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Enter to win two keys for Legend of Aethereus!

We have been provided two keys to give away for the RPG game [url=]Legend of Aethereus[/url]! So here's your chance to grab another game!

Questverse bimestral report: April 2013

Hello once more fellow space adventurers, here I am to bring you a new Questverse bimestral report, so, lets see the main things which happened since the last report, which involved fixing many Linux bugs among other things. If the game pre-alpha demo didn't worked for you before, it may work now! In case it still doesn't work (:dizzy:) then I'm very interesting in your game crash/bug data. And remember: the game is still in a very early development stage! [img][/img]

Among the Sleep a new FPS horror you play as a two year old child!

What happens when you mix a child's perspective and imagination, with the surreal nature of dreams? Quite a lot, I guess, but we think one of those things is an interesting premise for a horror adventure.

Hotline Miami to hit next month for Linux!

The Hotline Miami developers have let the world know next month will be a big patch along with the Linux version!

Steam has Greenlit more Linux games!

The next set of Steam Greenlights has hit as expected today and thankfully there are some good Linux titles in the list too!

Starlink a Sci-Fi real-time strategy game released!

Start with a single star and spread your empire across the galaxy in a "humble" bid for galactic domination. The experience points earned by playing the game -- win or lose -- will unlock new powerful abilities to take with you that will not only tip the scales, but will also invariably change how you play the game.

Anomaly 2 Multiplayer beta keys up for grabs!

[url=]Anomaly 2[/url], the sequel to the award-winning strategy game Anomaly Warzone Earth that we told you about [url=]back in Feb[/url] now has keys available for you to test the Multiplayer on Steam.

X3: Terran Conflict is now available on Steam for Linux

[url=]X3: Terran Conflict[/url], a space trading and combat simulator from Egosoft, is now available on Steam for Linux.

Win a 2-Pack of Don't Starve on Steam!

It's time for yet another GOL Game Competition! You lucky people! This time it's a 2-Pack of Don't Starve on Steam!

Hardware: Shipbreakers Closed Beta Signup

Blackbird Interactive (consisting of the creators of the Homeworld games) has recently started taking signups for closed beta of their newest game Hardware: Shipbreakers(Free to play RTS).  Based on the questions asked, there is a moderate probability of the Linux client.

Attractio an FPS Puzzle game from GameCoder Studios

Attractio is a first person puzzle game where the player has to solve challenging puzzles manipulating gravity.

Minecraft to get a new more useful launcher for the 1.6 release

Ah Minecraft the massively popular sand box building/survival game from Mojang, it's still going strong and still getting big updates too, next up is 1.6!

Shadowrun Returns updates on drm and linux

The people over at Harebrained Schemes posted update [b][url=]#50[/url][/b] with some more details after update [url=]#49[/url] caused some concerns, especially about the DRM part of the game and it also mentions the linux release.

Livalink FPS major update with a new map!

Fight against increasingly difficult waves of Progeny attackers. Experience a variety of unique weaponry, upgrades and combinations that will result in a different gameing experiance eachtime you play.

Starbound pre-orders open and explode!

Starbound begins with you fleeing your homeworld in a space shuttle, just as it’s destroyed by an unknown enemy. With nothing to guide it, the escape pod shoots into space without direction, becoming hopelessly lost in a sea of stars.
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