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Latest Comments by STiAT
Looks like the 'Linux Steam Integration' project is being continued with Intel's Clear Linux
3 January 2019 at 5:22 pm UTC

MagicMythI was literally just wondering what would happen to LSI without Ikey as there was no commit for months on the Solus git repo. Great to see not only Clearlinux pick this up but also Ikey back working on it. Also nice to know Ikey is working for Intel now.

Yeah, seems he assumed a position in the CLearlinux team (again), probably same stuff he did before. Having a stable job being a new father is good.
STiATWhat does Manjaro do what Solus does not?
Well, my workplace software (Citrix) works on Manjaro, and Ubuntu as well. I don't know why it doesn't work on Solus. Maybe the Citrix folks didn't build their .tar file well. Who knows, but it doesn't work on Solus for me and others (and yes, we reported it to the Solus folks and Citrix if anyone is wondering). And, relative to this gaming website, I had a few games that run on Manjaro and Ubuntu not run for me on Solus as well. Granted, this was almost a year ago and things might be different now with drivers and Proton, but just FYI. Also, I get your points on the AUR, but I've only found it to be wonderful at tracking down everything I need/want.

Again, I'm pulling for Solus. I only hope the best for the project and backed it for a year, I just don't find anything about the current user experience to be sufficiently differentiated to justify the hype, but I hope they get there.

I am using ICAClient on Solus, no issue except for the selfservice which requires libwebkitgtk-1, which is an issue on Manjaro as well. I can't find a bug report on either. We The devs can't provide ICAClient, and basically no distribution should, since you need to accept the EULA before downloading, so it would be illegal to provide a package and/or 3rd party without a special agreement with Citrix.

I have to confess there was one issue, I had to copy the PKI certificates to the ICAClient (or I rather linked it to my systems cacerts), but that's because we use our own PKI authority, which hardly anyone does :p.

Looks like the 'Linux Steam Integration' project is being continued with Intel's Clear Linux
2 January 2019 at 10:41 am UTC Likes: 1

johndoe86xI think Solus's differentiation from other rolling release distros is that they have a very "curated" set of software that's supposed to be streamlined with the rest of the system. Meaning if you download something from the software center then it should just work with no dependency conflicts and accept the previous theme settings accordingly. I liked Budgie, but I despise Nautilus.
I think that's *kind of* a point of it. It's perhaps too curated for me. My workplace's software doesn't work on Solus (but works on every other distro) and I had lots of gaming issues on Solus when I was on it. Solus also broke my system with updates 3 times in about 4 months of use, while Manjaro (on testing) has yet to do that once for me.

If people like the Budgie DE (which, actually, I do a lot) I personally prefer the Ubuntu flavor of it (Ubuntu Budgie) with the terrific applets they've designed for it. Manjaro Budgie if you want to use the AUR and the Manjaro apps is excellent as well. That said, I give credit to Solus for starting to focus on Budgie again as they move to version 10.5 and start fixing some problems.

Again, I'm pulling for Solus, but I want them to do something different and I'm just not completely sure how they stand out in the Linux world right now...

Rolling: Arch, Manjaro, Antergos
Curated: Elementary
Newbie friendly: Mint, Deepin, Elementary
Flexible with tremendous options: Ubuntu
Corporate: Fedora

What is Solus doing those don't?

What does Manjaro do what Solus does not? What does Arch what Solus does not? What does Antergos what Solus does not?
Answer: Nothing. Except maybe being more complicated for users.

I've had the exactly different experience, I switched to Solus after Manjaro managed to break my System 3 times in just 6 Month with updates. Have to have that on Solus yet (reinstalled once due to getting myself a new PC with SSD).

What makes Solus different?
They actually have their own package management, and do decisions on their own. Manjaro pulls from arch, and does not do changes to base packages provided by arch, which can lead to very user unfriendly experience (that's why in example kio/MTP never works on KDE on a default install in Manjaro/Arch, because Arch is defining an optional depend which gets not installed with KDE and Manjaro, just as one example, which may makes sense from an Arch perspective, but not a desktop perspective as Manjaro). Solus can do their own decisions and include/exclude depends on the pure desktop experience need - which Manjaro can't.

For Solus / Ikey. Ikey did a great Job, and started a lot new stuff, laid the ground work for Solus. There are others taking over those, as Josh seems now to work a lot on Budgie, and others on other parts of Solus. Solus is the distribution. Things like LSI were tools which were in the mantle of Solus, but basically distro independent projects by Ikey.

The distribution itself does still very well, Packaging and Releases work great. Of course it's felt that Ikey is missing simply in the progress of tools having one good dev less. That can probably be seen best on the progress made on solus-sc (including replacing the by me personally unloved 3rd party with snaps/flatpaks). Progress is there, just slowed down.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation inches closer to a Linux release with Vulkan
31 December 2018 at 5:57 am UTC

pete910To be honest I hope they optimise the **** out of their Vulkan render to show DX12 up

No qualms in waiting for the Linux port if that's what they do!

Their Vulkan renderer has been available for a while on Windows as an alternative to d3d12, and IIRC performance is similar. Great for Windows 7 users who don't have access to d3d12.

And I think that's actually kind of the point. Microsoft will never backport DX12 to Win7/8 but the truth is with Vulkan it's not needed. As long as drivers keep showing up supporting Win7/8 Vulkan can keep people from having to switch to M$'s bloated spyware.

no one uses win8 and win7 support ends with 2019, so its pointless to make vulkan, because they have it on win7. no one will officially support win7 in 2020 because it is a security risk.
todays VULKAN in 2015, when win10 came out could have change developers minds, but now is too late

but VULKAN is still open source and the switch already has it. maybe the new playstation supports vulkan. that could make a difference. it should be easier to port games from PS to PC

Gave me a good laugh. Because games stopped to support XP when it ran out of support. The game devs will go with whatever the target audience is using. They could not care less for security risks their customer has anyway.

Discord announce a 90/10 revenue split, Discord Store will support Linux
15 December 2018 at 2:45 am UTC

Being Valve, that would worry me more than the Epic Games announcement.

Only 6 mill people a day, but they are a differently shaped company than epic or valve.

The issue will be marketing them on a store front, I didn't even know they had one. If they can beat that .. all platforms and already talk/chat strong, good features, that could be disrupting.

Metropolisim aims to be the deepest city-building simulation experience ever, will have Linux support
14 December 2018 at 7:40 am UTC

KetilCities skylines is a great casual city builder, but I wouldn't call it very deep even with all the DLCs. I think it would be nice to see if anyone could pull off adding a lot more depth to it, but I suspect even if they succeed it will be a niche game.

Yeah, but I've to say I like the more casual approach to it, especially if you're like me and want to rebuild the city you live in (or at least a bigger part of the city you live in), it's pretty great not to have too much micro management.

Valve have some serious competition, with the Epic Games Store being announced
5 December 2018 at 4:02 pm UTC

It's good, though, yet another store, yet another launcher. Valve needs strong competition, they mostly have a monopoly on bing a online retail platform for every game. The competition will do them good, and hopefully they'll have to think about their pricing for developers. The competition will do studios good.

Time will show, Steam still is king, and it's a hard business to get in because people do have their stuff at Steam. A lot of people probably are not as picky as I am (one launcher is pretty much enough for me). It's a long way to go, and Epic is not the first to try. But they've got the backing, money and Playerbase to do so (Fortnite actually has more daily players online than steam as a whole).

Steam Link hardware officially walks the plank, there's an app for that
21 November 2018 at 9:53 am UTC

I like my steam link. Not getting any SmartTV/AndroidTV, so I'll keep it around as long as possible.

Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment have officially joined Microsoft
12 November 2018 at 10:01 am UTC

Sad. I love the Obsidian and inXile games. And I do not have much hope of continued releases for Mac/Linux for any new titles. They want to bolster their platform, and a good way is to buy off creators of popular developers/publishers releasing for other platforms.

Tropico 6 release date announced, looks like Linux will see same-day support
7 November 2018 at 6:14 pm UTC

I always was too dumb for Tropico 5. I failed so often that I gave up at some point.

Lutris game manager release 0.4.22 is out to further refine the experience
5 November 2018 at 2:27 pm UTC

I'm using Lutris to manage what I want to play with which wine version at the moment. That works great, though, I think the config is a bit overcomplicated.

That said, a lot of the scripts do not set required parameters or script things you need to do to run games properly at all. The quality of the installation scripts often is really bad, not even setting the simplest required overrides/depends for certain games. I often end up tuning them in the end anyway - so I could just have used wine in a different prefix too.

I am not just using proton, but also my own wine for StarCraft /

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