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Minecraft 1.9 - Here be dragons

By Liam Dawe,
So for all you Minecraft fans the long awaiting 1.9 is nearly upon us and lots of teasers are coming in about dragons.


By Rustybolts,
Charlies Games has released his shmup Scoregasm today. Scoregasm is available on Windows, Mac and Linux priced at a respectable $10 [youtube]UTEYVxLr0os[/youtube] About: [QUOTE]Oh no! The galaxy has been overrun by naughty space baddies and the King of the Earth has tempted you into blowing them to smithereens by promising you some delicious biscuits from his royal selection box...

Breaking news: Keith Poole leaves Desura!

By Liam Dawe,
Today I woke up to some sad news Desura Linux developer Keith Poole leaves company due to conflict of personality and differences of opinion with lead developer Mark Chandler. I have contacted Desura for an official response but no word yet. [B]Update[/B], Scott replied to my email with words of encouragement: [QUOTE] Sure, Keith recently moved and was finding it difficult to dedicate all of his time to Desura, so decided it was best to let Mark (lead developer) take over the reigns of Linux support...

Minecraft beta 1.9 pre release 3!

By Liam Dawe,
Notch and Jeb have released the next pre release (gah!) of Minecraft 1.9! New in this pre release: Simplified potion system Added some new items and enchantment table (wip) Animal babies More info coming up!

Helena the 3rd now available to buy from the Ubuntu Software Centre

By Liam Dawe,
[url=]Helena the 3rd[/url] one of my much publicised and favourite indie games is now available on the Ubuntu Software Centre for purchase! Hopefully sometime soon it will be available through Desura and Gameolith for people who like me don't like to be tied to one Distro (even if it is the one I use currently!) [ATTACH]246[/ATTACH][ATTACH]247[/ATTACH] $7...

Cardinal Quest free for 24 hours!

By Liam Dawe,
[B][I]Update:[/I][/B] It's now over and over 1000 copies where handed out! Grab it while it is hot folks, the arcade style dungeon crawler is [url=]free for the next 24 hours[/url] from [url=http://www.gameolith...

Kot-in-Action creators of Steel Storm Interview!

By Liam Dawe,
After a little wait (Alex went on holiday!) Alexander "motorsep" joined me for question time this week at Gaming On Linux. He is responsible for the [url=]Steel Storm[/url] series of games!

Announcing Ensign 1!

By Liam Dawe,
[QUOTE]Ensign 1 is a single/multiplayer space combat game featuring dog fights from within the cockpit, as well as first person shooting action after you've docked on large space stations.[/QUOTE] [ATTACH]243[/ATTACH][ATTACH]244[/ATTACH] [url=http://www...

Trauma added to HIB

By Rustybolts,
[youtube]Pm13K3w8gkU[/youtube] Trauma has now been added to the latest HIB as bonus content. Heres hoping for a couple more additions to the smallest HIB yet. [U][B]About[/B][/U] [QUOTE]TRAUMA tells a story of a young woman who survives a car accident...

Minecraft 1.9 pre-release 2 is out!

By Liam Dawe,
Well folks it's that time...again and my addiction is getting ever stronger... The folks over at Mojang have release the second pre-release of [url=]Minecraft[/url] 1.9 You can [url=]get it here[/url] with links to much more info! The 1...

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle!

By Liam Dawe,
The [url=]Humble Indie Bundle[/url] has returned in a somewhat smaller form than usual. This bundle only has one game in it "Frozen Synapse" but if you pay higher than the average you get the games from the previous Frozenbyte bundle too! [youtube]BOlV_9DYnOw[/youtube] [url]http://www...

Speed Dreams 2.0 Beta 1 is up!

By Liam Dawe,
Speed Dreams the open source continuation of torcs is nearing the release of the big 2.0 from the twitter announcement: [QUOTE][url=][S]#[/S][B]Speed[/B][/url] Dream 2.0 [url=][S]#[/S][B]Beta[/B][/url] 1 is now available for [url=http://twitter...

Corsix-th beta 8 released!

By Liam Dawe,
Another one of my favourite projects has had a new release, [url=]Corsix-th[/url] the open source engine for Bullfrogs old Theme Hospital has hit a new milestone! You can find downloads directly from [url=

Marball Odyssey $1+ (not quite pay what you want)

By Liam Dawe,
[url=]Marball Odyssey[/url] is available from [url=]Indievania[/url] (another awesome website that is supporting Linux games!) for $1 (plus whatever you want to add) for a limited time! SO grab this fun little game, you now have no excuse! [youtube]FHxZ4KnWIjM[/youtube]

Gameolith gives more info for game developers.

By Liam Dawe,
The also increasingly awesome (although a little slow at getting your website up to scratch - no offense - to point something odd out, they have forums for only 2 games they sell) [url=]Gameolith[/url] have release a new [url=http://partners...
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