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Latest Comments by s_d
Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 3:37 am UTC

Happy-FerretOnly tried the Mac OS X demo yet.

Is the Linux version wine based, as well?

Faugn is correct that all of the Linux builds are native. Also, the OS X demo & version won't stay a Wineskin forever, either. We'll be opening a public OS X beta on Steam as soon as there is a fix for a mouse cursor tracking problem on that platform. I'll never release a Winewrap for Linux. I didn't want to release one for for OS X, but we have a volunteer who's really good at them for OS X, and this way they don't have to wait to have something solid to play while a native port gets sorted. We need a full native OS X port at least so that Steam folks can have achievements, too.

Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 3:00 am UTC

Crazy PenguinWhere did you find that widget? I was looking the site up and down, but didn't see it. xD

On the game's website ( there are Humble and Desura "buy" buttons below the title banner. The Humble button takes you to the widget.

Crazy PenguinI love the games of this company but this release chaos is a shame.

Man, don't I know it! I'm sorry to let you down, friend.

Crazy PenguinAt their shop they don't tell you the system requirements, or if the linux version and steam key is include. In the Humble Store we have only a Steam Key and a DRM-Free Windowsversion. In the Humble Widget - which is different to the Store - we have a DRM-Free version for Linux & Windows, but no word about a Steam Key. On Desura there was only a Windows version available in the beginning. After a while they added the Linux version.

Yeah, I saw that on the first day, and it turned out that our boss-dude had already reported it, but it's not fixed yet. For Desura, the Linux builds were waiting on Desura's approval. I basically sat and waited, and then almost a day later I get an e-mail that our builds are authorized and poof they're up.

Crazy PenguinThanks again for the Widget, but after wasting a lot of time to figure out where I can get an DRM-Free version for Linux plus a Steam Key I gave up and added the game to my $5 Sale List.

Again, really really sorry, dude. We're trying to fix all this, I promise...

Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 2:51 am UTC

dibzTo anyone else that prefers to play in a window, along with a window that's not ginormous due to their scaling setting, add/change this in acsetup.cfg under the existing [misc]:

With gfxfilter=Hq3x or Hq2x it has better graphics but it hangs in fullscreen mode in my system with old intel graphics

Again, sorry to not have supplied a configuration tool. There is one coming, but it wasn't ready yet. As far as the Hq smoothing filters, I think those are a bit broken in Linux AGS. It's a known issue, but it's not really knows why for certain. My guess? AGS under Linux uses software-rendering mode, which also accounts for some performance issues at times. I think that these filters don't play well with Allegro's software-rendering graphics driver. On the "good" side, it doesn't matter much how old your GPU is, because it's hardly getting used

I'd like to work on bringing the engine to OpenGL, but that will take a while (if I'm even capable of pulling it off!). There are other GL wizards better than I in the community that may be working on the problem, but they are not a part of this team, and are super busy, as well.

As far as the filters themselves, the game's graphics were intentionally built for 320x240 to be very similar to Sierra's SCI1 games, and smoothing rounds out all the square pixels. To some, that looks really really bad, but to us... well, we like big pixels and we cannot lie, those other brothers might deny...

Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 2:35 am UTC

dibzI'd have liked to see a configuration tool released with it since the default settings they use for AGS aren't well suited for me.

Having to mess with an undocumented config file really sucks, and I'm sorry that's what you had to deal with that. I'm working on the a config tool (a newer build of the same one that bero built for a few AGS games back in the day). Once it's solid, it will go out with the game.

Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 2:22 am UTC

FaugnNote: the Linux demo suffers from the same bug as other AGS games

Man, I'm so sorry about that. I completely forgot about the demo, even after fixing the main build (kinda makes it a crappy demo if it's buggier than the actual game, I know). I only have direct control over the IndieDB demo download, and that one should be updated. The demo on the game's website should be updated sometime today, and I've yet to prepare the demo for Steam yet, but it too will be corrected. I'm waiting on that for another important change because Steamworks is a big pain to deal with.

Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 2:18 am UTC

FrasierCraneIn the Humble Store it says that it's only available for Windows.

Yeah, it's really frustrating. Humble was in contact on the 10th and told us that they're working on it. I have no further updates from them

Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux
13 July 2014 at 2:16 am UTC

Hey folks, really sorry about the chaos and dysfunction on release here... part of it is an artifact of turning new builds to fix problems up until the day before release, as I only get a day or two to pack up a gold build and hope for the best.

Really the best I could manage was to get both builds, and their DRM-free counterparts, built & tested to be functional, and then get the Steam and standalone Desura versions uploaded. For Desura... standalone uploads like to time out constantly, and you have to use their client tool to prepare the auto-patching builds for upload. That client crashed partway through the process for nearly a whole day!

Believe it or not, I got them uploaded in time, but Desura has a human approval process for those builds, so somebody in Australia or at Linden Labs actually installed my builds before approving them, which is actually kind of cool, but also means that I should have tried hard to to have been done earlier so they would get posted on time. Anyway, those are the only two builds I have control over, though. For Humble, I basically hand off a URL to the download, pray, cross my fingers, and wait. Since I'm not religious and don't believe in luck, that's pretty much down to waiting.

Also, learning that Humble Widget pages and Store pages are different? Who knew?! Fun thing to learn on launch day. I'm pretty sure that we're going to ensure that a Steam key appears in each store or pre-order page, but I (personally) have no access to that so I don't know how that key generation works, what it involves or when it will happen. I promise to verify. Another team member has been working with Humble. I know that the whole team is working non-stop to address people's issues (in fact, our background artists are answering gameplay questions in the forums!).

I'm truly sorry I let all you folks down, I did the best I could at the time. If it's any consolation, I'm serious about making it right, and I'll try to answer questions here and help you folks get sorted.

Moebius: Empire Rising Adventure Game Delayed For Linux Because Of Unity3D
13 April 2014 at 4:50 pm UTC

QuoteThat is totally not true, Phoenix Online expected to make a Linux version of GK20 after getting the whole upgrade to Unity 4 thing done!

Exactly. Also, if you look at the timeline, she'd worked with them on Cognition way before announcing the Moebius campaign. Thusly, it's my theory that, #1 she became convinced to work with them when launching her own studio, #2 they were a Unity3D shop at that time and heavily invested in Unity version 3/3.5, and #3 support for Linux hadn't been announced by Unity Technologies at the time of negotiation with Activision before the launch of the campaign.

What I take from that is that she negotiated development rights for the platforms supported by her team's tools at the time of negotiation. After following the project for years (two years yesterday, in fact!), and reading between-the-lines in relation to their trials, frustrations and delays with announcing GK20, it's clear what sort of actor we have in Activision. I can understand why she's concerned about them cancelling the entire project if she takes a wrong step and it's perceived to be a liability (they almost certainly retain those rights). She probably thinks that she has the best chance of negotiating new porting rights after release, like in the AAA world with console games and such.

That's another reason why the AAA publishing model is so awful... it's structured specifically to make all follow-on ports feel like second-class citizens, with delays, lack of commitments, etc. The maximum effort expended is always on their launch platforms. Any effort beyond that is on the shoulders of the studio and it's not unheard-of for studios to, essentially, beg the publisher to permit them to put out patches, ports, and additional post-release content.

Airships, A Dieselpunk Ship-Design RTS
31 March 2014 at 8:42 pm UTC

Neat! Thanks for sharing, and welcome to GOL, David.

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