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Latest Comments by MintedGamer
F1 2015 is currently free to grab, F1 2017 has a free weekend plus a sale
23 March 2018 at 9:43 pm UTC Likes: 1

Cool, F1 2015 is the only Feral game that I've not bought, my collection is now complete!

Martian city-builder ‘Surviving Mars’ released with day-1 Linux support
16 March 2018 at 1:01 pm UTC

I've not seen the text bug either (Linux Mint Cinnamon w/ Nvidia 970).

I'm really liking the game so far.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia confirmed for Linux, from Feral Interactive
19 February 2018 at 9:46 pm UTC Likes: 1

ZlopezI'm still waiting for Total War: Warhammer 2.
The first one is excellent as a game and as a port made by Feral.

This is still the good news.

Same here, TW: WH2 is the top of my wish list for this year. The first game is awesome and I would buy the second and the third and all the DLC in-between.

Surviving Mars now has another trailer and pre-orders open up with three different editions
16 February 2018 at 2:51 pm UTC

MintedGamerThese great, entertaining, games get a Linux version and then Linux gamers find excuses not to buy them.
"This game isn't something I'd enjoy" seems like a damn good excuse to me. Paradox is a great developer, but our community might very well be too small to support their particular niche at this point. I do hope they'll manage to keep supporting Linux though.

Absolutely. No one should buy something that doesn't interest them. Supporting a publisher that does not create games that you are interested in is futile. (Note: I'm talking in general here, not specifically about Paradox or Surviving Mars.) The publishers creating items that you are interested in are the ones that should be supported.

The concept of being altruistic and supporting devs for supporting linux is a valid reason to buy something... But, just remember it goes both ways... How many devs are willing to support linux for a reason other than profit?

Of course I agree that if the game doesn't interest you then it doesn't warrant your hard earned money, but I'm talking about the smaller niggles that some talk about, no game will be perfect. There is another big discussion in the Stellaris article about supporting the developers that support us, if we don't buy the games they make for us (at little to no profit it seems), they'll simply stop making them, as a small community we have to vote with our dollars a little bit more to make the future viable and support the Devs that go out of their way to release quality, bug free games with Day 1 Linux support.

Surviving Mars now has another trailer and pre-orders open up with three different editions
15 February 2018 at 11:07 am UTC

GustyGhostRelevant topic regarding Paradox interactive:

This. "I can try to comment in a future episode. Sadly Linux is less than a percent of the sales and keeps dwindling. SteamOS didn't turn out to be what we all hoped. The Linux community needs to grow or spend more to stay viable."

These great, entertaining, games get a Linux version and then Linux gamers find excuses not to buy them. If we don't support companies like Paradox that release quality bug free games with Day 1 Linux support, we've only got ourselves to blame if they give up on Linux.

Rise of the Tomb Raider announced for Linux, port from Feral Interactive
13 February 2018 at 6:48 pm UTC

Thanks Feral! I will be buying this for sure.

Windows 10 S might alarm Valve into boosting SteamOS again
5 February 2018 at 8:18 pm UTC Likes: 3

webcreatureThat's why S will not be a version anymore, but a mode built into any version. Ok, no one really knows what MS does, and if they will really pull that off, but it is well known they use every leverage they can find. That way they did bad buisiness as long as I can remember. Also I can remember they have a history of wanting too much at once, then row back a bit, just to try it again later.
This time they could sell S mode as a chance for end users to have more security, while leaving the possibility for "sideloading" open. Who will argue against that except for those who think this alone can cut into the future Steam marketshare. I think most of the Windows gamers will flip the switch to turn S mode off, and be happy about it. New users however won't do that so easyly. At the same time MS could argue Win32 was insecure, legacy, the old ways, while everyone is "invited" to embrace the new ways. The MS Store would be open for everyone and so forth, all in the name of security and progress. And it would be so interoperable with XBox. Maybe they present some exclusive games for Windows and XBox.. I don't know.
What I do not understand clearly: Do you think that what MS is apparently up to do is irrelevant for gaming, do you think it is not and will drive gamers away, or do you think it will just not happen?

"Ok, no one really knows what MS does, and if they will really pull that off, but it is well known they use every leverage they can find."

No, you misunderstood what I'm saying. I'm just telling you that such an act would be a very stupid business decision due to consumer factor. Unless they're hardcore Microsoft fans people would not pay for closed ecosystems. For instances, instead of paying 500 + 49$ (I don't know about the prices in US, sorry) for a fully functional lower-medium range notebook from the Vendor X, they would just buy a similar notebook from Vendor Y with FreeDOS or Windows 10 Pro for 500 total. Since majority of the third party vendors are aware that people are looking for functionality than "convenience of Microsoft Store" they will sell regular windows or not sell at all with their rigs.

The problem we're having here is that the above scenario is already a reality. Windows 10 S is not a popular choice and it will not be a popular choice in the future. That's simple as that. The only issue with this whole thing is that Microsoft is trying to rip people off by possibly making S-Mode enabled versions to be the default for "Windows as a service" in cheap rigs of notebooks, all-in-ones and especially netbooks/tablets. These devices either are not meant for gaming or are not powerful enough to game; either way they're not cost effective under many circumstances when considering the fact that there's the purpose of gaming and such devices are meant to be cheap, accessible and multi-purpose. -- Your average gamer will not buy a "PC" that doesn't support older/current titles, software and/or platforms

For the question you asked, yes such act would drive people away from Microsoft to different ecosystems or to piracy. It's quite foreseeable. Those people at Microsoft have to be a special kind of dumb to expect locking people down only to Microsoft Store, because that would be quitting the game.

-- and for that matter, I would happily not to build my stuff for Windows because they don't support my stuff to begin with. Let's see how that logic would help Microsoft in any industry. Nope.

People do buy closed ecosystems, iOS and Android are proof of that. Even in the case you describe with a Windows laptop for $549 and exactly the same laptop with Linux for $500, people will buy the $549 laptop because they will see the Windows and Office badges and buy it because that's what they are familiar with. Most standard non-technical users would rather pay the $49 than learn a new OS (that they have no interest in) and buy and swap all their familiar programs to Linux versions. In that regard Microsoft has lock in.

All they need to do (and are in the process of doing) is:

- Upgrade as much of the userbase as possible to Windows 10
- Force updates upon users and get them used to it
- Add S mode as the default, include a free switch to the "legacy" version, put in big warning signs to scare users not to switch - if they include an emulator in S mode most users won't even notice
- Wait as long as it takes for a critical mass of UWP apps. MS has deep pockets they can move at snails pace if needed
- Charge for the "legacy" version, keep S version as free
- Job done, UWP is now the standard.
- End the free period for the S version.

They can invite Valve to create a UWP app, even go as far as saying they won't double-dip developers into having to make both a Store and a Steam payment. They then charge developers less and undercut Valve (they do this to competitors all the time). Eventually raise prices.

Microsoft have been trying to shift their users to UWP since before 2010, there are no indications they are about to stop. In fact the opposite.

Microsoft is rumoured to be looking to buy Valve, EA and others
30 January 2018 at 8:32 pm UTC Likes: 7

LeopardSo that shows how beautiful GNU/Linux is.

No one can lockdown this system.

MS had their eyes opened wide at Windows 8 era.

MS: I'm producing this system and everythings runs on it. All software , games etc. Yet we're only selling licenses but with percentage wise ; these scumbag companies making much more money with less effort on our very own system. Our Windows is just a tool for them so if i start to unify all those services on my systems store ; i can make much more "easy" money. Let's change our way to rather than being monopol on OS wise , being monopol on services wise.

If this happens and Valve acquired by Microsoft ; i will consider to buy a PlayStation for gaming and stop gaming on pc.

Same here, Microsoft are scum. If they bought Valve (which I'm sure Gabe would never allow) I would restrict my gaming to Playstation/Nintendo/Android, or give up entirety rather than give MS a single cent. I freaking detest Microsoft.

Feral Interactive are teasing another Linux port, so that's two titles not yet announced
29 January 2018 at 8:51 pm UTC Likes: 4

Avehicle7887I highly doubt Skyrim would come to Linux like this. Bethesda and id Software are beer buddies, we'd probably see Doom and Wolfenstein before arrows start hitting the knee.

My Guess is: A game by a company that has already worked with Feral before, take your pick.

ID Software moved away from Linux a while ago. I don't think their interest in Linux is any greater than Bethesda's itself, these days. And Beth's reluctance to release their games on our platform is of a borderline religious nature. Some of their games run pretty well in WINE and probably could be ported with minimal effort, but I think Beth needs a new CEO before they will consider it.

I recently read one of the most fascinating articles on Linux gaming from Timothee Besset that talks a lot about his first hand experience with iD and the internals of their Linux development, it wasn't a company political decision to move away from Linux, more that they lost key personnel and its internal champions that supported it.

The article is well worth a read I would say:

Feral Interactive are teasing another Linux port, so that's two titles not yet announced
29 January 2018 at 4:54 pm UTC

vipor29its just a shot away,is that from a song?

The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter

Yep , from that biscuit album.

King - Tomb Kings maybe? I can but hope...

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