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X-COM: UFO Defense is free on Humble Store, can be used in the OpenXcom open source engine
31 January 2017 at 4:11 pm UTC

buenaventuraAlso, check out the x-piratez, it's awesome.
Thank you for sharing this, it sounds fantastic!

Thaumistry: In Charm's Way, a new text adventure from Bob Bates is on Kickstarter
31 January 2017 at 2:22 pm UTC Likes: 1

I'm very hyped about this because Eric the Unready is one of the funniest games I've ever played. And Timequest was very interesting. Bates is definitely one of the designers I trust and respect.

X-COM: UFO Defense is free on Humble Store, can be used in the OpenXcom open source engine
31 January 2017 at 2:12 pm UTC Likes: 1

No excuse not to own the original X-COM now guys!

I wonder if collectively requesting 2K to spend 3 minutes to add a linux DOSBox setup to Steam is viable though...

What one game would blow your mind if it came to Linux & SteamOS?
1 December 2016 at 3:56 pm UTC Likes: 1

Anachronox, because it's my favorite game, the best game I have ever played.

From more recent stuff The Witcher 3 would have made my day. The Age of Decadence I'd also be really happy about, a fantastic immersive RPG. King of Dragon Pass would also be much appreciated. Would be lovely if Daedalic finally ported Memoria to Linux too, it's their best title.

'Firewatch', the first person mystery adventure game has a major update, new game mode and Unity update
24 September 2016 at 10:38 am UTC

I was gravely disappointed in Firewatch. Like, if it was a physical copy I would without any hesitation throw it a wall and watch it shatter into little pieces. That kinda disappointment.

I think the biggest problem is that they label it as a mystery game. It's not such, in any respectable sense. I can't help but suspect they saw the success of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and thought they could also do an "aren't we clever" subversion of the mystery genre. Now, Vanishing was underwhelming in my opinion, because it didn't offer anything worthwhile in place of the mystery tropes it was subverting. I mean look, it may be my favorite genre, but I won't give you shit for not working in it or subverting it, but if you subvert something you gotta offer something as engaging as the thing you're subverting and I would even praise you for it. Firewatch... fell even shorter, way shorter than Vanishing. At least Vanishing actually was somewhat clever and stylish. Firewatch just offered the most idiotic explanation for its strange events I'd seen in a long long while in any story. Along with serving some tacked-on backstory drama that is largely irrelevant to what seems to be the main theme of the game and entirely revolves around some character(s) that you have never met or know anything substantial about. I mean trying to evoke the most basic kind of empathy for complete strangers, that you know nothing of and feel sorry for largely by proxy, because your friend is sad about them, it kinda works, but is that really the best kind of emotions you can evoke? I mean hell, it absolutely could be interesting in principle, but it's not done particularly well here at all if you ask me.

The sad thing for me was, the entire game isn't shit. The dialogue between Henry and Delilah is fantastic and their personal stories and interactions are actually interesting and entertaining enough to follow. It's just the unnecessary irrelevant tacked-on crap and mislabeling that made it an infuriating letdown. I found the things that unfold in the last third of the game actually actively damaging the overall enjoyment. I can't stress it enough. Even if the entire game was like the beginning, full of random casual mostly uneventful strolls, goofy mishaps and cute conversations I would be far far more satisfied. But where they decided to take it all instead... I'm sorry, that's just dumb crap in my book. And again, they should've at least labeled the game, I dunno "slice of life psychological drama" maybe. Because I really don't understand what is the idea of highlighting something your game absolutely won't deliver and not highlighting what seems to be the main point. If you settle for calling this a mystery game you can call just about anything a mystery game and I do mean that quite literally. Your work and its message don't become more clever and profound just because you mislabeled it with the wrong genre.

And I mean look, I get that the whole
Spoiler, click me
they're trying to escape from problems into exciting thrilling possibilities but reality is (somewhat) dull as ever
framing that has been brought up here does make it make sense. Yes, it does make the overall composition meaningful. But it doesn't make it: 1. necessarily good. 2. a mystery story.

I'm a bit of a cynical ass, so your mileage may wary, of course, it clearly did for many other commenters here. In fact not even my close friends shared my disappointment in the game. But guess what, they are WRONG! D:<

CD PROJEKT RED replied to me about The Witcher 3 and Linux, flat-out denying to answer any questions
8 September 2016 at 2:02 pm UTC

I have to say, these are very interesting points/theories:

They may even be in negotiations to do so--hell a company like Feral may already have the rights and requested PR silence so people don't go snagging it on sale knowing a port will arrive sometime in the future (how many of us aren't actually guilty of this? I know I am.)

TheGZeusMaybe VP wrote a cheque they couldn't cash.

W3 is a graphically intensive game, and maybe VP failed to get their wrapper in a state to handle it.

And Shmerl, I'm pretty sure TheGZeus means it in the technical sense, not in the monetary sense. As in "they weren't up to the task".

CD PROJEKT RED replied to me about The Witcher 3 and Linux, flat-out denying to answer any questions
7 September 2016 at 8:27 pm UTC Likes: 5

I'd like to hope it all means that they actually want to revisit or at least reconsider Linux after they develop their engine further or Valve develops SteamOS further, or both, but are afraid of publicly committing to that intention.

But of course it also could mean absolutely anything else.

Buy games from G2A? You should just stop already, tinyBuild lost out on approx $450K of sales
20 June 2016 at 9:28 pm UTC Likes: 2

LinasCan somebody explain to me how would G2A "suddenly get a bunch of keys"? Where do they come from?
As far as I understand the process is roughly as follows:
· The scammer purchases a bunch of keys with their fake credit card.
· They get the keys.
· Only then their rigged credit card returns some kind of "oops, not really" response to the bank of the developer/store/whatever, effectively aborting/reversing the transaction.
As the result the scammer now has working keys for free.

edit: right, DrMcCoy's explanation is more on point, I was remembering things wrong

Buy games from G2A? You should just stop already, tinyBuild lost out on approx $450K of sales
20 June 2016 at 9:19 pm UTC

EhvisFor instance, let the cheap Russian version only have the Russian language
Limiting language selection is pretty crummy for expats living in places where they don't speak the local language well enough.

Or for people who prefer the original over a potentially bad localization. Hell knows I'm pretty annoyed with the TV situation here in Germany (though it is getting a bit better, partially), where I have to wait a year to see a show in a badly done German dub, with no option to even get the original (apart from waiting another year for a physical copy).

And seeing how abysmal German, which is in theory relatively close to English still, translations of English games can be, I'm sure Russian translations are very often very very bad.
Yeah, I'm with DrMcCoy here, forcing a particular non-original language on a copy of a game is really really uncool.

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