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EU court upholds fine against Valve for geo-blocking
28 September 2023 at 1:02 pm UTC Likes: 4

> pay the full €1.6m fine

Peanuts for Valve I'm sure. I wonder if the cost of lawyers trying to fight it was even worth it, lol

Zombie survival in your city – Infection Free Zone
28 September 2023 at 11:16 am UTC Likes: 1

I always thought about making a game with "the real map". If only I had time to make games :-S

Unity attempt to clarify new install fees as developers revolt
16 September 2023 at 6:15 pm UTC Likes: 2

Quoting: pete910
Quoting: MohandevirMhm!

If true, suspicious to say the least...

I have no idea how shares/stocks work but wouldn't that be classed as insider trading ?

Yes, hence Mohandevir's "Mhm!"

Unity attempt to clarify new install fees as developers revolt
14 September 2023 at 12:47 pm UTC Likes: 1

Next, stock would be down, and a certain evil company is going to buy them.

Linux user share remains above macOS in the latest Steam Survey
4 September 2023 at 1:12 pm UTC

Apple does care about gaming. I don't own a mac or iWhatever, so I don't have firsthand data, but I know that:

- iOS gaming is *much* bugger than Android gaming
- Some developers prefer to write Vulkan apps on Mac, over MoltenVk, just because the metal debug tools are better than Vulkan's

So, no, metal was not a gimmick for their own internal use. They forced it on iOS, it has great tools apparently, and it *is* successful.

I know, it's unfortunate, and I wish Vulkan was in a better situation, but it is what it is.

So Apple may or may not care about gaming on *mac* (I would argue we don't know, because we don't have numbers from their store). But it very clearly does care about *gaming*, and they are being very successful about it.

Overwatch 2 becomes the worst user-reviewed game on Steam
14 August 2023 at 9:17 pm UTC Likes: 2

Quoting: Guest
Quoting: ExpandingManThere's quite a lot wrong with steam's review system, and frankly I spend more of my time bemoaning it than celebrating it. However, this is a great example to show that, whatever may be wrong with it, there are huge advantages to having user feedback built so prominently into a storefront. While the fact that so many people are playing the game suggests there's another side to the story, 9% positive reviews out of 10^5 is a sure sign that something is terribly wrong. When blizzard puts the game in their own isolated ecosystem it's far easier for them to pretend they didn't do anything wrong, but in steam they're, at least somewhat, held accountable for their despicable monetization shenanigans. I can only imagine that this kind of feedback has served as an underappreciated good incentive for other developers over the years in ways that have gone largely unnoticed.
They won't be held accountable. They'll just go complain to Valve and get all of the negative reviews removed.

They can't get articles like this scrubbed though, I'd still take the win ;)

Ubisoft Connect broke again but Valve fixed it in Proton Experimental
3 August 2023 at 2:18 pm UTC

Quoting: GroganWhen I play that tonight, I'm going to pretend every headshot is Ubisoft :-)

Or better yet, stop supporting them by playing their games?

Ubisoft Connect broke again but Valve fixed it in Proton Experimental
2 August 2023 at 12:08 pm UTC

Quoting: trinuksoIt is possible to trick Ubisoft Connect not to update it. In %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\version.txt it is enough to modify the version to the current one. In this case from 10894 to 10906.

FYI, / is the directory separator, \ is the escape character. Even windows finally caught up to that.

NVIDIA Vulkan Beta driver 525.47.34 out now
25 July 2023 at 10:48 am UTC Likes: 3

> Quite a small one this time just hooking up two new extensions

Quite important extensions though. DGC is probably going to be how jobs are launched in the future. And HIC is a major load time and peak memory optimization especially on UMA architectures (which unfortunately desktop Nvidia isnt't).

Microsoft wins against FTC to buy Activision Blizzard
19 July 2023 at 7:51 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: slaapliedje
Quoting: boltronics
Quoting: ShabbyXSo why go through the trouble? Because it's *users* microsoft is buying.
A agree, at least to a point. It's not the only reason, since Activition gave them a very strong incentive.

Activision was threatening to pull CoD from Xbox unless they were cut a better deal. MS would have been getting a worse deal than Sony for the same rights because they have a worse bargaining position, being 3rd place in the console war. By buying Activision, they no longer need to worry about competing on uneven ground, and turn a great disadvantage into an advantage going forward.

Anyway, that's just another aspect to it, although a smaller point in the grand scheme of things (as I'll point out in a moment).

Quoting: ShabbyXAnd with users microsoft can keep its other businesses alive. More users on microsoft platforms == fewer users on other platforms == worse software support for other platforms.
This is incorrect.

In the end, the primary reason Microsoft purchased Activision was not because of CoD. It wasn't even about cloud gaming.

It was primarily about King.

Microsoft is desperate to compete in the mobile space, which dwarfs all of console gaming in potential revenue. These mobile games will not be on fewer platforms. Definitely not. If anything, they'll be on more platforms than ever.

As for CoD, it's is still going to be on PlayStation. It's going to end up being basically everywhere. Sure, this and the other games in the Blizzard/Activision catalogue will help GamePass (and many of the smaller console/PC games will likely remain exclusive to MS and Steam, no argument there), but it hardly means that there will be fewer users on other platforms.

Why is this? Did you watch the Kinda Funny interview? Phil Spencer himself said that Microsoft could release the best games possible on Xbox today, and it still won't stop people buying a PlayStation. At best, people might play games from both ecosystems. PlayStation is too far ahead when it comes to the average gamer's digital library, and unless Sony make some really anti-consumer moves that drive people away (similar to what MS tried to do in the previous console generation), it's going to take a long time before we see that change.
You mention mobile gaming being so huge... ha, the only way I could ever see myself getting into mobile gaming is if Valve makes a phone that runs SteamOS that can physically morph into a Z Fold style phone. We may need Nanites or something... granted, then we'll probably have to go to war with them like in Stargate SG-1...

You and I may not like it, and mobile games may generally be garbage, but mobile gaming *is* huge, much bigger than desktop and console gaming (in terms of revenue).

Not saying I'm agreeing with boltronics on it being the reason though.