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Latest Comments by buenaventura
A general guide for the best practices of buying Linux games
6 October 2016 at 7:30 am UTC Likes: 4

I have to agree with a previous comment about bashing people who cannot pay. I have two small kids on one income, I cannot justify to myself buying any game at full price - I wait for sales, and even then it is a long period of anxiety and worries to part even with 5 dollars for a game I'm not even sure I will enjoy or have time for. At the end of every month, we have essentially always (including all our savings) 0 dollars in our accounts, and I am fully employed and not a hobo, just normal vanilla poor - we spend everything on good food and other bare necessities for the kids+rent+car, literally. Yet I LOVE games (and GNU/Linux)!

I'll admit to buying Kentucky Route Zero on g2a since it was silly cheap and I've wanted it forever yet it never drops below 10 dollars even on sales. I will however, when my money situation improves (as it bloody well should SOMETIME RIGHT?), go and buy that game on gog full price again, deluxe edition even, as it is awesome. If I never get a stable income, I'll eat the rich. If any of you rich kids do that though, then GOD WILL JUDGE YOU!

Giving information about how your purchase counts is very welcome, but cut out the moralizing - one has to trust each person's morality to some extent, and the best way to make people make informed choices is by informing them (like you do) - but bashing people is probably counter productive and elitist. I feel bad and guilty enough about spending money on games as it is, thanks. I don't even blame people for piracy - I am sure they will come back and pay back somehow sometime, if not, then I am sure the poor poor developers will survive without that one (digital nonetheless) copy.

If you need a decent action platformer, be sure to check out Super Time Force Ultra
6 October 2016 at 5:58 am UTC

Strange, I never found it was difficult - I just rush forward blasting, using rewind to correct some mistakes (or just power on with a new guy). I've never run out of timeouts.

If you need a decent action platformer, be sure to check out Super Time Force Ultra
5 October 2016 at 12:36 pm UTC

I got this in a humble bundle, and I do like it. I had issues with my gamepad initially, but the devs were very responsive and friendly (patching and releasing fixes immediately) and now it works very well!

There sure is a lot of intros and dialogue, but when you actually get to play I found it pretty easy yet fun - the game rewards risky play by letting you fix your mistakes by rewinding and shielding or whatever.

My triumph in Rocket League and why you need to own it on Linux
5 October 2016 at 11:43 am UTC

I can appreciate the butt-clenching-ness of this game, but it looks so clumsy and iffy :/ But I am sure it is very fun.

You have no excuse not to own Company of Heroes 2 now, Humble Bundle Company of Heroes bundle is live
5 October 2016 at 7:28 am UTC

It is a great bundle (price has risen quite some now however) but my computer probably wont run it very well. And yeah, WW2 games that glory in the suffering of soldiers, I can't stomach it.

Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, an excellent Linux & SteamOS game for kids
22 August 2016 at 7:59 am UTC

I introduced video games to my sons (3 and 5, soon six) with Super Mario World (SNES, ZSNES) and a nice SNES usb controller, they found graphics and sound fun and cute and liked it a lot. It was hard for them though, the hand-eye coordination of jumping over enemies is difficult! But they tried and tried and tried, and got longer and longer. After about 40min and like 50 lives they had managed to get past the first few enemies and one devious pit ("how do you get over the pit?!" "you jump!" "ooooh"), they learn fast!

I loved games when I was a kid, I am so happy I can share this with them. I would love more content here about gaming with kids!

A reason for poor performance on AMD plus Mesa has been found and a patch is in progress
19 August 2016 at 6:55 am UTC

How nice, it's great that they are working on this. When could one expect to see it in the driver in the ubuntu repositories? Does it take a long time?

Humble Indie Bundle 17 released
17 August 2016 at 7:47 am UTC Likes: 1

Great bundle, I paid above average, exciting to see what more I'll get! Yay for all linux!

What have you been playing recently and how is it?
12 August 2016 at 6:53 am UTC Likes: 1

All on linux of course,

* Team Fortress 2 - damn, its so good. I'm maining scout and trying out medic and its so fun! New competitive matchmaking has it's flaws but it is still great, exactly my kind of game.
* Free Space 2 (with FS2Open) - I loved FS1 as a kid many years ago, and now I get to play the very underrated sequel. It's great. Initially really bad framerate, but after some fiddling I found the "no GLSL-shaders" (or somesuch) option in the wxLauncher, and now its all MAX MAX SUPER PRETTY WITH 60FPS ALL THE TIME AND VERY LOUD EXPLOSIONS!
* The Fall - recently bought, intriguing, although I have little patience with puzzles so walkthrough it is. I like the setting and the story a lot.
* Dark Scavenger - wierd, fun, scrappy yet feels well done.
* Aquaria - It's fluid, fast and feels good, but does not really grip me :/
* Hearthstone (via Wine) - recently got bitten again, I'm an old Magic: The Gathering person, and altough HS is damn stupid in comparison, it is fun, and there's always another legendary I want to craft (which takes AGES to grind :( ).
* Caves of Qud - I try not to, I want to wait until it's more done, but I return again and again.
* Oolite - great fun with lots of mods, but quite tedious sometimes.
* Outlast - I got this in a bundle a while back and thought I would never play it (I am too weak for this kind of game). I tried it, and of course it HAS to work very well on FOSS drivers and all, AND have a cool story, great athmospehere, no excuse to not play it :( I play it for 20 min at a time and then quit for a week to sweat and regain my normal hearth rhythm. Jump scares should be prohibited by law.
* The Witcher 2 - FPS totally unacceptable now at the dwarven city, so cant play it anymore :( Before that it was semi-OK at absolute bottom settings. I liked the story driven nature of it.
* Else.Heartbreak() - I have some framerate issues with this, alas, but it's cool.

I bought this USB SNES controller which seems to be the best SNES USB controller on the market after doing some research. When it arrives, I will play lots of NES/SNES classics with my two sons (they are 3 and 5, I think the 5yr old will find Super Mario World and Kirby fascinating! They are uncorrupted by iPads, TV etc. so they wont mind old gfx at all ;) ). I also plan to play Undertale, 1001 Spikes, Cave Story+, To the Moon, Psychonauts (if possible without analog sticks) and Never Alone (Arctic Collection) with it when it arrives!

Team Fortress 2 'Meet Your Match' major update teased, sounds exciting
7 July 2016 at 8:49 am UTC

I play TF2 regularly on a linux laptop, I'm on Xubuntu 16.04 and I use the open source radeon driver for my 1gb VRAM AMD-card, and it works fine (alot better than fglrx worked on 15.04)! I do use chris's maxframe-config ( tf2 config generator, easy peasy! that removes ALOT of fluff, and I generally have 40 FPS, except for some very big/complex maps with lots of people exploding it might drop to 25. I've been looking forward to this update alot, TF2 is SO MUCH FUN! I've got two kids so the competetive play might be too demanding (I will probably have to drop out of matches to stop impending child catastrophe occasionally). But the casual matchmaking will be great!

I use -dxlevel 81 launch option, so I hope that wont be broken or anything though. But as long as I can keep the other settings as the chris-config puts 'em, I should be fine? I hope. This part is kinda scary: "The only minimum requirement is DirectX 9. However, certain graphical settings will be enforced in order to ensure a level playing field. Players will only be able to modify graphics settings that are available in the Options and Advanced Options menus.". So let's see, I'll be VERY sad if this borks my tf2.

Edit: If there are any other TF2-players here I'm happy to find friends!

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