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Latest Comments by Ray54
Three retro Disney games are now on GOG with Linux support
4 August 2016 at 10:55 pm UTC Likes: 1

I agree with loggfreak, there are some DOS and 8 bit games that have not been sold for decades, where demand is so low that they will never be commercially viable again. By us running such games on Linux the rights holders are not loosing revenue.

However, I do applaud the work that GoG do on getting old games to run smoothly on Linux, and will always buy from them (like in their recent sale) if they have the games I want, as I think they offer good value. For example, I recently purchased in GoG's sale a pack of 20 DOS pinball tables supported on 4 DOS executables, and as I prefer to use my standard config of DOSbox to having a separate DOSbox for each executable, I unpackaged them. I am pretty smart at doing this, but 3 hours later I still could not get one of the executables working smoothly, so I reverted back to using GoG's config and packaging. I could have downloaded the pinball games from an Abandonware web site, and spent many more hours messing about, but GoG's specialised skills offer much better value for me.

The $10 initial price for each Disney games does seem high, but the Grim Fendango remaster started as an expensive Disney game, but its price came down pretty quickly.

An interview with Eagre Games about their new game, ZED
13 June 2016 at 7:33 pm UTC

I have downloaded and played the demo on my lower than minimum spec Linux desktop (suggests 4 core CPU). The demo is certainly playable under Mint 17.3 on my old dual-core i3 with an Nvidia GTX650 at 1680x1050 without being noticeably jumpy. I do like the game so far, style wise it reminds me of a high definition American McGee's Alice and Riven (the Myst Sequel that I am currently replaying, now that scummvm supports it on their nightly builds). The 3D movement seems to work pretty well using mouse and keyboard, but it did not seem to recognise my steam controller. So far there is nothing that would stop me buying the game, but would like to see more on how the puzzles work and the difficulty level.

Steam's latest Hardware Survey is out, shows Linux at 0.84%
2 June 2016 at 1:35 pm UTC

Like many others, I am also only seeing surveys regularly the odd times I use Windows, whereas on my 4 Linux machines that I use all the time I almost never see a Steam survey. I assume, as somebody else mentioned this is a corporate decision by Valve, as it has been going on since the Steam-for-Linux service was launched. If it is for some marketing reasons, then I think it is rather disrespectful of their Linux users.

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