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0 A.D Updates

Everyone's favourite up-and-coming open source real time strategy game [url=]0 A.D.[/url] hasn't received much spotlight lately so let's change that! [B]Updates[/B] Easily the most important update is that they have recently implemented a rather crude (for now) enemy AI system which can actually construct buildings and is aware of the best places to construct them too...

A new editor is needed!

Okay boys and girls the time has come that i would like another editor to join the team of Me and Rustybolts to publish news and random gaming articles on the website. So that i can focus a bit more on website improvements rather than scanning the web for news...

Neon Lights

Heres a [B]free[/B] game in a similar vein to Geometry Wars that I have seen reported on DIY Gamer called [B]Neon Lights[/B] released by a clever chap called Niall Moody. The twist being you shoot with your exhaust plume, check out the video to see. [U][B]Available on:-[/B][/U] Mac, Linux, Windows [youtube]S7z5ac7AigM[/youtube] [U][B]Website:-[/B][/U] [URL]http://www...

Scirra Construct 2 Announced

Happy lazy sunday everyone, a bit of fun news for everyone today. A project called [url=]Construct[/url] [I](click the name for the link)[/I] has recently released a pre-alpha of version 2 of their open source game/application creation system which is no longer dependant on Direct X, they now have a modular export system and they will be starting with HTML5 over anything else (even over windows ...

Dirk Dashing 2 Progress

[B]My Game Company[/B] has posted their newsletter for February 2011 and in it has written about their progress of their platform game [B]Dirk Dashing 2.[/B] [QUOTE] [FONT=Arial][B]Dirk Dashing 2 Production Update[/B][/FONT] [FONT=Arial]This month, I'm pleased to give you an early preview of some of the first levels in Dirk Dashing 2![/FONT] [SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]At this point, I have completed the first 4 levels in the game...

Cieron Wars (Open Beta)

[B]Céidot[/B] who are bringing us [B]Cieron Wars[/B] have announced that it will be going [B]open beta[/B] on [B]February 15, 2011. [/B]They have also posted a launch trailer and some in game screenshots are available on their website. [QUOTE]In February 15, 2011 the curtain is opening for Céiron Wars...

Revenge of the Titans v1.80

A new update is now available from Puppy Games for Revenge of the Titans, if you bought this game via the Humble Indie bundle it is also available to download from there. Below is a list of changes [QUOTE] [B]Bugs Fixed[/B] [LIST] [*]Fixed: Supershield collect has no sound effect [*]Fixed: survival mode boss crash at 5m00s [*]Fixed: Specify LWJGL library path to fix OpenAL problems [*]Fixed: Titans getting stuck on the map so the level doesn’t end [/LIST] [B]New Features and Enhancements[/B] [LIST] [*]Removed strobe from disruptor tower [*]Lasers fire through crystals and obstacles [*]Allow specifiying alternative player data location: use “home=<dir>” on commandline (pathnames with spaces will need ” quotes around them too) [*]Preferences now shadowed to slot...

Warmux 11.01

Warmux or Womux as i knew it is now out, apparently they have also changed their name. [QUOTE][B]WarMUX is out, at long last, in its first version, 11.01![/B] It's a massive change for us (a lot of things under the hood have changed), and for you the end user (speed, bugs and devices to play it)! Here is a more complete changelog: [LIST] [*] Name and numbering (year...

OpenXcom 0.2

Okay so for those folk who remember i did an [url=]interview with the OpenXcom main developer[/url] recently. So go read that if you have no idea what Xcom is, or go [url=http://en...

Tiny & Big: Grandpaâ

[quote]Some might call it a “grievous misapplication of judgment” BUT the the guys at Black Pants studio handed me a beta copy of Tiny and Big Grandpas pants. I gave it the business.[/quote] [youtube]y-13sToE1PQ[/youtube] [url=http://www.linuxgamecast...

The Legend of Edgar

Rik Sweeney,
The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 0.76 Changes Fixed a crash when killing a centurion Corrected the makefile version number The fish in the Left Tower no longer become stuck if the player falls in the water Fixed a bug when the player becomes frozen in ice Fixed a bug where the player could not turn into a Slime if standing on the ground Added Spanish translation [url=http://www...

Pew Pew Pew

“A looping, accelerating rail shooter. Your goal is simple: make the biggest score possible. You go trough the levels shooting you laser gun and locking ennemies with missiles. How far will you go? just to shooting everything!!?? “ Simple game play, simple music, proper fun...

Lips of Suna Miney-RPG Releases v 0.2

Lips of Suna has been in development for quite a while; it's an highly extensible RPG with destructible environments and an anime art-direction. Version 0.2 has brought in a lot of changes: Customizable character models, smaller terrain blocks that allows for better player interaction, minable ores, more quests and working armour...

Out Of The Park Baseball 12 Pre-Order

[B]OOTPB[/B] is now available to pre-order for [B]$29.99[/B] thats [B]25% off[/B] the release price, and you will be able to download the game 2 days before its official release aslong as you pre-order in January. The game will return to full price the day before it ships this spring at $39...

WIn the game of your choice competition finally over!

After a long time of waiting (due to being stupidly busy) the [url=]Win the game of your choice compo[/url] is finished! The winner was TheAncientGoat, and thanks to that lucky winner the project [url=http://cubecreate...
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