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All EAC games "Fail to load the anit-cheat module" no matter what I try (Garuda, up-to-date system)
My System Info

Linux Distribution: Garuda
Desktop Environment: KDE
Graphics Card: 3080
GPU Driver Version: Most recent release in arch repos (nvidia-dkms 525.85.05-1)

Have you checked for system updates?: Yes

If this is to do with Steam, please add your system read-out from Steam -> Help -> System Information (please put that into Pastebin/Gist as linked above!):

If this is not Steam, you can still give us a system readout using inxi with "inxi -SbCGxx" in terminal (please put that into Pastebin/Gist as linked above!):

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Every EAC game I try to launch has some variation of "failed to load the anticheat module" "failed to connect to the anti-cheat client", etc. My system is up-to-date, none my hardware should be very weird or distinct, (I mean it's all high end but still relatively common) I've completely wiped steam from my computer, tried installing JUST the flatpak version of steam, tried pointing steam to a different game directory, and just about everything else I can imagine but not only am I not given any useful error message but I also can't google the issue effectively since all that comes up are issues with glibc which I don't think this is since I'm having the same issue with flatpak and that issue ought to have been solved months ago in any case.

Note any particular steps to reproduce it below here
Install Proton Easyanticheat Runtime from Steam.
Quoting: mr-victoryInstall Proton Easyanticheat Runtime from Steam.
Unfortunately I'll be away from my computer for a bit but I swear to god if the solution really is that easy. I've been fiddling with this for weeks without even thinking about that since on every other installation I've had it's just auto-installed. I'll be glad if it is an easy fix but it will still be ungodly annoying to know all that time wasting could have been easily avoided.
Quoting: AlbatrossDonI've had it's just auto-installed
Some games mark EAC runtime as a dependency so it is autoinstalled. Some don't. For example Apex Legends does that, see "additional_dependencies" in
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