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Godot Engine continues advancing the Vulkan rendering system, 3D work has begun
3 September 2019 at 12:16 pm UTC Likes: 3

KimyrielleDoes anyone know if they plan to add support for the Steam Controller in the next version?
I have not seen any issue asking for this feature on Github. Would you mind creating a feature request ( explaining your specific need? Thanks a lot.

scaineBit of a random though this, but I always assumed that since the only "godot" I'm aware of before hearing about this game engine was "Waiting for Godot", that the last 't' is silent (the book's author was Irish, but wrote the book in French).

Does everyone agree or is this another one of those cases like when people mispronounce Ubuntu as "Oo-bun-too" instead of "oo-boon-too"??

Back on topic - love these updates. Godot is really shaping up to be THE game engine of the modern age. I just became a patreon this month, as it would be amazing to see them cross the goal line on their next hire.

As far as I know there is no set correct pronounciation of the name. There is a google talk by one dev (I think its Juan) and he says it can be either the french sounding with silent t or go-dot with a pronounced t.
The other pronunciation problem is that in Britain it tends to be pronouced with the accent on the first syllable - GOD-oh - while Americans usually put it on the second: g'd-OH.

Despite being a Brit myself, for computing terms I generally accept the American version - the “zee” axis instead of “zed”, “color” rather than “colour”, etc. - so I'm going with the second version.
AFAIC, reduz stated that Godot Engine was named after Waiting for Godot piece by Samuel Beckett. Since Beckett originally wrote the play in French (despite him being Irish), Godot is supposed to be pronounced "Goh-doh", so does "Godot Engine".

HOWEVER, reduz himself pronounces it "Goh-dot", being a native Spanish-speaker. Thus, it is commonly admitted in the community that everyone chooses his preferred pronunciation, this is no big deal.

Going where no Steam Play has gone before with Elite Dangerous
20 August 2019 at 1:03 pm UTC Likes: 3

I set ED up on my laptop yesterday evening. Installed the game, ran it once using Proton 4.11 (expected crash), then removed mono and installed dotnet472 using winetricks remove_mono winxp dotnet472 win10 dxvk
Ran the game again.


Perfect on High settings on my mid-range laptop (Intel i5, GTX1050). That's amazing.

Spacebase Startopia is the next title from Realmforge and Kalypso Media, coming to Linux
19 August 2019 at 2:04 pm UTC

I had seen this news in a magazine a few months ago, and as a fan of the first Startopia game, I welcome this official news!

Startopia was indeed a very nice and funny management game, and even though I didn't have a chance to test it against humain opponents, it featured enough features to kind of give a "direction" to your starbase as the solo campaign missions showed: hospital, prison, commercial center and so on.

I was expecting different strategies using those directions, but I think that was a bit too far away. And unfortunately, the fight part of the game was not really straightforward. I hope this part will benefit from this remake/sequel.

Chef, a restaurant management sim is going to see a Linux release
4 December 2018 at 2:24 pm UTC Likes: 1

I've been waiting for Pizza Connection 3 for quite some time, though the reviews were indeed mitigated to say the least. Chef could be the right competitor, especially if it can push PC3 developers to improve their game a bit as well.

I just hope Chef will be a "real" tycoon, not a puppets house that you need to make pretty so customers come in mass. Games like Planet Coaster and Parkitect are nice, but I feel so alone that I don't really feel I could be outplayed by another park. Two Point Hospital has some kind of competitors in the game, but you can't really interact with them.

I want other companies to compete with, so yeah that's AI. I want prices bargaining, close employees management, financial instruments a bit more complex than 2 "Loan $$$" and "Refund $$$" buttons, send or do crap to competitors. Now we're talking business.

Steam Link hardware officially walks the plank, there's an app for that
20 November 2018 at 10:36 am UTC

I bought one but I am unable to actually link it to my Steam Linux on my laptop ; however I had no problem with the Steam Windows version.

Spellcaster University will have you build a university of mages, will support Linux
16 November 2018 at 12:42 pm UTC

QuoteThis is the sort of thing I like to see, a developer being clear a Linux version will come and specifically mentioning a small delay. Too many Kickstarters end up leaving Linux in the dust without even a mention of a delay.

Stating that the Linux version "will come" isn't a guarantee, even mentioning a small delay. Even if the game does look cute, original and authors seem talented (as a French I know the quality of the game design schools they graduated), I have learnt to remain suspicious.

The "2dark" kickstarter bad experience has been a hard landing on pragmatism-land. For recall, the game was supposed to be supported day-1 on Linux, without any sort of DRM. Result: Denuvo protection, Windows-only, developers (which I really like) being condescendant with backers.

Similar troubles happened to Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Even if I'm fond of management games, I personally won't give a second chance to supporting Kickstarter projects. I've been far too disappointed by false promises in the past. I'll consider buying the game if it eventually comes out, not before. Sorry devs.

Valve just put out another (smaller) Steam Play beta version
18 October 2018 at 7:06 am UTC

Amazing to see that much updates!

I am trying to get Offworld Trading Company working on my setup (laptop) using Proton since its beta release, but I keep getting the game crashing immediately after clicking the Play button in the launcher, outputting crash logs and asking me to send them to the developers. I haven't done it, since this game is not officially supported, so I suppose I won't get any answer... but would I?

It's strange anyway, because many people seem to have it running perfectly, and I managed to get it working with Wine some time ago.

City Game Studio, a sandbox management game will release next year, made on Linux
26 October 2017 at 12:11 pm UTC Likes: 1

Yay, one more cool project using Godot

Amazon Lumberyard game engine is no longer going to support Linux, not enough demand
13 October 2017 at 7:34 am UTC

mishugashuHow disappointing. Why do they expect the chicken to come before the egg? If everyone supported Linux, Linux would be a much larger target audience. I can't even imagine how many potential Linux gamers are playing on Windows because of the lack of support.

But there in lies the rub, we need a big time publisher with a big time triple a game to do a day one release on linux so there is no advantage to being on windows. I know there are big ish publishers supporting linux with some of their titles but landing something like COD/BF/Witcher 3 or no way linux companies like Bethesda or Rockstar launching games on linux, would love to see Red Dead 2 but i doubt its even coming to pc at this point.

This is purely hypothethical, unreal comment.. but just imagine RockStar decides to release Red Dead Redemption 2 on consoles and PC Linux only. How would the world react? Would there be unity among the PC windows players to switch over to Linux or rather cry, that rockstar newest engine iteration focuses on Linux instead of windows?
I can safely say that the second solution ("cry baby" ) will happen. People don't like to get the hand forced, even though they accept (but rant a bit about) this when it comes to console exclusivities.

Jonathan Blow's next game looks like it might support Linux
21 April 2017 at 6:07 am UTC Likes: 4

Yeah, well... Jonathan Blow may be a nice guy and all, making great games, I really disliked his aggressivity aginst Linux in general. He's a big voice in the indie game dev community, so what he says resounds a lot in many people's ears. I'm waiting for actions after that, not just "oh, I changed my mind". The Witness was a great occasion, he missed it. He's not the only one (hello 2dark) so I'm currently a bit fed up.

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