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Brand new point & click The Hand of Glory is out, Linux build in testing
10 June 2020 at 12:48 pm UTC Likes: 2

I played the demo way back when (using Proton). It was pretty promising then, so I'd be keen to play the finished product natively.

Steam Play Proton 5.0-8 has a Release Candidate up for testing
4 June 2020 at 1:53 am UTC Likes: 2

Quoting: LinuxwarperI have a similar issue where when I alt tab out and back into Witcher 3, with (exclusive) fullscreen, this happens:

Maybe Geralt is protesting..?

Stadia Pro will soon drop down to one free month
21 May 2020 at 3:20 am UTC

Quoting: mylkastill not available in all european countries.... ridiculous for a big company like google

Yeah.. same here in Australia.

Party-based RPG with base management 'Zoria: Age of Shattering' now has a Linux demo available
9 April 2020 at 2:40 pm UTC

Thanks Stefan. Certainly looks interesting. I'll keep an eye on it!

Steam Play Proton is correctly tracking Linux sales, a statement from Valve
20 February 2020 at 8:20 am UTC

Quoting: areamanplaysgameLet's say I buy a Windows-only game on a Linux machine, but I don't install or play it for a few weeks. Is it counted as a Linux sale, or does it default to Windows?

Ahh, the old pile-o'-shame. I was curious about this too. Same as if I buy something from an Android phone... is that technically counted as Linux?

Point and click your way through the cyberpunk adventure 'VirtuaVerse' this May
19 February 2020 at 11:59 pm UTC Likes: 3

Retro Cyberpunk adventure games - so hot right now! I'm playing through Whispers of a Machine, but this looks interesting (as does Born Punk).

Looks like the narrative thriller 'The Suicide of Rachel Foster' will come to Linux
13 February 2020 at 11:26 pm UTC Likes: 1

I know someone called Rachel Foster, so this was a little disturbing :)

Looks good though.

Upcoming point and clicker 'Born Punk' has a Steam page up, coming to GOG and newer trailer
14 January 2020 at 11:18 pm UTC

Quoting: GoboPeople who are interested in this also might like to see if Technobabylon runs on Linux

I played through Technobabylon on Linux. I think using Steam/Proton...? I've never had any issues with AGS games running thru Wine though.

Crytivo (The Universim) to donate a bunch of their profits to help with Australian wildfires
10 January 2020 at 3:57 am UTC Likes: 3

I'm on the south east coast of NSW, and its been like armageddon down here. Any help is gladly appreciated.

Get Wasteland 2 Director's Cut FREE in the GOG Winter Sale, lots of Linux games going cheaps
13 December 2019 at 12:34 am UTC

QuoteI definitely feel like Pathfinder is a lot less forgiving than Pillars of Eternity or Wasteland 2 for example.

I'd agree about Pathfinder. It does things a little differently to Pillars. I never really got stuck into Pathfinder the table top game either, I prefer DnD myself.