the short qualifying period I put the bike on pole again….. Only just……. Was a much tighter battle than at Qatar…..

On the grid waiting for the lights……

I got a shocking start once the lights went out…… And I was getting passed left and right on the way to the first corner……. I quickly dropped down to 11th after getting pushed out onto the grass on the exit of the first corner…..

Again I had to fight my way back and was able to get passed a few guys to finish the first lap in 9th place…..

From then on it was just pushing as hard as I could and passing bikes as quickly as I could without losing time to the leading pack of 3 riders…….

I managed to be with them on the penultimate lap…… And on the the final lap I made my move on the leader Simone Corsi…. Pushing him a tad wide in the process which lost him a further 2 places…….

I managed to get across the line in first place by .08 of a second in what was a very tense ride…… I really need to work on my race starts…….

I extended my points lead in the championship to 14 points…...

First page of the race results for round 1……

First page of the Championship standings after round 1…..

Some nice images of the cool down lap………

Next week I am off to Portugal to the Circuito do Estoril for Round 3…..

Spider-Man: The Videogame

Spider-Man: The Videogame rogues gallery

My all time favourite Slouch ’em up…….. This is an interesting take on the genre…… Where after a while the camera zooms out and it turns into a but of a platformer……. Jumping around and shooting bad guys with Spideys webbing….

You can also play as other characters……. Black Cat, Hawkeye and Sub-Mariner….. Each will use their own projectile during the platformer type sections…...

Mechanically the game is fine and the animations are rather nice….. besides geriatric Spider-Mans walk cycle……. He slouches like an old man and looks like hes 1 punch away from needing a Zimmer Frame for the rest of his life……..

The storyline is well…. There…… Its not bad its just well its a 90’s arcade slouch ‘em up……. How much story can their be??…… Not much…….. You spend most of the game chasing The Kingpin and fighting the likes of Venom, Scorpion, Hobgoblin, Lizard, Dr Octopus, Electro and Sandman………. And then it turns out Kingpin is a robot and the real villain is Dr Doom….. Which seems like an odd choice since I dont remember Spider-Man having much to do with Dr Doom outside of the Fantastic Four crossovers…… I might be very wrong on that…… And I would research it but I cant be arsed in this heat…….

The final level is also way to long and annoying…… The game has good snappy pacing to it and then hits a wall in the final level…… Run the boss gauntlet….. Fight a bunch of different Dr Dooms and then fight 2 Venoms at once to finally get the ending…….

Overall its still a good game and a must for any slouch ‘em up or Marvel fans…. Even if the last level does drag…... Its still beatable in around 40-45mins…….

I give this game 4 Zimmer Frames out of 5…….

The best ever Slouch ’em up game!

Next week is apparently going to be even hotter…… So yeah probably even less will be happening…… So I will be staying at home melting and hoping winter gets here soon……

As for gaming…. The Steve Austin and Spider careers will continue…… As will the the TMNT and Kirby games……. I will probably play another arcade game or two……..

Well thats it from me…… Have a good week everyone……

Now for my bad joke of the week……
Q: Why do balloon prices keep increasing???
A: They are prone to inflation....
*ba dum.... tssssh…...*
Pengling 14 Jan

It never ends! Apparently, the Japanese version of the 1992 arcade title, Bomberman World, has a different ending to that of the English-language release, so this weekend I'll be revisiting that game in order to see what, if anything, was changed.

Upon starting up the game to get my screenshots for this post, I also noticed that one of the intro images is slightly different, too*;

*The modern Bomberman games depict Red as idolising his eldest brother White, and in getting these screenshots I realised that this is probably a reference to these arcade games, which is neat, and unsurprising since the current games are packed full of cool little references to the series' past.

I've also already played through a very short arcade game this weekend - 1992's SegaSonic The Hedgehog. This was a big showpiece cabinet back in the day, with trackball-and-button controls for up to three players, playing as Sonic The Hedgehog, Ray the Flying Squirrel, and Mighty the Armadillo (a lone player can pick any of them). It's one of those very rare games where the villain begins with the upper hand - the entire point is to escape as quickly as possible.

As far as I know, only one cabinet was released outside of Japan, and it was in the UK in 1993 - it was originally located at a Sega arcade in Bournemouth, and was later moved to the big one in London. I eventually managed to visit both locations, but it was out of service by the time I did, both times! I always wanted to play this game back then, and it was really fun to finally get the chance to do so. I picked Ray, because he's adorable and his constant yelling is absolutely hilarious - Sonic and Mighty just aren't quite as fun to listen to. It's short-but-sweet, and has a great feeling of kinetic energy to it which translates surprisingly well to a digital gamepad (I couldn't get it to work right with an analogue stick, but I have no doubt that it's possible with some tweaking). It was well worth going to the effort to compile lr-mame2010 for!

Speaking of endings, I recently learned that, unusually for a pinball game, Alien Crush (PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16) has an ending sequence. Sure, it's only a short one, but it's there, and hearing this was all the inspiration that I needed to set out on a highly stupid pinball crusade so that I can see it for myself!

Of course, it's not that simple: To view the ending, one must score 999,999,990 points, and this will take at least 10 hours of play - this is what makes it a highly stupid crusade. Luckily, emulating the game in the modern age allows me to play during spare minutes, then create a save-state and resume again some other time, and that's exactly what I'll be doing until I reach the ending.

Spider persuaded to me to include this in my weekend posts going forward until this goal is achieved, and though I can't make it as interesting as his sports-game career updates, I'll be tacking on the latest high-score progress going forward.

Still, I should probably say a little bit about the game itself! Alien Crush is my favourite video pinball game of all time - it's a 1988 flick-screen pinball title for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16, with art strongly resembling the signature style of H.R. Giger. In spite of its age, it's still a fantastic game today, with excellent physics and a fab soundtrack (of the two in-game themes that you can choose from, my favourite is Lunar Eclipse; Demon's Undulate is good too, but I've always preferred the former to the latter). Many cite its sequel, Devil's Crush, as being the better game, often giving its scrolling playfield as a big reason for this, but personally I prefer the flick-screen approach for sprite-based pinball games, as it keeps all of the vital information on-screen at the same time, and Alien Crush is by far the best title of this type.

At the time of writing, my current score is: 078,473,300 out of 999,999,990

Quoting: StoneColdSpiderNow for my bad joke of the week……
Q: Why do balloon prices keep increasing???
A: They are prone to inflation....
*ba dum.... tssssh…...*

Last edited by Pengling on 14 January 2023 at 2:55 pm UTC
dvd 14 Jan
Dead cells. The unending grind to the collector continues. I also found out that it has a boss rush mode now. Looking forward to the Castlevania DLC. I think it's not much exaggeration to say that it's the only game i'm gonna get day 1.
denyasis 15 Jan
I'm on my new new schedule, so I've lost most of my gaming time aside for a little bit on my days off.

I've tried playing Myth/Myth II. I played a few levels once before I have up and I'm not sure I'll get much farther. It seems fun, but the view of the battles is very small and the camera controls aren't exactly intuitive.

I'm kinda in a spot where I'm not sure what I want to play, lol. I feel like I want to play a strategy game, just not sure what, lol.
Pengling 15 Jan
Quoting: denyasisI feel like I want to play a strategy game, just not sure what, lol.
Come to the Bomberman side - we have cookies cakes!
Quoting: Pengling
Quoting: denyasisI feel like I want to play a strategy game, just not sure what, lol.
Come to the Bomberman side - we have cookies cakes!
The cakes are a lie!
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